Aims to welcome 11 million tourists in 2013 in Mersin Mediterranean Olympics

Aims to welcome 11 million tourists in the Mediterranean Olympics in 2013 in Mersin, rapidly changing face. Motorways renewed, Parks organized.

Opened in the Eastern Mediterranean's largest aquapark and yacht harbor. Increased the number of Blue Flag. Structures that cause visual pollution while washing the coast of Adana, Hatay was prepared for the new season on the work of regulatory regions.


Mersin three new Blue Flag

The new marina, 50-acre area of Mersin shores of the new summer season with an ambitious Aquapark'ıyla entering. Participating in tourism fairs in Dubai and Miami cruise routes of the city taking the initiative of local investors came to the agenda. Six ships have been invited. In the meantime, the 14-kilometer coastal tourism zone is changing the face Bowl-Tarsus project. 3 million square meters of land of 15 thousand people will be accommodated at golf courses, health complex, five-star hotels are. Kizkalesi coastal tourist town most of the city this year, paving stone covered paths. Modern parks empty converted to public lands. Supermarkets increased. Maiden in mid-July, this year the International Beach Volleyball events.hürriyet

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