Mediterranean blue, coast, "Turkish Riviera" with a wink as though the name of the rights

Greek name of the southernmost point of Anatolia "windy nose" received the word that means anemourion.

According to describe the origin of the name of a tribe settled here and the wind extinguished. Turkey and the capital of a small banana Anamur dizzying scent. Also hosts two historical relics, precious: and Mamure Anamuryum Castle.

The frescoes of the necropolis, dazzling mosaics

Circles around the ruined ancient city walls. Silent. Blue of the Mediterranean tucked among the stones, beach "Turkish Riviera" deserve the name signifying a wink. Noteworthy that only a few in the world ...


Anamuryum'un history stretches back from Byzantium. 4th century BC, believed to have been founded by the Phoenicians from Lübnan'ından today.
When the Romans abandoned the city in all the ports of the Mediterranean, the Phoenicians, who has gained importance in trade. Most of the ruins of the Roman Empire divided into two 395'ten today made ​​much later. Anamuryum'u expelled the Arabs conquered the people of the seventh century. Inexplicably, they did not want to return. The resumption of settlement in the 12th century has found.
Anamuryum'a approaching, you will see the remains of a stone arch that once the city's water. Necropolis of the city, large areas of ancient ruins in the other part of the cemetery. The most ornate tombs of two parts: the prayers and burial chamber. Some mosaic floor and freksler place. Under lock and key in order to protect the most beautiful. If you pay a fee if you succeed in finding the clerk from the door opens and you see the mosaics.hürriyet

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  1. I was amazed by the number of interesting historical and architectural monuments that are scattered along this coast.


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