Port of Antalya was 800 years ago, before the last stops of the Silk Road tourism in the service of the Han Kırkgöz

II of the Seljuk Empire. And was built by Bin Keykubat Kaykhusraw port of Antalya before the last stops of the Silk Road 800 years ago, the Kırkgöz Han, Han Kırkgöz service tourism by again.

1500 square meters and 2500 square feet of indoor open Kırkgöz, including the Han, the total area of ​​11000 square meters of space activities in accordance with the texture and the private sector meetings and events are waiting to host tourism. Ottoman and international cuisine will be served as a restaurant that will serve as a caravanserai, a carpet-weaving, jewelry processing, also allowing the traditional arts such as ceramics and tile construction will continue its historic mission as a center. Han Kırkgöz With the guidance of the scientific committee formed by all the details of which will be decorated in the caravanserai of Seljuk and Ottoman period, the opportunity to give guests a 800-year journey to the past.hürriyet

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