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1,000-year-old Viking sword uncovered in antiquated city

A Viking sword thought to be more than 1,000 years of age has been uncovered amid unearthings works in the old city of Patara in the southern territory of Antalya's Kaş area.

antiquated city

"It is exceptionally hard to decide how this Viking sword has come to Patara. Be that as it may, this uncovered sword will reveal new insight into the historical backdrop of the old city of Patara," a scholarly leading the pertinent investigations on the sword was cited as saying by Demirören News Agency on Nov. 19.

"As of not long ago, the main physical social remains that indicated the presence of the Vikings on Anatolian topography was the Viking sword uncovered in 2010 at the Yumuktepe Mound," Feyzullah Şahin told the office, alluding to the authentic site in Turkey's southern area of Mersin, going back to the 7,000 B.C.
Patara Viking sword

"This is the reason [we accept that] the sword found at the Liman bathhouse in Patara is a Viking sword," she said.

There are two conceivable outcomes concerning who the proprietor of the sword was, as per Şahin. It either had a place with a fighter who had ceased by Patara amid a military battle, or it had a place with a Viking who had officially settled in the city in the ninth or tenth century.

The leader of the Patara unearthings, Prof Dr. Havva Işkan, told the office she was "glad" of her understudy Şahin's works, which "would reveal insight into Patara's history."

Environmentalists are seeking to recover the Bay of Marmaris

Marmaris Environmentalists Association (MCD), determined to start ecological degradation due to pollution acted to save the Bay of Marmaris.

Marmaris Environmentalists Association (MCD), determined to start ecological degradation due to pollution acted to save the Bay of Marmaris.
Studies from the scope of the research vessel from Izmir to Marmaris, made the necessary discovery opens the gulf. Marmaris Environmentalists Association (MCD) President Ahmet Kuteng and members of the press was followed by the work taking place on the board. Kuteng's, said in a statement to journalists, research work in the Bay of Marmaris with the university for about 2 years, the association said they did. These scientific studies indicating that they decided to organize a workshop as a result Kuteng said, "There is a also our solutions department within the scope of the studies. Now we want to implement the solutions section. The Akyarlar for is research and diving vessel, came to our team with the county," he said. The solution of the work "Cleaning the Gulf, be adapted to the circular renewal of Yalancıboğaz discharge system and the placement of the Gulf of reefs will increase the fish population" Kuteng's an expression that occurs, how to do this project and noted that the cost of what would be identified. Kuteng "Today we also perform reconnaissance sail with our team. We'll forward this project to finally relevant institutions. Support will request," he said.

Discharge system of claim inshore

During the reconnaissance was carried out on site Yalancıboğaz team showed the exit of surface contamination from deep discharge tube.

During the reconnaissance was carried out on site Yalancıboğaz team showed the exit of surface contamination from deep discharge tube. Deep discharge and reminding that the circular about what should be how the treatment system Kuteng's, said: "not in accordance with this system circular in Yalancıboğaz. Pipe the output shaft of the coast at least 850 meters away and is supposed to be 40 meters in depth. According to the measurement chimneys just 150 meters distance and 17 meters in depth. It looks even waste the water. There are 10 chimneys in the region. Bottom running some we have seen that the chimney in our shooting. Kumlubük with a variety of pollution discharge and began to come to Marmaris. I need to avoid that. the continuation of tourism and, if required in advance of the bay You have to be protected. If it ends in the Gulf bit of tourism. " Research ship divers from Ihsan City officials also from radar ship, said they have identified the debris. Province, "this shit does not stay here, hitting the coast. Sea does not contain any dirt inside. You throw a trash even the slightest shore after a while," he said. MCD and Muğla University in research conducted by the Faculty of Fisheries, the Gulf of the ecological balance of corruption had been identified and begun to decrease the oxygen content in the water. Also due to pollution were recorded, including a rise in the number of jellyfish in the dangerous type.

Researchers are looking Burn countries

Burn countriesKula Volcanic Geopark Coordinator Erda Silver, geopark 3 months since said that 700 people visited . Ancient geographer Strabo, " Geographika " work "in the Catacecaumene - Burn Country " as defined and approximately 300 square kilometers with more than 80 volcanic cones , the fairy chimneys , karst caves , canyons, rock tombs , stone bridges , historic homes , as well as many many geological geomorphological and natural heritage embodies Turkey's only geopark area from the first at the visitor center received information later determined route by navigating through the region recognize the opportunity that records the silver , the number of visitors in spring and in summer will increase said they think .

Kula Volcanic Geopark of the world's most important 100 geopark area is someone kiss an the silver , " September 2013 in Italy at a ceremony held in Kula Volcanic Geopark Turkey's first and only European and UNESCO Global Geopark was declared . Subsequently, visitors to the area of interest to increase began. Kula Municipality launched with the support of guided tours . past three months, 700 people from various provinces of Turkey geopark many toured the area , "he said .

Academics and university students in the region more attention stated that Silver said : "The spring and summer months the number of visitors increased exponentially believe that . First end of the year 10 thousand the second year, 50 thousand visitors goal we want to achieve . Because the region is very important geological, geomorphological , natural and cultural heritage embodies . however, necessary to increase bed capacity for tourism . started working for this . Geopark some physical arrangements are being made in the area "

What is Geopark ?

