Marmaris, Turkey's most prominent historical and tourist paradise with magnificent nature

Marmaris, a long coastline, coves, marina and natural beauty of the surrounding pine forests, you can find traces of cultures that reveal the history of each era in Marmaris, Turkey's most prominent historic and glorious nature of the tourism paradise.

Marmaris Castle

High on a hill in the castle in 1521 during the Ottoman period yapılmıştır.Marmaris' return from war in the name of the castle at your gelmetedir.Kanuni disliked architect of Sultan Suleyman killed him Rhodes. Therefore, the name of Marmaris "As the architect," meaning that söylenmektedir.Kale during 1980-1990 has been restored and opened to visitors as Marmaris Museum in 1991


After passing two miles ahead of Marmaris is located in the region of sites. Dark-clear sea and the sea with a stunning choice of those involved with sports yeridir.Turistik facilities, beaches and entertainment venues, tourist towns Besides being one of the drinking water from the carpet with a good digestive system.

TURUNÇ - Kumlubuk - FARM

Holiday understanding of nature and the silence of these three counties, one or all together in your preference olabilir.Turunç yaşamaksa, 21 km from Marmaris. Kumblubük 27 and 30 km away and the farm. Marine and land transportation is provided, boat trips each day düzenlenmektedir.Yeşil Mamraris'ten intertwined into the regions and blue, the most popular residential area with a clean sea and wonderful sandy yerleridendir.

Dalyan & Caunos

Cemeteries of the king to find traces of history, the famous mud baths, and the world-famous

Loggerhead turtles are closely intertwined with the history and nature is an ancient city. Boat tours are organized by region, per day.


With pristine beaches and coves and blue flag bays Datca waters of a complete marine aquarium cennetidir.Tertemiz another is arbitrary. The district has seven blue flag beaches and all other points it is possible to enjoy the same peace of mind in the sea. Famous for its almond and olive trees.

Günnücek - LIAR, THROAT

5 km from the district. This piece of land located at a distance, a ship captain ship in stormy weather here thinking that the gulf shore sore oturtmasından opened after the "Liar Throat" was the name. Gulet shipyards where construction of the tree, this area is one of the must-see places.

2 km from Marmaris. Günnücek'te a very rare day away from his wife in the world (liquid amber orientalis) forest is located. Sweetgum trees obtained from these are used in pharmaceutical and perfumery industry. The first place that comes to mind for those who want to picnic.

Çamlı Village: Cleopatra (Cedar) located island village, 25 km away from Marmaris.

Antony and Cleopatra and the king of Egypt is believed to have lived on this island, a great love. more

Everyone Village: boat building and fishing village, mostly frequented by those who prefer a quiet place of life. There is only one hotel in the village bulunmaktadır.Deniz intertwined with one of the must-see spot for those who want to take a vacation. Mete Hotel

Turgutlu Village: Waterfall village famous for safari tours and jeep excursions on a daily basis.

Orhaniye Village: Girl sand village where the most important tourism center with regular tours of the Gulf of düzenlenmektedir.Hisarönü the bay, and the stopping point for yachts.

Selimiye Village: Marmaris, especially those who eat only fish here gelir.Halkın
animal husbandry and fishery livelihoods.

Hisaronu Village: Boat tours, boat tours with the famous düzenlenmektedir.Sağlık yerdir.Günlük Hemithia goddess who lived here, and to heal.


Between Marmaris market with the marina, bars street of bars and nightclubs catering to every taste vardır.Yat Bar Street, head towards the harbor, to capture the rhythm of music and understand how quickly the time until the first light of day.


Marmaris in July and August temperatures 45 degrees and humid air is not as stifling as bulmaktadır.Akdeniz region.

Where to eat what you eat?

Marmaris on every corner to find a beautiful natural landscape kolaydır.Taze sea or marine products, food and drinks, you bekliyor.Marmaris' zero edge of the sea at a place in the taste of food is nowhere you can not eat. Do not miss these opportunities by choosing all-inclusive hotels.habertürk

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