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Burn countriesKula Volcanic Geopark Coordinator Erda Silver, geopark 3 months since said that 700 people visited . Ancient geographer Strabo, " Geographika " work "in the Catacecaumene - Burn Country " as defined and approximately 300 square kilometers with more than 80 volcanic cones , the fairy chimneys , karst caves , canyons, rock tombs , stone bridges , historic homes , as well as many many geological geomorphological and natural heritage embodies Turkey's only geopark area from the first at the visitor center received information later determined route by navigating through the region recognize the opportunity that records the silver , the number of visitors in spring and in summer will increase said they think .

Kula Volcanic Geopark of the world's most important 100 geopark area is someone kiss an the silver , " September 2013 in Italy at a ceremony held in Kula Volcanic Geopark Turkey's first and only European and UNESCO Global Geopark was declared . Subsequently, visitors to the area of interest to increase began. Kula Municipality launched with the support of guided tours . past three months, 700 people from various provinces of Turkey geopark many toured the area , "he said .

Academics and university students in the region more attention stated that Silver said : "The spring and summer months the number of visitors increased exponentially believe that . First end of the year 10 thousand the second year, 50 thousand visitors goal we want to achieve . Because the region is very important geological, geomorphological , natural and cultural heritage embodies . however, necessary to increase bed capacity for tourism . started working for this . Geopark some physical arrangements are being made in the area "

What is Geopark ?

Geopark , in aesthetics, rarity and scientific value in terms of superior local or international importance which places a sustainable management of heritage items and local development programs with defined borders are defined as national conservation areas .

In Europe, born in 2000 a new nature conservation and site management concept that geopark counts, in 2004 UNESCO patronage enter soon accepted and widespread mAlArIylA from 2013 onwards in Europe with 58 worldwide reached 100 . Geopark education, conservation and geotourism has three main objectives , including . (Cumhuriyet)

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