unique in the world for the Anatolian lion lion resembles the imposing appearance of

The homeland of the Kangal district of Sivas Kangal dog that has a large number of features of the master race.
Friendship, sadıklığı, very good protection dog is a fact, cesurluğu, harsh and adverse natural conditions, starvation and resistance to water stress, physical strength and intelligence level is high among the most popular dog breeds in the Kangal, large-bodied and imposing despite their very is stated to be approachable and friendly.

Large body structure, head shape and resembles the imposing appearance, the lion lion''for''the so-called Anatolian Kangal dog, more faithful than many breeds, including the owners of which can be very strong friendships, owner of the over-indulgent, sees four or five years ago, although given to someone else Registering as a property that does not see the old owner.

They do not make any threats and aggression for no reason unless you have the drive coils, especially against women and children exhibiting a protective attitude.

One of the most important and well-known features of a wolf, maintain their herd, which is founded yıkabilmeleri Kangals sometimes alone, the nightmare known as the wolves. Prairies Kangals''lookouts''which some consider, not only in the month of the wolf and other wild animals such as wild boar or savaşabiliyor.

Depending on the owner, other persons to be responsive, responsible for the region is not to put any living thing that is running the Kangal dog, to have developed a sense of compassion, vulnerable persons, especially women and children submissive and soft against the said acts.

Unique in the world

Kangal dogs, fulfilling the duty to protect the owner and his family with the ability to distinguish between good and bad-intentioned people that, if it believes that a malicious person of action on the information from the sources is located.

Unprecedented in the world, expressed in a Kangal dog is a type of dog, from around the world also sees strong demand. It was like that in the guardians of nature, over the centuries to protect against every kind of danger Kangal Anatolian shepherds herd as well as a feature known as the fratricidal çiftleşmemesi being expressed.
Developed sense of smell, honorable, and the type of job, a dog who knows basic training techniques used in the education of the Kangal dogs are not different, but as of this free-spirited temperaments of dogs and shepherd dogs, they are leading their jobs without the need for rigorous training for the many well-known that they can do.

"Kangals arslanıdır a anatolian"

Hill Meraküm Kangal Dog Training and Production Center of Special Provincial Administration of the operator Hussein Star, is a feature by specifying a large number of Kangal dogs,''the imposing Kangal dog first appearance, a look Babayiğit exhibitions. Viewed from the front is reminiscent of a lion. Anatolia as if it were a lion in the vineyard and koştuğunda natural life in motion,''he said.

Kangal dog is very loyal and intelligent about the Stars,''the Kangal dog, loyal, awarded to the house, an animal extremely sensitive to villagers. He arslanıdır an Anatolian. Performs extremely well on every task given. Feelings, the general structure of sezileriyle body coordinates. Sezer and future needs to be done with all the good, the evil, which solves a very good type of animal,''he said.

Kangal dogs, one of the features that describe the fratricidal çiftleşmemesi Stars,''is one of the distinguishing characteristics of other dogs. One is as the people of Anatolia. These geographic conditions are very suitable structures. You can observe a very comfortable''he said.

Herd at the expense of trying, protects

Stars come out about all things having a lot of coils to which they belong,''Today is a very good round up a Kangal dog alone, 500 animals in a herd can easily güdebilir 3-4 Kangal dog. Kangal dog herd wolf, bear, pig, and a very good güdebilir protects foreign people at the expense of soul. Against the dangers facing the front of a very good intuition. Shepherd can sleep comfortably. This is the beginning of the flock in motion, such as a radar, these dogs,''he said.

Keep moving, intelligent animals who noted that wolves and Stars,''but the Kangal dog, and his hunting strategy, and his strength, and intelligence, and what it can do in advance of his flock of sheep perished divines the chance to recognize him,''he said.

The nightmare of cheetahs

Project launched by an American researcher, the Kangal dogs already taken to Namibia, Africa's fastest land animal, Cheetah conditions familiarizing themselves against the attacking herds reported have demonstrated success.

Launched in 1994 under the leadership of the American Research Lauro Marker Cheetah Conservation Project,''''under the Kangal dog should be taken to America, Namibia, previously used to prevent locals from attacking herds killed by cheetahs.
Kangal dogs is reported to be adapted to African conditions, as soon as possible, ulaşabilmesiyle speed of 70 kilometers in 2 seconds, the fastest land animal herds to attack the obstacle is known as the cheetahs. Thus, coils, flocks attacked by local people, contributes to the protection of the grounds of his generation who was killed in cheetahs.

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