"James Bond" series, the new film, "Skyfall of" shots of Istanbul

"James Bond" series, the new film, "Skyfall of" The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul began to shoot. 

Speeding motorcycle stuntmen for the action scenes on the roof of the Grand Bazaar was followed by everyone holding their breath.

Skyfall Grand Bazaar

Starring Daniel Craig, the new James Bond film directed by Sam Mendes, "Skyfall" Adana to Istanbul after the filming continues. One of the most high-action scenes in the movie, filmed the previous day on the roof of the Grand Bazaar. Bond is prepared to chase the two stunt, appeared on the roof, and a breathtaking chase motorcycles. The top speed on the road at the expense of the lives of two-wheel stunts, Ups drop out of roofs, followed by employees in the Grand Bazaar. 400 people took part of the team he's a dangerous scenes, without an unpleasant incident has been completed. He viewed every minute tension-filled moments.hürriyet

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