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welcomes nature lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of muğla

For summer, the sea and the beaches and towns of Mugla preferred, welcomes nature lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of the region in the fall.

Effective, while the majority of the cold weather in Turkey, famous for its natural beauties of Muğla Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris and Datca districts experiencing the last days of warm autumn months.

Last week the air temperature drops below 18 degrees, local and foreign tourists who vacation in Mugla and nature enthusiasts, organized excursions discovering the natural beauty of the region.

It adds to the beauty of autumn in a separate photo enthusiasts and holidaymakers in Las Vegas, Gökova National Park, famous for its natural beauty, Marmaris and Bodrum, yellowed edges of the gutters leafy trees shade thousands of cameras and cameras viewing the ölümsüzleştiriyor from green to yellow. Some holidaymakers enjoying the sunny weather at the beaches and cafes.

Alternative tourism activities are in muğla

Emphasizing that it is very important for tourism Mugla Sahin, many years ago, put target of 3 million foreign tourists caught a few years, especially this year, despite a significant decrease in tourists from England and entered a total of 3 million again.

5-6 million foreign tourists in Muğla easily expressed ağırlayabileceğini Falcon,'' especially in the last period to mobilize the potential in our city, there are efforts to bring them into commercial products. Alternative tourism, especially cultural tourism, such as. Thus, tourism has diversified as well as the amount of time we will be reaching out,'' he said.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the governor and civil society organizations are making efforts in this direction are very nice about the Falcon, so in the fall, spring, or even winter season would be possible to attract tourists, even the Mugla Province. cumhuriyet

Seven Lakes National Park, visitors flocked to fall

Seven Lakes conserved as a national park since 1965, the Ankara-Istanbul highway 152 190 km of the contemporary age Bolu km of accessible means allocated to the north.

Seven Lakes is approximately 45 kilometers away from Bolu city center, 100 meters from the elevation difference between the two is built on a plateau Büyükgöl, Deringöl, Deringöl, Nazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, İncegöl and Sazlıgöl'den occurs.

With the size of about a thousand 600 hectares of Seven Lakes Basin, floating masses, fronts closure as a result of the valleys, surface and groundwater flows interconnected goals, different tree species that surrounds it displays a different image every season.

Lily, crocus and orchids with a total of 236 plant species beech, hornbeam, oak, alder, maple, elm, poplar, yellow, and black pine, fir, nuts, leafy mountain ash, goat willow, wild cherry, yew, lime, and ash trees, national parks, especially in the fall are getting an impressive appearance.

Bear, wild boar, wolf, fox, mountain cat, lynx, badger, marten, squirrel, deer, roe deer and rabbits, as well as wild duck, pigeon, woodpecker, stock dove, quail, woodcock, starlings, Jay and partridge over 100 Seven Lakes bird species were identified, described as'''' hidden paradise.

Created by a painter's brush strokes like the image formed by the tree and plant species in different color tones, Seven Lakes, offers visitors unforgettable views.

Quiet and serene nature, beautiful landscapes, different land forms, waterfalls, hiking trails, and especially clean air Seven Lakes, picnic, relax, take pictures, flocked to sport and those who want to set up camp. cumhuriyet

Turkey wild mushroom tank, Kastamonu Kure Mountains

Turkey wild mushroom tank, Kastamonu Kure Mountains on top of the dry season, the two fall later this year, partly productive lives.

September rains revived the area's famous kanlıca corks. Anchusa, purple çinçile gathering. The local people in the European cuisine to eat in order to recognize the porcini, mushrooms, such as şantarel also found. Kure Mountains National Park, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), with the support of the region this year to determine the richness of mushrooms, initiated a study to convert the theme of eco-tourism. This initiative is open to all, a series of events organized within the scope of October 3 to 7. Activities under the mushroom expert Jilber Barutçiyan Azdavay'daki Eco-Tourism Development Center, wild mushroom collection, storage techniques will provide information about. Azdavay Pinarbasi Şenpazar'da mushroom hunting Procedures and exit. Burn to Ali Mansion, mushroom dishes.hürriyet

Natural Area which is accepted as inviolable the great mountain national park

Great Mountain National Park was declared a National Park in 1961. Hektar.Daha area is under protection in 1961 after 12 762 hectares of national park area was 27.300. National park access road, cable cars and ski lifts can be performed. North and South slopes of the mountain trail with a large number of valleys and hills are all within reach.
National park can be reached by cable car route, and a very small part of the total area of ​​fields. Wolfram Mine area hotels also extends from the slopes the next chapter "Natural Area as an untouchable" are accepted.

