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Charlotte Gainsbourg Küçükçiftlik Park takes the stage for the first time in Turkey

Followed in the 21st century sound, stage and screen artists on June 23 Küçükçiftlik Park Charlotte Gainsbourg "Garden" will be performing at.

The famous British singer and actress Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of French musician Serge Gainsbourg'in coming to Turkey for the first time. Starring with William Hurt'la "Jane Eyre" and not only in France, Gainsbourg is also a musician known throughout the world also draws attention to the identity. Madonna's best friend, and Charlotte Gainsbourg, who played Kirsten Dunst'ın; songs, movies, and also give up the world of fashion is one of its own charisma.

Gainsbourg carrying the genes of a family of artists, young age became interested in music and cinema. After his father's vocal compositions Lemon Incest'te bearing the signature of the father of songs "Charlotte For Ever" brought together by music lovers for his first album not yet fifteen years old.

The 70 years that marked the great lover and the mother and father talked about the name Charlotte Gainsbourg was born as the daughter, as his family is reflected in all aspects of art. Besides acting and modeling which has made a name for itself in the music world Gainsbourg songs, "The Songs That We Sing" Rolling Stone's "100 Best Songs of 2007" took place in the ranking 78'inci.

His father was a famous musician Serge Gainsbourg musical journey began with a break for 20 years after the second album, "5:55" The artist returned to the French bilateral Air, British musician Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon and Irish producer Nigel Godrich of Radiohead with very important names, such as worked. "The Songs That We Sing" and "5:55" in all of Europe has brought the sound to be single, especially in France.

'' Antichrist'' Award for Best Actress at Cannes for her performance brought

French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, the Cannes Film Festival in 2009,'' Antichrist'' film, "Best Actress Award" in between taking unforgettables name to be written.hürriyet

'' 007'' series, the new James Bond film drawn in some parts of the turkey

The railway line to the central district of the town of Adana Yakapınar barrier formed by the film crew to shoot their work continues uninterrupted manner.
The team working on the film, the camera will take place on a stage set up for the freight train doing test shots with the help of steel cables. The scene being shot on the train with the help of a stunt wire rope running.

Meanwhile, studies show great interest in the residents of the neighborhood. Close to many people and set the surrounding area in the immediate vicinity of the railroad passing shots from high places will follow.
Some residents stated he saw a movie set for the first time in their lives, some are happy to hear a world-famous because of the film said that the withdrawal of their neighborhoods.
The filming of the last film in the James Bond series in the coming days'' '007 Date Belemedik'teki Varda Bridge train station, as well as the center of Adana, November Giilek learned to perform some parts of the railroad bridge and over.

Welcomes nature lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of Mugla

Turkey, a large section of the cold air, while effective, natural beauties, the famous Mugla, Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris and Datca counties experiencing the last days of autumn.
The air temperature drops below 18 º C. over the last week of domestic and foreign tourists and nature lovers on holiday in districts, organized trips to discover the natural beauty of the region.

South Aegean Tourist Hotels Association (GETOB) President Ilhan Acikgoz, indicating that the autumn season for tourists, the majority of thermal tourism, tourists, pointed out that the majority of the middle aged. Cunning,''This is the tourists, Ortaca, Dalaman and Koycegiz thermal plants prefer. Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye, while those coming from the region's natural beauty, prefer tours advertised. Tourist ranking British, Norwegian and Dutch tourists, ranks high,''he said.


Popular tourist areas in Bodrum, in the fall season tourists are showing interest in the multi-cultural tours. Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archeology Museum, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Bodrum Antique Theatre, Myndos tourists visited historical sites such as Gate, the city finds the opportunity to see the natural beauties.

Waterside towns of Bodrum Gumusluk and the colors of autumn is the season. Poplar Creek resort of Gumusluk around the trees, shed its rainbow of colors offers yellowed leaves. Mansion in the town was covered with flowers in the countryside due to hot weather.