Geopark , in aesthetics, rarity and scientific value in terms of superior local or international importance which places a sustainable management of heritage items and local development programs with defined borders are defined as national conservation areas .

In Europe, born in 2000 a new nature conservation and site management concept that geopark counts, in 2004 UNESCO patronage enter soon accepted and widespread mAlArIylA from 2013 onwards in Europe with 58 worldwide reached 100 . Geopark education, conservation and geotourism has three main objectives , including . (Cumhuriyet)

Alternative tourism highlights await holidaymakers Adrasan and Olympos

Alternative tourism highlights await holidaymakers Adrasan and Olympos
Alternatively, depending on Kumluca Adrasan prominent tourist destination and with the options shown in Olympos, before the tourist season has completed preparations for the new.
Near the town of adrasan bed capacity of 2 thousand 500 final preparations before the new season was the 80th operation. Natural environment to visitors, offering a holiday away from the stresses of city Adrasan, noting that natural beauty and historical riches.

Sarıkavak a part of tourist businesses Adrasan River shore, the beach is a part of. Founded on the shade of the plane trees and the sound of the creek where the water had a chance to rest, holidaymakers can enter a short walk to the sea. Holidaymakers also went sailing day Taking Sulu Island, carp, and you can find opportunities to roam the bays of the Genoese.

Adrasan Hussein Aykurt tourist business owner, said the city away from the stresses of domestic and foreign guests looking to take in the natural beauty that is expected hamlet.

Say that the natural beauty that brings significant tourism potential inherent Adrasan Aykurt, visitors to the region during the march holidays çıkabildiklerini, the capabilities of diving in the sea, mountain and boat trips to get involved, he said.
Aykurt, Adrasan arrivals to suit all budgets can find the opportunity to vacation, holiday, half-board per person per day varied between 60 and 150 pounds, said.


Olympos has the capacity of 60 beds in operation for about 3 thousand. Holidaymakers can stay at the bungalow or wooden houses built on trees. Visitors rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, boat trips and participate in sporting activities such as white water rafting.
Different from other holiday resorts of holidaymakers from Olympos to enter the sea from the ruins of the ancient city is undergoing. After a walk of about a kilometer from the sea can be reached, offers holidaymakers to cool off.

Olympos tree houses owner Kadir Kaya, Olympus is ready for tourist season, hearts amused, in the natural beauty, adventure filled activities that is expected by those who want to spend your vacation.

Dead Sea resort of Fethiye, October sun delights tourists

Dead Sea resort of Fethiye, air temperature 31 degrees measured Taking advantage of the warm air of domestic and foreign tourists, beaches filled.

Some of the girls sunbathing on beach loungers Belce from the tourists, who took out the tourists can enjoy the sea.

This year we are experiencing the intensity of the 13th Festival of the Dead Sea Air Games in towns, tourists sunning on the beach, Dad Belcekiz Beach landing after jumping the Mountain was followed by paratroopers.

Adrenaline loving tourists, bird-eye views of the Dead Sea by Father had the opportunity to jump to the Mountain. Tourists who vacation in the Dead Sea, because of the festival held a variety of activities on the beach, the last hot days of the summer season evaluated.

Weather in Istanbul to participate in festival games Selim Eternal Life from the Dead Sea, is a different feeling into the sea in the last days of the summer season, said,'' Istanbul, the weather was nice, but it was not hot enough to swim. I came with my family to air games festival. I did paragliding jump in the morning, in the afternoon we enjoy the sea with my family,'' he said. cumhuriyet

Since 2009, excavations were carried out excavations at Myra ended Andriake

And in the district of Demre Myra Andriake excavations lasted about 6 months, 110 people took part in this year. 

excavations were carriedExcavation and restoration work, as well as the ancient city of Myra Andriake, Myra theater and chapel, Andriake granarium in front of the workshops, honorary monuments, B, excavations carried out in the hammam and the eastern church.

Myra Andriake Excavations Committee Chair. 

Dr. Agile MN, Eastern hammam four months as a result of excavations in the wall heating systems and other architectural details at the top of the temporary roof to protect the conservation seem muffled done, he said.

Monuments in honor of the restoration work will be completed within two months of expressing Agile, B, columns and topics that arise in the courtyard of the church tümlenerek to remove parts of the feet, he said.

In the theater with a great team lasted for six months as a result of continuous recording Agile excavated at a depth of seven meters of the stage building, the stage throughout the season about 4 thousand architectural building blocks and structural elements with the help of crane ropes, wherein said locations are located on the storage area. cumhuriyet

Faralya and want to go back after seeing the beauty of Perdue

Father breeze carrying the smell of mountains with the beauty of a thousand and one, the feast ruby, Shiraz, poured a taste of Mediterranean cuisine ...

Utterly free nature sing, echoing the spirit of the listener a sound
Green and blue, rocks, waves, dance, always abducted by non-visual feast from here ... Pension in Faralya Lycian civilization, facing the water on the earth, two people take a break from life, a place where dreams ...

For this reason the idea of ​​a classic boutique hotel outside of Perdue, not a hotel, a sound, a smell, a taste, a warm hug ... Adventure and excitement, calm and quiet, I slept well, engulfing the man plucked a two-man escape from city life ...

When was the last time you received a deep breath and press the soil,

Or a comfortable bed, but I woke up in the middle of nature accompanied by the sounds of birds.