Uludag National Park in 1963 until 1972 as the Regional Forestry Supervisor Kirazlıyayla'dan were administered with a height of 1500 meters. High Forest Engineer Orhan Glaziers national park until 1972 as founding chief of the region has directed the work of infrastructure development. Among the projects completed in this period, the development of the administrative center of Kirazlıyayla, Sarıalan opening of the way, the development of First Hotels, National Park entrance area Karabelen arrangement, the construction of dozens of Cesme, Sarıalan Çobankaya campsites camping area and the construction of the arrangement. Orhan Camcı'nın one of his most significant contributions in the national park administration center and natural history museum in the park at that time as the 1900 meters in hotels has been the administrative center.
That period also brought electricity Etibank mine operated by Wolfram, the opening of mines in accordance with the standards of road parking, the development of ski areas and arranged Yeşiltarla'daki deer breeding area and the camping areas of the development of road signs and signs in accordance with a particular national park in the production of a remarkable çalışmalardandır . In 1972 it was transformed into the Department of Forests regional manager for the National Park.

Council of Ministers, the decision taken on February 13, 2006, issued out of a total area of ​​1600 hectares of National Park. This decision by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uludag National Park is a large part of this wonder of nature left defenseless.

Kaçkar Mountains, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, rafting and skiing for sports such as

Kaçkar Mountains, north of Turkey, a mountain range running along the eastern Black Sea coast. Forms part of the North Anatolian Mountains in the east. Many east of the summit is over 3500 m, 2000 m altitude reaches up to the western part. The highest point is 3937 m high Mount Kaçkar scorched.
Has been declared a national park in 1994. A large part of the national park within the boundaries of the town of Rize Camlihemsin, a small portion lies within the boundaries of the town of Artvin province Yusufeli.

"Kaçkar" The name can be used in different meanings:

The entire mountain range Verçenik'den Altıparmak'a
that make up the central portion of the ridge of Mount scorched Kaçkar
The highest peak of Mount Kaçkar scorched all the hierarchies in

Kaçkar Mountains, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, rafting, and became a center for sports such as skiing. And cultural structure of the specific nature of the region, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. A significant part of the natural park is located within the boundaries of the mountains.

'Kaçkar the word "Armenian" Stone Crusade "which means" khachkars "(Խաչքար) or Kipchak Turkic word for" ram-goat, "which means" Koçkar "suggested that the word comes from the mountains of Pamir Kirghiz Turks live in the region of Afghanistan sürülmektedir.halen MOUNTAIN-called de-KAÇKAR MOUNTAIN-vardır.-Teke is a mountain that Afghan immigrant living in the village of geliyor.isteyen van Erciş Teki ulupamir sorabilir.kazakistanda-KocKAR MOUNTAIN-Kirghiz Turks, Kyrgyzstan MOUNTAIN-the-KOÇKOR still exists, this name Kipchak Turkish-speaking region to region differences in accent among the Turks as yaşamaktadır.bilindiği Artvin, Ardahan, Meskhetian Turks, the region is once Kipchak-ATABEK STATE-ni set up, until the Ottoman conquest of our region have present one.
Kaçkar Mountains, only a very thin line just behind the coast of the Black Sea coast in the south. Cover which is perpendicular to the north, take frequent and abundant rainfall due to dense forest. Mainly in nuts, tea, tobacco and olives, cherries and citrus are also grown as the new new. Turkey's rice production centers located in low areas in the east. With the safety of the ground floor is not too steep, or any areas that are not suitable to farming, partly heavily dominated by rhododendron cover. Kaçkar mountains of North eastern coastal areas in recent times, kiwi, blueberries, cherry laurel fruit of which is as effective as drug production başlanmıştır.Şeker disease and chestnut chestnut honey are produced in higher yields by taking advantage from the woodlands. High-regions is also used as pasture. Fir forests in the first place, as a forest of beech, or mixed, shaped. Forest boundary lies between 2000 m and 2300 m.