Turkey Travel Agents Association (TURSAB), CEO, Joy Gökbel Bodrum, Bodrum, with four seasons of natural beauty is expressed as''another beautiful fall season in Bodrum. Tourists from the city's history and beauty of our town, and the natural beauty of the show. Our agencies organizing tours for clients of various nature,''he said.


Depending on the natural beauty of the famous resort of Marmaris Bozburun walking paths leading to the waterfall in the village of Turgut, sararan leaves, colorful trees and nature lovers will welcome the holidaymakers. During the day holidaymakers who head to head with nature, about 15 minutes' walk to reach exhaustion by taking a break under the waterfall.

Participating in organized tours from Marmaris jiplerle domestic and foreign tourists, the county is located about 30 minutes by car you reach the village of Turgut with Bozburun town down the tools covered in flowers in the wilderness, is walking up to the evening hours. Meteorological officials in Marmaris never been below 18 º C. air temperature over the last week, said that the air temperature seasonal normals.

Aegean and the Mediterranean's most beautiful days of autumn and stored


Istanbul and Izmir Alacati, a group of entrepreneurs, a town on its own, with the support of the municipality has created an elegant resort. Before we can walk the streets of Alacati has witnessed a change in "other places of millet alone," you say.
Alacati is said to be the name of the Friesian horse or Alacık tents. The town of former sea kenarındaymış but slowly the rest of the marsh from the sea has been captured. After drying the swamp that is the source of malaria in this region marked the vineyard and TOBACCO. Who had to go Mübadeleyle Rumların instead of Thessaloniki, Crete and Kos (Kos), settled in the Island arrivals. How was not known, but, on Alacati tissue to plunder the rare non-degraded coastal towns. Cobblestone streets, stone buildings with bay windows, stylish restaurants, unusual hotels, cafes welcomes customers in a friendly atmosphere, windmills and churches breaking at arriving at a mosque in the town square around the authentic avuçlayıp you are a guest in a reverie. Especially in the evening vaktiyse surrounding electricity poles and cables disappear so ugly, created in the last few years, all the goodies of the past, the magnificent architecture of the support they emerge. Some of the historical texture of the buildings is being restored, preserved, on the one hand you see a European shop, right next to the neighborhood kasabını. Kıraathanenin the cute coffee turned around. Alacati Friendly Stationery famous authors guest and holding book signings, art galleries, exhibitions, very nice hosts, three separate Camgeran Alacati technique produces glass works. Different-colored bougainvillea and geranium hanımelilerle flirting in the streets, while challenging the Greek masters of the time people admired his 150-year buildings. Out with the people who are aware of the blessings brought by the change in Alacati, did not pass a single type of architecture-savvy contractors. Icons in the past, the Greek church building, which has remained the same after conversion to a mosque, a curtain drawn together, so you do not see them praying, but when you open the curtain of the two religions is the brotherhood and tolerance of Alacati. In most parts of Anatolia, cultural heritage, whether that is part of the old churches devastated torn down and converted barn. Alacati is promising in this landscape. County also is home to the gum trees. Trees grown in the world, only Chios and Cesme peninsula, Alacati, Gums Restaurant, near the village is famous for breakfast. Alacati, one that bothers me, the rain, the lake dönüşmesiydi streets. I hope the municipality and the hamlet does not waste so much effort on the part of those who make the investment.
Damaged because of the charisma of the invasion of güzellerinin Magazine Bodrum, Alacati and the beautiful places around the korksun. Because more and more competitors come into the forefront. Alacati Turkey's bright, represents the western side. We all support the local area, this cozy and the season lasted a few months to a year to spread the effort required. If this happens, both in winter sığınabileceğimiz will be a heaven, and will be opened in front of the new Alaçatı'ların.

