Faralya and want to go back after seeing the beauty of Perdue

Father breeze carrying the smell of mountains with the beauty of a thousand and one, the feast ruby, Shiraz, poured a taste of Mediterranean cuisine ...

Utterly free nature sing, echoing the spirit of the listener a sound
Green and blue, rocks, waves, dance, always abducted by non-visual feast from here ... Pension in Faralya Lycian civilization, facing the water on the earth, two people take a break from life, a place where dreams ...

For this reason the idea of ​​a classic boutique hotel outside of Perdue, not a hotel, a sound, a smell, a taste, a warm hug ... Adventure and excitement, calm and quiet, I slept well, engulfing the man plucked a two-man escape from city life ...

When was the last time you received a deep breath and press the soil,

Or a comfortable bed, but I woke up in the middle of nature accompanied by the sounds of birds.

When was the last time you wash your face in the morning get up out of the sea,

've Picked tomatoes for breakfast or branch,

Did you see the inside, but comfort in the lap of nature, so it's compatible with the blue and green and natural?

Or listened to the voice of the Mediterranean in songs beloved?

The sun is so clear, have you ever watched the disappearance of the vast sea of?

Perdue Here you reinterprets these moments are presented for you to create a movie set, you director, actor, producer, invited to be a fairy-tale world ...


Never been used in Turkey tent / room concept, perhaps a first experience trying. Completely built on wooden platforms, each with unique views tents;

* Bedroom
* Bathroom
* Patio
* Jacuzzi
* Air-conditioning
* Mini Bar are available.

All tents to nature without disturbing the comfort of the most simple form is designed cherish. The staff at any time you desire to be with you will do their utmost to keep you comfortable. Room service, room cleaning services not call you the comfort of your own home, without having to bother him in the tent by nature will experience the comfort of your own home.
Utterly free nature sing, echoing the spirit of the listener a sound
6 Piece Infinity Suites: each point of your room, you will witness the vast views of the Mediterranean. Go down to meet the sea, the sun porch, hot tub count the stars, nature, chirping through the night, you will feel your sleep.

1 Piece Garden suite: make your room right next to the tap fresh tomatoes, peppers and irrigation of vegetable gardens collect fresh eggs from chickens kümesinizdeki breakfat will you take away. You will enjoy both the land and the sea view.

1 Piece Superior Suite: Mediterranean Sea right at the bottom, you'll be on the rocks with a unique atmosphere. Hamağınıza lie down to rest with the sea breeze in your garden, you will want to enjoy jacuzzi while. When you get down the stairs was a huge rock pool swim almost prepared for you, you güneşleneceksiniz specific platform. Away from everyone ...


Buffet Breakfast: Local cuisine, fresh organic fruits, fruit juices tasting day will say hello to you. Choose what you want according to your taste banketimizden created an all-natural flavors. Baked bread for you, observe or cooked bazlamanıza will be accompanied by a sac butter, cheese, olives, honey and completely our region reçellerimiz delicacies. Kümesimizden pişirteceksiniz collect the eggs as you want. Domatesinizi for breakfast, biberinizi, salatalığınızı yard to collect yourself, soslayacaksınız with olive oil on the village.

Lunch: Swim and hungry as they soothe you snack, prepared by the hands of skilled ustamızın home-made pastas, pizzas, and salads made with ingredients from our garden until dinner tasting frenleyeceksiniz yourself.

Dinner: Memorable moments ... In the morning, get ready to experience the scaffold balıkçımız draining network, all you need from the sea What If the select wait ustamıza to deliver and look forward to the evening.
The region's diverse offerings of Mediterranean cuisine A la carte restaurant, two people experience the environment, perhaps you'll want to patio to dine. Some evenings the guitar, the violin sound on some evenings, the vast depth of the Mediterranean you will mix with the sound of waves, proprietary, designed for you to ask for tables, candlelight romance live, you will experience the pleasure kavımızdaki of domestic and foreign wines.


Perdue, Baba mountain at the foot of the village of Faralya meet the sea, where at the end of the forest road, 1 km away from the main road.
Dalaman Airport is 70 km away from the port of asphalt road, Gocek, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley, leaving behind a pleasant scenic location within easy reach of your own vehicle.

When you reach the car park and otoparkımıza village, down to the edge of the last 1 km of the sea can come on our way through the 4x4. Or;
Dalaman airport to € 70
Fethiye € 40
Ölüdeniz transfer by sea to provide € 50.


* Dalaman airport 70 Km south
* 26 Km south of Fethiye
* 12 km south of Oludeniz
* 3 Km south of the valley of Butterflies
* Pumpkin is 2 km north of the bay.habertürk

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