The South, to Anatolia, due to low rainfall areas of the forest is less. Placement of a natural character which is very rare here and is dominated by steppe. Only the river tribes, and river willows and poplars developed nature of dishes. In rare cases, and the only one available in oak and larch. All settlements in the region is very rare flora and fauna can vary widely.

an ancient city that hosts the national park on Mount Nemrut Commagene Kingdom

Nemrut Mountain National Park, the province of Adiyaman, Kahta an ancient city in the district and the Kingdom of Kommagene in national parks and historical places that host.
Transport by road that links the city center of Adiyaman Kahta'ya is provided to the National Park within the boundaries of the province of Adiyaman. Adiyaman is very comfortable and easy to transport from the airport. Mount Nemrut Adiyaman and Kahta county services, and there are many other historical attractions.

Mount Nemrut Tumulus of Antiochos, King, and the sacred areas, the National Park constitutes the main feature.

Tumulus, and giant statues of Antiochus, Arsameia (Eskikale), Yenikale, Karakus Hill and the cultural values ​​in Cendere Bridge National Park. In ancient times the region known as Komagene, Mithradates I established an independent kingdom by the kingdom of his son, I. Antiochus (62-32 BCE) is dominated by the years of prominence. MS.72 made and lost the war against Rome in the year ended with the independence of the kingdom.
Settlement's hilltop ruins of Mount Nemrut Tumulus of Antiochos and sacred areas are not. Tumulus, 2150 meters high, is located on a hill dominating the plains of the Euphrates River crossings and. The king's bones or ashes are put into the room carved into the bedrock and covered with 50 meters high and 150 meters wide tumulus is thought. Entry is from the north east and the west terrace-shaped courtyards include religious ceremonies were held.

Both the lion and eagle statues on the terrace sits up to 7 meters height, condition of the giant statues are sorted, they ortostad with inscriptions and reliefs (large stone blocks laid vertically) 'la translated. Commagene village near the capital, is located in the old Kahta Arsameia. Here is the sacred area of ​​Mithridates.

Kahta Cendere River is a tributary creek on two main rocks at contracted as a single-arched bridge is located in the Cendere. According to the inscription on the bridge columns by the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus Commagene cities (AD 193-211) was built in honor of his wife and sons. 21 meters high, 10 km southwest of Arsameia'nın kingdom Karakus Peak Tumulus women are buried.

Seven Lakes National Park is rich in vegetation like the sea of ​​trees

Seven Lakes National Park, north of the province of Bolu in the western Black Sea province of Zonguldak Province in the south east of Duzce Mengen district of Bolu Province in the national parks are all within reach.
In addition, the Ankara-Istanbul highway 152inci contemporary age and 190 kms north of Bolu province allocated km'sindeki accessible ways. Bolu-Seven Lakes route is closed by snow in winter-Mengen-transport through the printer is not only contemporary age. Approximately 30-km section of road is gravel or both.

Western Black Sea region is very hilly region of lakes formed by landslide in the National park "Sea Forest" of trout living in lakes and rich vegetation reminiscent of those values ​​constitute the main sources of the potential created by the recreational use. Usually composed of volcanic rocks in the structure of the fins and the dent in the floor exercise from time to time in the field ready to drift, land structure, preparing the main factors in the occurrence of lakes. Lakes, floating masses of water accumulated in the valleys behind the front parts as a result of closure of the set lakes. Some of them are linked together by leaks from the bottom.

National park vegetation is dominated by beech trees. In addition, oak, hornbeam, alder, larch, pine, fir, elm, lime and yew trees as well as different kinds of shows.
Effective protection of the park and surrounding areas in and near the growing numbers of deer, roe deer, bear, wild boar, wolves, foxes and squirrels are the types.

Trout culture in our country to produce the first station was established in 1969, this national park. Therefore recreational line fishing have been a source point. Brought by the type of Abant trout fishermen, Seven Lakes varieties of trout eggs by eating naturally brought the point of extinction. Also camping, day trips for picnics, walking in nature, photography uğraşlarıdır visitors.

Instead of looking within the National Park landscape Yedigöler Kapankaya exits as possible to see the beauty of lakes and unique landscape, this route also possible to see the sign on the memorial tree. Follow the path when a roadside memorial tree can be seen from the location of the plate. Deer production area can be visited.

Existing Facilities: Accommodation within the National Park camping, day picnic, hiking, photography recreation activities such as accommodation and food needs while the rest of the resort homes, casinos, and the canteen karşılanılabilir countryside.

National park konaklanabildiği tent and caravans, as utilized in the guest house and bungalows.