1) START YOUR DAY with a lovely breakfast
Furun poğaçaları's oven, and the Middle Kahve'nin Agrilia delicious breakfast dishes and the day of the first recommendations. One of my favorite plants in the garden cafe Çamlıgöl (Tel: 0537 885 46 87). The old way of Izmir Urla Birgi going to see the sign turn left. Delicious breakfast at the side of a pond plant. James further enriches the table of their own actions. Try asking the owner of the coffee over there, you play Let the piano. See what's genius, grown in the villages of this country. Share your loaves of bread left over from breakfast, kazlarla pond. Thank you let the cries.

Alacati has one of the bays of the world for windsurfing. I have a very good surfing schools. Here, the number of windy days and 330 days a year on average in Turkey. Distance of 4 kilometers from the city center, near the marina in Alacati, width 500 height 330 meters there is a shallow beach. Pets do not know even know this area is ideal for windsurfing. Put the two ends of the tuber windsurfing clubs in the distance between the 1900 meters. Sheep is landlocked on three sides allow for safe surfing. By the 15th of November the weather permits, the colder months, this time you can enjoy surfing in Alacati wearing a dress.
3) Discover the streets of ALAÇATI
Kemalpasa, Haji Memis neighborhoods, lost in the streets, many interesting travelers who prefer to share secrets. Colorful shops makes it even more unusual discoveries. Side of the beautiful antique and decorative material Memis Hadji opened stores selling. For the everyday life of the natives continued to walk the streets of Alacati yourself in a place where you do not feel completely overrun by tourists. You can also testify to live your village teahouses. Central Coffee, Coffee Corner and 15 September Kıraathanesi of my favorites too. If you want a more authentic place at the Lobby Stop by Haji Dutlu Memiş'teki.

4) Move Around on a bicycle
Of Alacati and Cesme Peninsula, peddled around to explore. London Development Agency's support of designated bicycle routes. 6 km of the "Green Road", the easiest solution. Track Ovacik medium difficulty, 28 miles long. While this route Ovacik Cafe, a respite, Çakabey'e go watch the scene. Track Karakoy abandoned in a village for 300 years, starting in Mersin Bay Village and continues with the Beats. 34-kilometer route, this is the most difficult to see at their homes Port Alacati. Port Alacati, stereotypes of those lessons that should be an example of the architectural project. Fort Lauderdale has a little air. Connect the port on the front boat, you can park your car to the rear! The only problem is to increase the desire to plant more this narrow field of surfers. Keep in mind, some hotels rent a bike, get a map of route. (

Year-round ferries carry passengers between the two countries. Establishment of markets in the days of our land is a large number of Greek flock. If you have the Schengen visa, go to the island of Chios in the morning ferry. The journey takes 45 minutes. Departure - a return ticket for just 10 Euro. My favorite place on the island village of Véssa. Is reminiscent of Mardin stone houses in the village enjoyed İanthe Hotel accommodating. Very interesting in the village of Mesta. Pyrgi (Our Birgi comes from the same names) in the town square and narrow streets, a very nice gate. for hours at the ferry or you can get information by calling 0232 712 6768.

-Seen place on the region's most beautiful bays Ayayorgi'deki'm already closed, but open until mid-November to Arif's Place. Sea water temperature of 22 degrees last week. At noon eat sardines with salad, a beer and tell him, after a complete pleasure, the most turkuvazından sea.

On Saturday you can find products ranging from fruit, the local textile market is set up in Alacati. Cesme Peninsula, they come from all over the shop and even the Island of Chios. The villagers cultivate orchards of fruit, vegetables and herbs are selling. On other markets is as follows: Çeşmealtı (Friday), Urla (Saturday), Fountain (market) and Ildir (Monday). My favorite market Urla Bademler'de eight kilometers away. Products they grow themselves out of hand skill of sellers who sell the works. Ordinary objects are tired of tourist shops are in the forefront of creativity in Alacati pleasant surprises await.