When was the last time you wash your face in the morning get up out of the sea,

've Picked tomatoes for breakfast or branch,

Did you see the inside, but comfort in the lap of nature, so it's compatible with the blue and green and natural?

Or listened to the voice of the Mediterranean in songs beloved?

The sun is so clear, have you ever watched the disappearance of the vast sea of?

Perdue Here you reinterprets these moments are presented for you to create a movie set, you director, actor, producer, invited to be a fairy-tale world ...


Never been used in Turkey tent / room concept, perhaps a first experience trying. Completely built on wooden platforms, each with unique views tents;

* Bedroom
* Bathroom
* Patio
* Jacuzzi
* Air-conditioning
* Mini Bar are available.

All tents to nature without disturbing the comfort of the most simple form is designed cherish. The staff at any time you desire to be with you will do their utmost to keep you comfortable. Room service, room cleaning services not call you the comfort of your own home, without having to bother him in the tent by nature will experience the comfort of your own home.
Utterly free nature sing, echoing the spirit of the listener a sound
6 Piece Infinity Suites: each point of your room, you will witness the vast views of the Mediterranean. Go down to meet the sea, the sun porch, hot tub count the stars, nature, chirping through the night, you will feel your sleep.

1 Piece Garden suite: make your room right next to the tap fresh tomatoes, peppers and irrigation of vegetable gardens collect fresh eggs from chickens kümesinizdeki breakfat will you take away. You will enjoy both the land and the sea view.

1 Piece Superior Suite: Mediterranean Sea right at the bottom, you'll be on the rocks with a unique atmosphere. Hamağınıza lie down to rest with the sea breeze in your garden, you will want to enjoy jacuzzi while. When you get down the stairs was a huge rock pool swim almost prepared for you, you güneşleneceksiniz specific platform. Away from everyone ...


Buffet Breakfast: Local cuisine, fresh organic fruits, fruit juices tasting day will say hello to you. Choose what you want according to your taste banketimizden created an all-natural flavors. Baked bread for you, observe or cooked bazlamanıza will be accompanied by a sac butter, cheese, olives, honey and completely our region reçellerimiz delicacies. Kümesimizden pişirteceksiniz collect the eggs as you want. Domatesinizi for breakfast, biberinizi, salatalığınızı yard to collect yourself, soslayacaksınız with olive oil on the village.

Lunch: Swim and hungry as they soothe you snack, prepared by the hands of skilled ustamızın home-made pastas, pizzas, and salads made with ingredients from our garden until dinner tasting frenleyeceksiniz yourself.

Dinner: Memorable moments ... In the morning, get ready to experience the scaffold balıkçımız draining network, all you need from the sea What If the select wait ustamıza to deliver and look forward to the evening.
The region's diverse offerings of Mediterranean cuisine A la carte restaurant, two people experience the environment, perhaps you'll want to patio to dine. Some evenings the guitar, the violin sound on some evenings, the vast depth of the Mediterranean you will mix with the sound of waves, proprietary, designed for you to ask for tables, candlelight romance live, you will experience the pleasure kavımızdaki of domestic and foreign wines.


Perdue, Baba mountain at the foot of the village of Faralya meet the sea, where at the end of the forest road, 1 km away from the main road.
Dalaman Airport is 70 km away from the port of asphalt road, Gocek, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley, leaving behind a pleasant scenic location within easy reach of your own vehicle.

When you reach the car park and otoparkımıza village, down to the edge of the last 1 km of the sea can come on our way through the 4x4. Or;
Dalaman airport to € 70
Fethiye € 40
Ölüdeniz transfer by sea to provide € 50.


* Dalaman airport 70 Km south
* 26 Km south of Fethiye
* 12 km south of Oludeniz
* 3 Km south of the valley of Butterflies
* Pumpkin is 2 km north of the bay.habertürk

Mediterranean blue, coast, "Turkish Riviera" with a wink as though the name of the rights

Greek name of the southernmost point of Anatolia "windy nose" received the word that means anemourion.

According to describe the origin of the name of a tribe settled here and the wind extinguished. Turkey and the capital of a small banana Anamur dizzying scent. Also hosts two historical relics, precious: and Mamure Anamuryum Castle.

The frescoes of the necropolis, dazzling mosaics

Circles around the ruined ancient city walls. Silent. Blue of the Mediterranean tucked among the stones, beach "Turkish Riviera" deserve the name signifying a wink. Noteworthy that only a few in the world ...


Anamuryum'un history stretches back from Byzantium. 4th century BC, believed to have been founded by the Phoenicians from Lübnan'ından today.
When the Romans abandoned the city in all the ports of the Mediterranean, the Phoenicians, who has gained importance in trade. Most of the ruins of the Roman Empire divided into two 395'ten today made ​​much later. Anamuryum'u expelled the Arabs conquered the people of the seventh century. Inexplicably, they did not want to return. The resumption of settlement in the 12th century has found.
Anamuryum'a approaching, you will see the remains of a stone arch that once the city's water. Necropolis of the city, large areas of ancient ruins in the other part of the cemetery. The most ornate tombs of two parts: the prayers and burial chamber. Some mosaic floor and freksler place. Under lock and key in order to protect the most beautiful. If you pay a fee if you succeed in finding the clerk from the door opens and you see the mosaics.hürriyet

Port of Antalya was 800 years ago, before the last stops of the Silk Road tourism in the service of the Han Kırkgöz

II of the Seljuk Empire. And was built by Bin Keykubat Kaykhusraw port of Antalya before the last stops of the Silk Road 800 years ago, the Kırkgöz Han, Han Kırkgöz service tourism by again.

