Alternative tourism highlights await holidaymakers Adrasan and Olympos

Alternative tourism highlights await holidaymakers Adrasan and Olympos
Alternatively, depending on Kumluca Adrasan prominent tourist destination and with the options shown in Olympos, before the tourist season has completed preparations for the new.
Near the town of adrasan bed capacity of 2 thousand 500 final preparations before the new season was the 80th operation. Natural environment to visitors, offering a holiday away from the stresses of city Adrasan, noting that natural beauty and historical riches.

Sarıkavak a part of tourist businesses Adrasan River shore, the beach is a part of. Founded on the shade of the plane trees and the sound of the creek where the water had a chance to rest, holidaymakers can enter a short walk to the sea. Holidaymakers also went sailing day Taking Sulu Island, carp, and you can find opportunities to roam the bays of the Genoese.

Adrasan Hussein Aykurt tourist business owner, said the city away from the stresses of domestic and foreign guests looking to take in the natural beauty that is expected hamlet.

Say that the natural beauty that brings significant tourism potential inherent Adrasan Aykurt, visitors to the region during the march holidays çıkabildiklerini, the capabilities of diving in the sea, mountain and boat trips to get involved, he said.
Aykurt, Adrasan arrivals to suit all budgets can find the opportunity to vacation, holiday, half-board per person per day varied between 60 and 150 pounds, said.


Olympos has the capacity of 60 beds in operation for about 3 thousand. Holidaymakers can stay at the bungalow or wooden houses built on trees. Visitors rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, boat trips and participate in sporting activities such as white water rafting.
Different from other holiday resorts of holidaymakers from Olympos to enter the sea from the ruins of the ancient city is undergoing. After a walk of about a kilometer from the sea can be reached, offers holidaymakers to cool off.

Olympos tree houses owner Kadir Kaya, Olympus is ready for tourist season, hearts amused, in the natural beauty, adventure filled activities that is expected by those who want to spend your vacation.

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