The world's second largest cruise operator Royal Caribbean does not come to Turkey

Aydin's Kuşadası mound has been removed from Royal Caribbean, the world's second largest cruise operator, for the 2017 summer season route for security reasons. In the company statement, the reason for the cancellation of 42 flights to Kuşadası was shown as 'security and uncertain environment in Turkey'.

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Carnival Corporation, the world's largest travel agency, has canceled all flights to its 2017 summer season program from Royal Caribbean Kusadasi, a US-based cruise company, following three companies in the world. Royal Caribbean, with its giant cruise ships, each carrying between 2,500 and 3,500 passengers, including the world's largest Harmony of the Seas, has also announced cancellations to agencies and customers. In the company's statement, it showed the reason for the cancellation of 42 flights to Kuşadası as security and uncertain environment in Turkey.

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The Royal Caribbean, which stated that it had taken such a decision because of the inhabitants of Turkey, has been announced that after the removal of Turkey from the program, the 6 ships will stop at Kusadasi Harbor instead of Greece's Mykonos, Rhodes and Crete islands and Montenegro. "The decision-making process has always been based on our understanding of the safety of our guests," Royal Caribbean International said in a statement to the company, "We will follow the changing situation in Turkey closely and we will be happy when we return to this port of population."

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The loss of the Russian plane last year and the subsequent bombing terrorist attacks in Turkish tourism, came to a halt as the cruise ships canceled their voyages. This number dropped to 256 in Kusadasi Harbor, which hosted 446 cruise ships in 2015. The cancellation of 42 Royal Carribean's 162 crews this year is expected to come to Kusadasi, causing great shock to the town. It is stated that this situation is expected to cause a great decrease in the number of visitors to other historical places and historical places, especially in Ephesus Antique city of Selçuk district of İzmir. It has been stated that the big part which does not notify of the cancellation is 200 to 500 passenger vessels are made up of Greek flags.

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