1500 square meters and 2500 square feet of indoor open Kırkgöz, including the Han, the total area of ​​11000 square meters of space activities in accordance with the texture and the private sector meetings and events are waiting to host tourism. Ottoman and international cuisine will be served as a restaurant that will serve as a caravanserai, a carpet-weaving, jewelry processing, also allowing the traditional arts such as ceramics and tile construction will continue its historic mission as a center. Han Kırkgöz With the guidance of the scientific committee formed by all the details of which will be decorated in the caravanserai of Seljuk and Ottoman period, the opportunity to give guests a 800-year journey to the past.hürriyet

Eyebrow, ancient cities, the legendary boat trips to Kekova is also very popular this summer!

According to the documents and findings from the villages of Kas, the most important region of the Lycian civilization.

BC Teke Peninsula coast Known to have been inhabited since before six thousand years. Section of land located on a hill overlooking the sea just west of Kas.

Big Pebble Beach in the crystal clear waters of Kas, there are small beaches, such as Pebble Beach and Akçagerme Beach. In addition, the boat can go Çayağzı Beach.

6 units located around 18 km from Kas Kas in the cave. away from the Blue Cave, ages Island Sea Cave, famous for its pigeons Pigeon Cave, the most famous ones. In the meantime, the Kaputaş Beach is a world wonder.

Besides the rich history of Kas more popular day by day, trekking, mountaineering, providing countless opportunities for nature activities such as rafting. For those who want to be alone with nature, a good option to create Gömbe'deki Green Lake and Waterfall Uçansu. Akdag at the bottom of Gombe, 70 km away from Kas. The highest peak in the Western Taurus after Akdağ sivrisinden Girls. Çekicidir.Gömbe attention to the small lakes here in the ancient city of Komba and 13 km from here. There is away from the ancient city of Nisa. In the ancient city of Kas has also Kandyba. In addition, a distance of 12 km from Kas can be seen in the ancient city of Phellos.
One of the important areas around Kas Kekova. Such land by boat from Kas to Kekova gidildiği visited and boat stay we also visited the three. The sunken city can be seen here. Istlada name known around Kas, Apollonia, Isinda, Kyaenai ruined ancient cities such as where there are many well known name. Many historic buildings are known or unknown name and history. For example, Fretboard Tysse, a small settlement on a hill in the village is near the low.

Kaş coastal fishing is done. In the region of the main fish species, coral, grida, grouper, red mullet, iskaroz, puts, bonito and the mullet ... In addition, those who want to eat octopus or squid yapılıyor.Taze, güzenle can order houses on the sea.

Almost all the restaurants in Kas, the dominant flavor of the typical Mediterranean cuisine. Also very rich in terms of local flavors. Gombe, Plateau, "especially in the kebab and ice cream taste. Plateau balıyayla yogurt, grape molasses, carob bean carob molasses obtained, is also very famous buttered keskek.

Kas, Italian, Mexican, or you can find restaurants serving French cuisine.

Those who prefer to drive, both in Antalya, Fethiye and Kas ulaşabilerler following the coastal road coming through.
You forget your fatigue all the way to Kas view you will see approaching.habertürk

New hotels, amusement parks, aquarium and Antalya this summer

New hotels, amusement parks, with aquarium holidaymakers Antalya is preparing to welcome 2 million this summer. Night clubs, hotels, summer beat of the input.

Fluctuating number of Blue Flag beaches of Antalya, just 200 ulaştı.Geçen year 300 thousand from the Arabian shores of Antalya in spring at the last moment to escape the Russian and German tourists, leading to an increase in prices. This year, the situation returned to normal.

19 new Blue Flag came to Antalya

Antalya, world champion in the number of Blue Flag. Foundation for Environmental Education of Turkey (TÜRÇEV) 174 beach in the list prepared when entering the last year, this year's 19 Blue Flag beaches sender to attract more qualified. 190 beaches, five marinas, five yachts in the city reached to 200 the number of Blue Flag. A leader among the 41 counties in Manavgat flag. Belt 39, Alanya 38, Serik 25, Lara 16, Muratpaşa 9, Aksu 8, Nov 8, 5 and the center of Antalya Gazipaşa a flag with the facility.
In the meantime, has lost the right to carry the flag in three facilities. Five found to carry the Blue Flag beach for the first time: Evrenseki West Public Beach, Lara (Baki Group), Sarısu Public Beach, and Kalamar Beach Club Derya Beach. New names added to the list of flagged hotels: Club Dem, Telatiye Resort Sentido Gold Island, Gold Sand Forest Camp, Granada Luxury Resort, Saphir Resort, Beach, Sea World Resort, Selge Beach, Prime Family, Trendy Verbena, Port Side Resort, Commodore Elite, Royal Alhambra Palace, Crystal Palace Luxury Resort, Belek Resort Sensimar, Cornelia De Luxe Resort, Royal Holiday Palace, Club Zigana Holiday Village, Aqua Princess, Aquarius, Anchor ...


