Making brioche with fresh nettle

Fresh Needle for brioche made of nettle 2 pounds of yufka for 2 trays 4 eggs required amount of oil Salt and milk are washed after the stinging nettle is mixed with some amount of oil and salt then the egg and milk mixture is mixed with egg,

with fresh nettle
Put the nettles on top of the 3 layers of yufanci. Put 3 layers of yufak on the yufak and apply to the previously heated oven. Remember to wear gloves only when you are pointing or placing the nettles only or if you are exposed to excessive irritation

Why Apocalyptica canceled the Istanbul concert

World acclaimed Finnish cello-metal band Apocalyptica has declared that it has scratched off its show set to happen in Istanbul on April 8.

canceled the Istanbul concert
The band was because of make that big appearance as a feature of its extraordinary visit composed for the twentieth year of its presentation collection "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos."

"With awesome second thoughts we have to declare that Apocalyptica won't play a show in Istanbul on April 8, 2017. Some of our visiting gathering are apprehensive heading out to Istanbul because of authorities notices from different European Ministries of Foreign Affairs including Finland, Germany, Great Britain. As a band, we would prefer not to drive individuals into going to some place they are not glad about going to. We as a whole expectation we discover another chance to return to Turkey, soon," the band expressed on its web-based social networking account.

Goddess statue, 2,100-year-old mansion undermined by explosive in Turkey's north

One of Turkey's most imperative late archeological discovers confronts a grave danger because of impacting movement at a stone quarry in the region.

Cybele statue Turkey
A figure of the mother goddess of Kybele is undermined by blasts that happen every day on the edges of the 2,100-year-old Kurul Castle, which goes back to the time of Mithridates VI, a ruler of Pontus and Armenia Minor in northern Anatolia from around 120 to 63 B.C., operating at a profit Sea area of Ordu.

The château, situated at the pinnacle of the Kurul Rocks in Ordu's Bayadı town, has been experiencing archeological unearthings under the course of educator Yücel Şenyurt since 2010.

The disclosure of the noteworthy Kybele design amid late unearthings brought on extraordinary energy, with around 15,000 individuals hurrying to the city to see the model. However, albeit archeological works keep on being directed on the château, explosive is exploded each day on the slant of the Kurul Rocks disregarding the Melet River, making grave peril for the stronghold.

In 1996, the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board proclaimed the palace as a first-degree archeological and normal site.

The court then wiped out the permit for the quarry, which had been opened inside the secured site. Be that as it may, in 2011, Kırca Engineering, which works the quarry, guaranteed that the quarry and the palace were situated on various rocks masses and properly asked for that the span of the ensured site be lessened.

In spite of the fact that the master report requested by the Ordu Administrative Court expressed that the quarry could totally crush the château, the Ordu Museum and the leader of the unearthings, Şenyurt, made an alternate report, expressing that the field of the quarry could be prohibited from the archeological site.

In like manner, the court endorsed the demand to absolved the quarry zone from the archeologically secured zone.

As a result of the exercises at the quarry, be that as it may, shake tombs under the manor are purportedly being crushed.

Earthy people respond

The leader of the Ordu Environmental Association, Gül Ersan, communicated outrage that Şenyurt had educated specialists that the quarry would not harm the palace.

"Archeologists can't approach the holes; they are taking a gander at them from a separation. They say that the pottery that they discovered near the quarry may have originated from the top. The court requested an assessment from him and he said it would not hurt the archeological site in his report. The organization is keeping on working on account of this report," Ersan said.

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz, who has given 1 million Turkish Liras to the archeological unearthings, likewise censured the circumstance.

"We expanded the service's budgetary support from 50,000 liras to 1 million. Kybele turned into the train of the château. Finding a model in the passageway of the château demonstrates that more antiquities could be found inside. Somewhere in the range of 15,000 individuals went to the palace in two weeks. The quarry was given a permit before I took the post.

Half of this excellent complex has been harmed. We, as the senator's office, Culture and Tourism Ministry and the metropolitan region, protected nature and the manor amid the court procedure. This harm makes us exceptionally pitiful. We will settle it at the earliest opportunity," Yılmaz said.

49 travelers harmed after hot air inflatables make overwhelming arriving in Turkey's Cappadocia

Somewhere in the range of 49 sightseers were harmed on March 14 after the hot air inflatables they were in made a hard arriving because of solid winds in the Cappadocia area of Turkey's focal territory of Nevşehir, state-run Anadolu Agency has detailed.

flying balloon disaster

Hot air inflatables, for the most part conveying outside sightseers, took off from the Göreme area in the early hours of the morning. In any case, startlingly solid winds constrained various them to make a crisis arrival.

Inflatables going at high height, in the interim, needed to arrive in a remote piece of the Ürgüp locale.

As indicated by starting reports, 49 vacationers were harmed when three hot air inflatables hit the ground in a substantial landing.

Those harmed were instantly taken to doctor's facilities in the territory, while some of them managed breaks.

"There are 12 harmed individuals in our clinic. Three have breaks while the others are somewhat harmed because of the substantial landing. None of the harmed are in a basic condition. The 12 harmed in our healing facility are a gathering of Korean sightseers," said Fatih Yakut, the doctor in-head of the private Kapadokya Hospital.

The neighborhood gendarmerie strengths have likewise propelled an examination concerning the occurrence.

The Cappadocia area is gone by around 2.5 million neighborhood and remote sightseers consistently, with around a fifth of these guests picking to take expand flights over the staggering scene amid their outing.

Be that as it may, terrible climate conditions have prompted to various mischances in the area. A month ago, a Danish vacationer dropped out of a hot air swell while it was making an overwhelming arriving in the midst of solid winds.