8) Erythrai BATIRIN SUN
This is known as the Ionian shores the ancient sources. Languages ​​of the Persians who lived here for a non-rotating İyon'a Greek deyince we entered our language, the same word. Alacati pages of history as the first ion is seen as a settlement within the boundaries of the city Erythrai. Today is known as Erythrai Ildir. Try asking the guard if you find Hussein, and the importance of you tells the history of the city. After the Acropolis, the highest point of the ruins, and exit. Uğurlayın views of the sun of the Aegean Sea and islands. Western literature, Homer started for this is "the most beautiful sunset in the sun," he said. Cute café to eat pancakes before or after sunset, do not forget. Worthy of the name of this place is also ideal for weekend breakfasts. (Tel: 0232 725 11 96) while Ildırı'ya Ilica, Pasa Limani, Sifne and Germiyan'dan will pass. Germiyan'da shabby but very tasty seafood and appetizers that have Fish Island. Even Jackson Super Star Ajda discovered here, get in mind. (Tel: 0532 668 16 44)

9) Wine Tasting in Urla NOW
Provence, Tuscany, Rioja, Wein Strasse, Porto, Napa, Napier and Valparaiso were among the places I went to different corners of the world to make a wine tasting. After seeing the vineyards and wine production centers Urla'daki no there is no need to go there get noticed. Rehabilitation and wise Öğünlü, 15 years after living in Michigan, United States started to produce wines in Urla's Urlice. If you want to do tasting, if you want to give prior notice, provided you go to dinner. In winter, up to 15 people eating the organization are doing. If you are convinced Bey Reha great guitar. ( Urla Şarapçılık'ın the tremendous facilities. Açılalı 13 months have been the first year, but took 16 medals in international competitions. To welcome guests to their rooms and a wine tasting center is very nicely designed, foreign businesses will really ordinary with them. Turkey, which is first produced wine in the history of the world's third largest wine producing grape grower, but when 31 of the world. Before the First World War only 72 million liters of wine per year between Izmir and Cesme üretiliyormuş, now the entire country, is only producing 70 million gallons of gasoline. I've tried misketini Bornova wines I liked the most. Bodrum is considered the father of history Herodotus, "I like how many marbles marble Bornova tasted but not tried it," he said. Note that the last harvest of grapes on 25 October Boğazkere. ( Urla really like and the places where meals Begendik Abi (Tel: 0232 754 20 71) and Crab on the beach. The first customers soruyormuş how did they find food, they made answer to the name restaurants. ABI is in front of you liked the kind of dozens of zeytinyağlının.

1800-acre farm in the middle of a paradise of nature. Even have their own private bay. Urla is the continuation of Şarapçılık'ın. Europe's largest palm plantation palmiyeyle 250 thousand. Some plant species are the first production of Anatolia. I have never seen the garden-style plants. Can the owner of such a value Ortabaş'ı earned for the country should be congratulating. Agriculture and wine tourism is very important for Turkey, if they invest more in the summer season even possible to extend regions.

11) EXIT hunt TASTE restaurant RDA
Alacati, which is open throughout the year there are plenty of restaurants and cafes. Vine Leaves of my favorites. Wonderful home-cooked food, nice atmosphere, especially foods that taste out of the second floor. Agrilia, canvas, Bu'ra, Red Mullet, İmren, Frank, father, Captain's Place and other gözdelerim Alacati of Eurasia.

All year, the two operators who want to spread cultural and artistic activities, and Oğulcan Ozcetin Fat Bob, over the summer wind blowing in the wind is bringing the famous jazz Alaçatı fall. Wind Jazz Festival begins on October 22, 12 will last until November. Turks who have labored for years to the world of jazz soloists and musicians will perform at eight Bu'ra LMT: Ayten Alpman 22 October, Melis Sokmen 29 October, Ayse Gencer and Imer Demirer 5 to 6 November, Sibel Kose and Leader Focan November 7-8, Sibel Tuzun November 11 to 12 at night at 22.00 will take the stage. (

King of the Netherlands in the 16th century by Suleiman the Magnificent sent tulips

Tulip has a special place in the eastern culture and mythology. Frequent use of myth in literary works, as well as the emergence of tulips and a wide variety of stories that are different.
The most famous of these, especially the eastern literature and mythology, the tulips are the most useful of Persia söylencesidir origin. 