The world's longest tunnel (131 meters), the most clear aquarium opened on July 1. 7 million liters of aquarium water will cost 80 million TL will be filtered from the sea. According to the information given by aquarium Demirok'ün partner Irfan Antalya, Turkey sea resort on the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific Ocean, north of the Arctic Sea, the Nile, the Amazon, Ganges over a thousand kinds of sea creatures will be exhibited a total of 20 thousand. Submerged Roman city, 27-foot pirate ship, ships, submarines, fighter aircraft will take place.hürriyet

Cesme is located between the shining world of thermal tourism centers are continuing to work

Sea, sand and the sun shining and the world welcomes thousands of tourists during the summer months and is located between the tourist centers are continuing studies of thermal Cesme.

Fountain Mayor Faik Tütüncüoğlu, AA correspondent, said the district has been brought into world-class beaches and many domestic and foreign tourists every year, said ağırladıklarını.

Describes the thermal springs in the district health tourism kazandırıldığını Tütüncüoğlu, "cure of many diseases and women believed to beautify the guests from European countries to take advantage of'' thermal sudan guest stated that during the winter months. Tütüncüoğlu,'' especially in the North region of Europe is coming guests. Because of social security in countries can benefit the field of health care. In recent years, the Middle East, Arab countries are also finding attractive Cesme thermal water resources, "he said.

Cesme center of thermal tourism in order to establish a plan to increase the capacity of thermal tourism, emphasizing Tütüncüoğlu, 1000 people reported that the center has prepared project.

Indicating that the center could serve 1,000 people every day in Ilica Tütüncüoğlu Faik, said:

'We will tender the project in 2-3 months. Build-operate-transfer model, we want them to implement as soon as the center. Central within the 300-seat hotel to be done. We want to add a thermal tourism in the world-famous plajlarımıza. Thermal water in Europe and the Middle East countries to provide better service for the newcomers will get this thermal treatment center. Fountain dreams are trying to establish.''

Fountain'' by some foreign newspapers from around the world is showing'' remarkable Tütüncüoğlu visit interesting places to visit, said that the thermal water resources will increase the value of the district in terms of tourism.

"For our guests, 20 percent of the thermal water is coming"

Fountain Tourist Hotels Association (ÇEŞTOB) Board Member and General Manager of Hotel Ilica Jacob Iron is also very high quality thermal water district, so substantial investment has been done.

The number of people staying in the county in 2011 was around 1 million, this figure representing 20 percent of the iron for thermal tourism arrivals has created,'' Thermal spring and winter months due to tourism in our district at 10 percent hotel occupancy rate was 30 percent. Thermal tourism will increase day by day for the number of arrivals,'' he said.

European countries as well as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, thermal tourism, tourist ağırladıklarını records under the iron, faced with intense interest by foreigners in the Turkish bath, he added.habertürk

What to do if you are on holiday in Marmaris, definitely!

At the beginning of the most important elements that make an attractive tourism in Marmaris yacht gelir.

Tüm water sports are allowing the coastline of Marmaris, Blue Tour unforgettable memories live. (For routes from Marmaris yacht charter blue cruise and see the Blue Cruise and Yacht Tourism pages.)
Daily excursion boats

Head 30-minute journey from the port districts with tour boats ulaşabilirsiniz.Cennet Island Paradise Island is actually forested peninsula and the island for swimming and a break as a place where kaplıdır.Lokanta and tour boats ponsiyonların stopping point.

Phosphorous Cave, Citrus, and a natural cave, which is frequented by tour boats to Kumlubük'e clean, green and turquoise-colored waters of the aquarium-like swim.

Small boats can go well into the cave.

Farm, especially in a place of their choice other yachtsmen. Hillside Village by the sea, such as accessible as possible to go in 2 hours. Huge sandy beach, an arbor restaurants frequented by yachtsmen have been modest, with a bay environment. Also in the village, jeep safari tours are carried out.

Orange uniquely beautiful towns of Marmaris, Paradise Island, Bozburunu, Turgutşelalesini, Liar throat, without a visit to Günnüceği,

Visiting Marmaris Museum,

Marmaris tarhana, sura eating ice cream,

Without having to visit numerous ancient cities, ...

The ancient city of Amos on the top right off Hisarburnu'nun dated to the Hellenistic. The ruins of Amos, drama with a temple and statue pedestals can see the remnants of the walls surrounding the city.

Time is an important harbor city of ancient Caria Phykos Asar hill north of Marmaris ruins of the city region.

TOMB Sariana
Marmaris is located in the northeast. Sariana Mosque, a shrine near. Rumor has it that the soldiers during the cow's milk fed Rhodes campaign of Suleiman the Magnificent.

In 1522, Muğla-Marmaris road, 10 km from Marmaris. is.

Bozukkale "LORYMA"
Everyone Bay, Peninsula, south-west are broken. Walls are impressive. The bay was used as the base for the navy of Athens during the Peloponnesian wars.habertürk

Aims to welcome 11 million tourists in 2013 in Mersin Mediterranean Olympics

Aims to welcome 11 million tourists in the Mediterranean Olympics in 2013 in Mersin, rapidly changing face. Motorways renewed, Parks organized.

Opened in the Eastern Mediterranean's largest aquapark and yacht harbor. Increased the number of Blue Flag. Structures that cause visual pollution while washing the coast of Adana, Hatay was prepared for the new season on the work of regulatory regions.


