In 1249 BC, built by kings of the Hittites in Anatolia after the great drought, dams

That the capital of the Hittite civilization of Çorum Alacahöyük'teki ruins excavations, is known settlement in the region began 1500 years, proving once three separate fragments of coarse pottery were found. 

Thus, the Alacahöyük past, present 8000-9000 years ago, the late Neolithic Age to extend understood.
Department of Archaeology at Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography faculty members, Prof. Alacahöyük Excavation Area. Dr. Aykut Çınaroğlu, said that the order of Atatürk Alacahöyük'teki excavation work started in 1935 and maintained for 7 years with the support of Yüksel Construction, said.

Explaining that there is a development of excavations shed light on Alacahöyük'teki Çınaroğlu date, the region is known settlement began 1500 years, proving once they found three separate pieces of ceramic container, these findings give rise to the mound, said that based on the history up to the late Neolithic Age.

Excavation work in 2006 Alacahöyük Hittite Anatolia, the oldest known irrigation dam Dam'' of'' re starting to hold water, reminiscent of the opening of the local people use for agricultural irrigation Çınaroğlu, said:

'' As a result of excavations 7000-7500 years ago, the first settlement in the region based on the known to the Chalcolithic Age. This year, three new part in the excavations of the construction technique, rude workmanship, and good unbaked dough is mixed with coarse sand particles form, the present Anatolian Neolithic period 8000-9000 years ago turned out to reflect the properties of the ceramic repertoire. Thus, since Alacahöyük moved as far back as 1000-1500 years.

Digging these parts in our work, Urfa Gobeklitepe on stone blocks and the like Burdur Kuruçay Mound fully reflect the Neolithic ceramic repertoire. Thus, the first resettlement Alacahöyük'teki, we have to understand traced back to the late Neolithic Age. 8000-9000 years before present understanding of the history of Alacahöyük hung just for this region, but is also extremely important in the history of settlement in Central Anatolia. Excavation work in future also works to bring innovation to the history of Anatolia, the former seems to have a definite.''

Anatolia's oldest irrigation dam

Alacahöyük Hittite Anatolia, the oldest known irrigation dam Dam, BC 1249'da dams built by the kings of the Hittites in Anatolia, then one of the great drought.

This function other than the mound Holstein dams died. Where the source of water for the body of Alacahöyük Hittite Dam continued to flow until today. This dam in the hieroglyphic inscription on the King 3 Pudu-Hepa was built by his wife, the goddess Hepat'a Hattuşili understood to refer to.

Width of 15 meters, the length of the body of the rock-fill dam with clay covered with 135 meters of the stone set in the construction technique is the same as the present dam construction technique were determined. However, the Hittites were using clay instead of cement. When fully filled dam is estimated that 15 thousand cubic meters of water.

Remained hidden in history, the world's cultural heritage, and given their

The capital of the Hittite civilization, the Pied Mound, in the district of Çorum Pied Alacahöyük district, 25 kilometers northeast of Hattusa is Bogazkoy. The orders of the Turkish Historical Society, with the support of excavation work started in 1935, after the death of Atatürk in 1982, came to a halt the continuous decrease in the material and spiritual support.

Excavations in 1997, the Department of Archaeology at Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography faculty member Prof. Dr. A team led by Aykut Çınaroğlu restarted. The project came to a halt in 2005, again primarily because of financial difficulties. Yuksel Construction on this date in history matching them with the light of day began to support.

The project supports the long-term tangible and intangible Alaca Höyük today many historical monuments that have remained hidden by subtracting the light of day, the world's cultural heritage made. cumhuriyet

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