To one rumor that lightning has fallen leaf at the top of this is a raw, grain and leaf flame was so raw. It occurs after the freeze, and tulip. 

Based on this story, the darkness in the middle of the tulip flower was believed to be a result of the combustion process.
The homeland of Kazakhstan. Most of Turkey's place in the natural spread of Nevsehir and in particular. Has a membranous covering on the bulbs. There are 2-8 leaves with meat and green. Flowers and stems are often a tip, sometimes two. , Whose flower parts. Red, yellow, and have colors in shades of Search.

King of the Netherlands in the 16th century by Suleiman the Magnificent sent tulips, all within a short time at first, the Dutch and the Europeans have left in awe. So up to now has been the world's most tulip-producing country, the Netherlands.

the town's famous thermal spas healing Yalova

Yalova Thermal is located in the middle and is famous for its healing thermal springs.
County, was founded in Samanli Valley. Ferhat lands irrigated with river and Samanli Valley with its small rivers. Transitions between the Black Sea climate and terrestrial climate which has a mild climate. The territory of rare plant species were grown together in a natural phenomenon.

Slopes of mountains, springs from the alienation of the Roman and Byzantine Samanli utilized. Steam from hot water sources in villages and Üvezpinar Gokcedere underground because god inanışmış lived here, and this region was known by the name of Therma Pythia.

Blind during the reign of the Ottomans for a long time interest in spas, Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan, mother of Sultan Abdülmecit's rheumatic pains again attracted attention when it comes. Abdulmejid, the old baths newly renovated and opened liaison offices, mansions, built facilities, foreign investors have in common, and operation of facilities as a result of the Yalova Thermal, at the end of the 19th century has become a very popular tourist and health center. However, because of the wars that broke out ardarada fled their country to foreign partners dropped off into the forgotten springs, again received attention in 1929 on a visit to Ataturk. Future of the water by the city of Yalova Atatürk who want to built a pavilion and the mansion is now a museum, the first years of the republic's government was used as a venue for summer work. Today, such baths, hotels and museums covering Yalova Thermal Resort is operated by the Ministry of Health.

90% of the district's income from tourism is provided. 7 units in the district is located in a large hotel. 80% of the dwellings are pensioning. Beekeeping is done in the district.

Urgup 1 International Festival of vintage started

41st district of Nevsehir, Urgup National 1 International Festival of vintage Urgup, Nevsehir Governor of the Republic Square in procession march was also attended by Abdurrahman War.
Cortege, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality mehter Sword Shield team and teams were also in folklore. During the march, accompanied by a cortege is full of grapes that Urgup famous grapes of the tools were offered to citizens.

Honorary Mayor of the festival's opening speech, Urgup Stars, Urgup city in the world are explained in any environment, Urgup's history, nature, farming, sharing a global value of the protection and said it was necessary yaşanılması.

Urgup Municipality successfully so far in an attempt to introduce the world that they are all vintage Festival in the festival for the first time this year that they carried with them an international platform stars, march in the opening of the festival, said that a good example of the merging of state and nation.

Governor of the war, the current season, seasonal work is the result of a receipt, stating that coincided with the bozumunun bond, is to appreciate the efforts of such events is extremely important that the said fine.
War, a plantation of human life, just as in agriculture, labor and labor to harvest period, which stated that as a result.

Procession marches and speeches and then the Congress Hall Hotel Antakya Civilizations Perissia Choir concert attracted great attention. The festival will end on Sunday, Sept. 11.