Mersin three new Blue Flag

The new marina, 50-acre area of Mersin shores of the new summer season with an ambitious Aquapark'ıyla entering. Participating in tourism fairs in Dubai and Miami cruise routes of the city taking the initiative of local investors came to the agenda. Six ships have been invited. In the meantime, the 14-kilometer coastal tourism zone is changing the face Bowl-Tarsus project. 3 million square meters of land of 15 thousand people will be accommodated at golf courses, health complex, five-star hotels are. Kizkalesi coastal tourist town most of the city this year, paving stone covered paths. Modern parks empty converted to public lands. Supermarkets increased. Maiden in mid-July, this year the International Beach Volleyball events.hürriyet

Marmaris, Turkey's most prominent historical and tourist paradise with magnificent nature

Marmaris, a long coastline, coves, marina and natural beauty of the surrounding pine forests, you can find traces of cultures that reveal the history of each era in Marmaris, Turkey's most prominent historic and glorious nature of the tourism paradise.

Marmaris Castle

High on a hill in the castle in 1521 during the Ottoman period yapılmıştır.Marmaris' return from war in the name of the castle at your gelmetedir.Kanuni disliked architect of Sultan Suleyman killed him Rhodes. Therefore, the name of Marmaris "As the architect," meaning that söylenmektedir.Kale during 1980-1990 has been restored and opened to visitors as Marmaris Museum in 1991


After passing two miles ahead of Marmaris is located in the region of sites. Dark-clear sea and the sea with a stunning choice of those involved with sports yeridir.Turistik facilities, beaches and entertainment venues, tourist towns Besides being one of the drinking water from the carpet with a good digestive system.

TURUNÇ - Kumlubuk - FARM

Holiday understanding of nature and the silence of these three counties, one or all together in your preference olabilir.Turunç yaşamaksa, 21 km from Marmaris. Kumblubük 27 and 30 km away and the farm. Marine and land transportation is provided, boat trips each day düzenlenmektedir.Yeşil Mamraris'ten intertwined into the regions and blue, the most popular residential area with a clean sea and wonderful sandy yerleridendir.

Dalyan & Caunos

Cemeteries of the king to find traces of history, the famous mud baths, and the world-famous

Loggerhead turtles are closely intertwined with the history and nature is an ancient city. Boat tours are organized by region, per day.


With pristine beaches and coves and blue flag bays Datca waters of a complete marine aquarium cennetidir.Tertemiz another is arbitrary. The district has seven blue flag beaches and all other points it is possible to enjoy the same peace of mind in the sea. Famous for its almond and olive trees.

Günnücek - LIAR, THROAT

5 km from the district. This piece of land located at a distance, a ship captain ship in stormy weather here thinking that the gulf shore sore oturtmasından opened after the "Liar Throat" was the name. Gulet shipyards where construction of the tree, this area is one of the must-see places.

2 km from Marmaris. Günnücek'te a very rare day away from his wife in the world (liquid amber orientalis) forest is located. Sweetgum trees obtained from these are used in pharmaceutical and perfumery industry. The first place that comes to mind for those who want to picnic.

Çamlı Village: Cleopatra (Cedar) located island village, 25 km away from Marmaris.

Antony and Cleopatra and the king of Egypt is believed to have lived on this island, a great love. more

Everyone Village: boat building and fishing village, mostly frequented by those who prefer a quiet place of life. There is only one hotel in the village bulunmaktadır.Deniz intertwined with one of the must-see spot for those who want to take a vacation. Mete Hotel

Turgutlu Village: Waterfall village famous for safari tours and jeep excursions on a daily basis.

Orhaniye Village: Girl sand village where the most important tourism center with regular tours of the Gulf of düzenlenmektedir.Hisarönü the bay, and the stopping point for yachts.

Selimiye Village: Marmaris, especially those who eat only fish here gelir.Halkın
animal husbandry and fishery livelihoods.

Hisaronu Village: Boat tours, boat tours with the famous düzenlenmektedir.Sağlık yerdir.Günlük Hemithia goddess who lived here, and to heal.


Between Marmaris market with the marina, bars street of bars and nightclubs catering to every taste vardır.Yat Bar Street, head towards the harbor, to capture the rhythm of music and understand how quickly the time until the first light of day.


Marmaris in July and August temperatures 45 degrees and humid air is not as stifling as bulmaktadır.Akdeniz region.

Where to eat what you eat?

Marmaris on every corner to find a beautiful natural landscape kolaydır.Taze sea or marine products, food and drinks, you bekliyor.Marmaris' zero edge of the sea at a place in the taste of food is nowhere you can not eat. Do not miss these opportunities by choosing all-inclusive hotels.habertürk

cultural tourism antalya wealth of history open air museum is hosting the position

Tourist city of Antalya, sea, sand and sun of the trilogy, as well as on the position open-air museum is hosting its rich cultural tourism.

Opened up to tourism in Antalya, the ancient city of more than 30 museums and historical sites last year, 3.5 million people have visited the place


The ancient city of Olympos Kumluca district, a port city in the two thousand two hundred years. The official name Yazır Village 'referred to by name, although ancient Olympos, to those wishing to spend a pleasant holiday options are offered in nature and history. Olympos and abroad which hosts thousands of tourists every year, due to take place within the national park is not allowed betonlaşmaya. Olympos leisure, konaklıyor tree houses, rock climbing, hiking, doing alternative sports such as diving. Holidaymakers, unlike other holiday resorts to swim among the ruins of the ancient city goes.

Aksu district located within the boundaries of Perge, not only of the region, all of Anatolia, one of the most orderly cities in the Roman period. Architecture, as well as excavations in Perge, Antalya Museum with sculptures that emerged in the museums of the world's richest Roman sculpture has won one of the feature. Both architecture and sculpture, artifacts, lines of Perge with its own school of sculpture that reveals the city.


Belkis village in the township of Serik amfitiyatrosuyla connected the ancient city of Aspendos famous, BC The 10th century was founded by the Achaeans. One large and one small theater in the city built on two hills, MS Was built by the Romans in the 2nd century. The best way of surviving ancient theaters have been the architect of an open-air theater in Aspendos is Zenon, son of Theodorus. Each year, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists have visited the acoustics of Aspendos Ancient Theatre amaze you.


The ancient city of Patara, Kas district, is among the most visited historical sites. 182 thousand people visited last year covered by the sands of a portion remains to be seen in Patara attention. However, the recent archaeological excavations, the city began to clean off the sand that covered.


Termessos Pisidia Region 'Milyas' referred to as the southwestern part of today 'Gulluk' Solymos bearing the name of a valley between mountain peaks, the most ancient peoples of Anatolia, an important ancient city founded by Solym'ler Luvi'lerin descendants to come. Famous rock tombs of the ancient city, attracting tourists to the remains of baths and theaters.
Another important ancient cities and ruins Antalya is as follows:
Limyra Finike Ancient City, ancient city of Phaselis Kemer, Elmalı Arykanda ancient city of Demre Andriake (Tripod), Simena and Teimiussa (Ucagiz) of the ancient cities. The ancient city of Antalya Ariassos Akkoç village, the ancient city of Xanthos, Kas-Fethiye, Alanya Castle Alarahan, Manavgat, Side and the Apollo Theater Tağınağı Atik, Selge ancient theater of ancient Pisidia region, Cleopatra and Karain Caves.habertürk

Butterfly Valley, the province of Mugla, Fethiye Oludeniz resort town located within the boundaries of a natural treasure

Butterfly Valley, the province of Mugla, Fethiye Oludeniz resort town located within the boundaries of a natural treasure.

Protection of endemic species that have been proposed as a world heritage site because of the mountain which is one of 100 in the foothills of Mount Babadag to Butterfly Valley, 8 February 1995 1 any type of construction has been declared closed and the degree of natural protection. The name of the valley surrounded by steep rocky walls 350 meters, has hosted more than 80 butterfly species, and especially the tiger butterfly. Supply in the village of Faralya and 50-meter high waterfall, with a creek through the middle of the Valley to the Mediterranean.

The geographical structure of the Valley of the Butterflies, flora and fauna of the scientific community, especially the work of botanists and entomologists and laboratory investigation becomes the subject of national and international environmental organizations, and attracted the attention of the ecological formations.
tiger butterfly
Transportation is provided by boats from Ölüdeniz to Butterfly Valley. Faralya (Uzunyurt) reaches a valley of a footpath from the village, but rope climbing routes, and because of the variable surface, must be accompanied by a guide.

Protect the natural life of the Butterfly Valley and taking the necessary measures for this facility has been produced in order to implement the projects. Opportunities for tents and tree houses that offer accommodation to visitors daily business has a capacity of 500 guests and 100 acres of land on the Valley of the Butterflies, as well as making ecological agriculture, waste treatment, marine cleaning and carries out projects in clean energy matters.

History of Butterfly Valley, BC IV. dates back to centuries. Lycia, "Perdicia" some remnants of the settlements called Butterfly Valley is located just above the canyon. The village "Faralya" referred to by name. Uzunyurttur is the name of the village today. Maintained until the last times of the Byzantine and Ottoman Greek civilization, culture, gardening and so far has generated teraslanmasıyla slopes.
Butterfly Valley, Ölüdeniz from Fethiye come is reached. 55 km from Fethiye. Flights from Dalaman Airport, Turkey and many parts of Europe are organized. Another major airport is Antalya Airport, about 200 km from Fethiye. drive away. There are frequent and regular bus services from all over Turkey from Fethiye. Ölüdeniz from Fethiye by minibus or taxi, people come here, who served 3 times a day by boat to the beach or the Butterfly Valley and is accessible by zodiac boat.wikipedia

image of the man that rises up to 10 meters from the sea flying flyboard

Used in the world since the beginning of the year, peaking at 10 meters at sea and water sports, flying man image in Bodrum, which was introduced by flyboard.

Seeing the man eagerly following the introduction of trainers tourists flying in the air could not hide his astonishment. Then a new thrill ride of about 50 tourists flyboarda enjoyed living.

Tourists loved the excitement of

Produced at the beginning of January and the Mediterranean countries, which has become a passion Akçabük flyboard bay of Bodrum today's event organized with water sports equipment is introduced. Water Sports and Rescue Association President Arif Yılmaz Bodrum, Turkey Sezgin's Jet Ski Federation Vice-President also watched the show Cenk PRM Tourism Management Consultancy and Foreign Trade. Company managers and trainers presented.
Kite Board trainer and champion Mert Akça'nın Turkey, flyboard dive into this with the re-emergence into the sea, after rising up to 10 meters, making the same motion over and over again, turning flips in the air and in water and inverse interest and excitement to kick followed by a large number of tourists. Fışkırtıcı a pressurized water jet hose that connects tourists with skiye ten feet from the surface of the sea has photographed plenty of Akça'nın rising. After the show lasted about an hour to fly about 50 tourists tazyikiyle flyboarda enjoyed riding the water. Some tourists in the interesting images uçamayıp was crashed into the sea.
PRM Manager Cen defeats, can learn in ten minutes flyboardu said everyone knows how to swim. Yener, skiye jet in January, produced and used by connecting any device with all the European countries and the water sports offered for sale in Turkey began to be used at the same time. An increase in thrust to ten meters under the sea and with a completely water tazyiği There is no danger of running this tool. Will be used for the first time in the world this year. Just as dolphins swim under water for several minutes, and Superman to resist the force of gravity as an ideal sport for enthusiasts and adrenaline addicts said.
Bring Excitement

Bodrum Water Sports and Rescue Association President Arif Yılmaz, tourism, water sports and a new one is added to diversify the behalf of the said sea. Yilmaz, on behalf of diversity and excitement to a sport that is new. After receiving the necessary authorizations from the Federation instructors can easily be applied to all water sports center. I can tell as soon as he said could become Flyboardun passion.


Cenk Jetski Federation Vice-President of Turkey Sezgin said flyboard discovered the third dimension, and water sports. Water sports are intertwined with tourism is no longer any that is not possible to distinguish one from the other Sezgin, Flyboard sliding on water innovation as well as by flying under the water that can be done by bringing the sport. Provide entertainment, as well as the coordination of intelligence and also important for the body. Competitions are currently in Germany. Rapidly spread throughout the coasts of our country believe that short period of time. In the future we can also arrange competitions he said.
Demonstrations of Didim, Marmaris, Fethiye tourist centers, such as will continue. Turkey Flyboardun sales price of 5 thousand 500 euro, while water sports rental fee stated to vary between 15-25 euros.habertürk

Hollywood-themed festival to begin the sixth antalya sand

The festival is taking place in Lara Beach Park on a 7 thousand square metres open air area.

The festival is co-hosted by Global Design Art Works, Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey, Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya, Municipality of Muratpasa and Antalya Journalists Association.

Theme of this year's festival is 'Hollywood', the same as last year's. There are interesting sand sculptures made by 20 artists from 8 different countries including Holland, Spain and Brazil. They only use sand and water in order to create their sculptures. It approximately takes 2 months to complete the sand sculptures.

The opening ceremony will be held on June 2.

Cem Karaca, the director of the festival, told the AA that the festival is the world's second largest sand festival.

The festival is open until October 29.cumhuriyet

Sagalassos, loves, passions and favorite city of the emperors.

Ağlasun District of Burdur and may be many reasons why you can see the ancient city of Sagalassos.

Meets you in a lush valley at the entrance of Ağlasun. Sagalassos, this plain in front of the cherry, walnut, organic vegetables and fruits, especially trout Mallard resort facilities, friendly and hospitable people admire Ağlasun. The trees are visible in one of the houses facing domestic tourism plateau tourism spend summers in places under the weight of domestic tourists was from Antalya.

Sagalassos, loves, passions and favorite city of the emperors. The foothills of the Taurus will want to see the city again and again. Residences in the city between the clouds at the entrance, bath below, down the Agora (marketplace), ceramic production center welcomes you. It progresses upward on the right side of theater, agora council building up the church in the center of the city of neon library Heroon in the upper left hand side you are watching. Buluverirsiniz yourself a time during the Roman period. Intensive heated political conversations in a crowded agora up cult city of Sagalassos, a powerful Roman emperors the senate orders, as set out below you will hear the sounds Macellumdan boutiques marketplace. Drinking water from the fountain of Antonine lost lovers and each other's eyes to bring you a nice feeling.
The ancient city of Sagalassos in Burdur province, Ağlasun district, southwest of the Taurus Mountains, south-facing slopes between 1490-1600 meters in the city's most important features of the novel has to be one of the five most important ceramic production centers. City, the best novel of the fifth emperor of the Emperor Hadrian (2nd century AD.) Lived during the best period of economic, political and social sense. Embodiment of the method in terms of urban planning and redevelopment of the city with 1000 years of ceramic production center around the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2009 have put feature.

Since starting in 1989 and Professor in 1990. Dr. Led by Marc Waelkens, excavations uncovered many buildings and works. Yılarındaki 2007 and 2008 may be uncovered during excavations, and the estimated length of 5 meters statues belonging to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Emperor Hadrian, which is enough to bewitch people. Burdur Archaeology Museum presented the attention of tourists. Sagalassos was abandoned today in Asia Minor, perhaps the best-preserved ancient sites without damage to the present day one.
The known history of the ancient city of Sagalassos in written sources, Alexander the Great in BC Begins with the conquest in 333. Following the death of Alexander the Great, the city remains in a short period of administration of his predecessors. BC At 281, under the control enters the Seleucids. BC Between 188-133 Attaloslar'ın becomes part of Pergamum. BC Is included for the various Roman provinces from 129'dan Sagalassos, and finally the Galatia province of Rome, 39 BC, is the most important city. A.D. 5th-7th century 'At, with successive earthquakes and Arab invasions of the region, especially in parallel with the loss of population into the process of abandonment of Sagalassos.

Sagalassostan, you can see again, and what you see in the city with friends to share the driving reason for referring to realize that many will leave the foil.habertürk