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Why Apocalyptica canceled the Istanbul concert

World acclaimed Finnish cello-metal band Apocalyptica has declared that it has scratched off its show set to happen in Istanbul on April 8.

canceled the Istanbul concert
The band was because of make that big appearance as a feature of its extraordinary visit composed for the twentieth year of its presentation collection "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos."

"With awesome second thoughts we have to declare that Apocalyptica won't play a show in Istanbul on April 8, 2017. Some of our visiting gathering are apprehensive heading out to Istanbul because of authorities notices from different European Ministries of Foreign Affairs including Finland, Germany, Great Britain. As a band, we would prefer not to drive individuals into going to some place they are not glad about going to. We as a whole expectation we discover another chance to return to Turkey, soon," the band expressed on its web-based social networking account.

Thin Lizzy important representatives of hard rock and heavy metal music, is coming to Istanbul

Hard rock and heavy metal music, which is one of the most important representatives of the Irish band Thin Lizzy, on 11 November Küçükçiftlik Park meet with the fans.

Whiskey in the Jar form of interpretation have'' i'','' Jailbreak'','' The Boys Are Back in Town'' and'' Bad Reputation'' has a huge fan base all over the world, such as the group of components, dual guitar harmony is considered one of the first to use the hard rock bands.

Thin Lizzy live performing many memorable 43-year career, the music channel's Top 100 Artist of Hard Rock'' list'' VH1'nın 51 Showing Ranked.

Van Morrison, Little Feat and Bob Seger inspired by such names as the band, music lovers will meet Küçükçiftlik Park on Sunday, November 11 in the statement,'' Music Lovers, Phil Lynott'ın their respect for heritage,'' the name of the next album,'' Thin Lizzy bring to the legend explaining the group will have a chance to see, perhaps for the last time'' the report said. cumhuriyet

legendary band Scorpions fans will meet in Turkey

The world, selling more than 100 million albums and won many awards in the'' myth'' group'' Scorpions'' Turkey will meet with fans.

'' Send Me An Angel'','' Still Loving You'','' Hurricane'','','' and'' Always Somewhere Scorpions Humanity'' legendary songs such as'''','''' Comeblack album Küçükçiftlik Park will take the stage on Friday, October the 19th.
House music DJs Mr. giant. White, Dennis Ferrer, Fedde le Grand & Deniz Koyu, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Daniel Sanchez & Juan Sanchez Sensation, to be hosted by MC Gee, on Saturday, October 13, will showcase performances for the first time in Turkey.

Leading house music DJs, 7 hours a day,'' Alice in Wonderland'' we know from the story of Alice's music, dance, choreography and visuals to tell with. cumhuriyet

American singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten will give a concert in Istanbul

American singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten, Küçükçiftlik Macka Park on October 12 with a concert by music lovers meet! Indie rock / neofolk'un representatives of the new generation Sharon Van Etten, Avea Escape to Music Concerts fascinated with the Istanbul residents.

Espers'dan in 2009 under the leadership of Greg Weeks "Because I was in love" album, Sharon Van Etten started his musical career, especially the "Woman's Prison" film song "Coming Home" song came to public attention.

Takes the stage with the likes of The National and Sharon Van Etten'in Beirut released the following year, their second studio album, "Epic" well situated "Love More" registration interpreted by Bon Iver and The National Group.

Released in recent months last studio album, "Tramp" and the critically-Sharon Van Etten'ın producer Aaron Dessner of The National Group, while the "Serpent" was accompanied by the artist's songs.

Etten'in timbre reminiscent of Patti Smith, her latest album "Tramp" by Britain's leading music magazine NME as one of the best albums of 2012.

3. Avea Escape to Music Concerts, Sharon Van Etten Küçükçiftlik Macka Park, a magnificent concert on Friday, October 12 will meet music lovers.

Joan Baez, Vashti Bunyan, Nick Baird, inspired by such names as Sharon Van Etten, voice and guitar melodies, as well as with the performance of the sympathetic attitude and will give fans an unforgettable musical feast. hürriyet

Istanbul fascinates the world-renowned group Il Divo

One French, one American, one Spanish, one of the Swiss ... All charismatic, sympathetic to all of them, all sleek, gorgeous tones apart from each other ... Here they are fascinating Istanbul, the world-renowned group Il Divo ...
Thursday evening, the group Kuruçeşme Arena, Istanbul represents a musical feast of music lovers will never forget this summer, has lived. Gives a new interpretation of the classic works in concert Il Divo'nun received extensive attention not only of Istanbul, the city off and abroad participated in many a fan.

'Come What May', heralding the start of Il Divo concert with a group of parts, postures and sounds of the scene, as well as engaging manner managed to leave quite an impression on the audience. Quarrel among themselves, and the audience to stumble upon a magical concert took place in an atmosphere livened up even more.

Good evening, instead of 'Y.VŞAKLAR'
After the first song, the French member of the group Izambar Sebastian, I asked to speak Turkish, but many did not succeed. Izambar, "Good evening, Istanbul" while trying to say "y.vşaklar Istanbul" ediverdi a sentence such as consumables. Thanks to the audience understands what a blunder at a time Izambar laughter drowned the situation much as he wanted to pick up was not successful, Swiss Urs Buhler grew up in rescue. A fluent Türkçe'yle "Good evening," he greeted fans Buhler was the admiration of the audience.

At every opportunity highlighting the beauty of the women of Istanbul Il Divo'nun Spaniard Carlos Marine, flirtatious glances and compliments she managed to impress fans.

American David Miller cute smile and speeches and speeches aroused a feeling of almost stand-up show, came to the Arena have been decimated.

TARKAN imitation of Sebastian

Only David, but all members of the group energy is quite out of place. Sebastian is an imitation of Tarkan is also quite likely. Tarkan's 'spoiled' Sebastian humming the song, the audience did not forget to send a kiss. hürriyet

Istanbul, I met with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Described will give a concert in Istanbul music lovers looked forward to since the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) Santralistanbul impressed the audience with a powerful performance.

RHCP concert at the legendary voice of old and new songs on the stage of the post-Sonas: they were pleased with the audience satisfied.

Doors at 16:00 hours before the opening concert in the long queues at the door who want to watch more closely RHCP'ı oluşturdul South Africa, Libya and flags of countries from Australia to the audience during the concert did not neglect to open.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Turkey leg of the tour, covering 60 different city, fully 42 thousand people had an unforgettable time. Opening at 19:30 Athena did.

15 minute delay to the scene of the legendary band, took the stage with a piece of Monarchy. Wonderful performance lasted nearly two hours, the group Californication, Under the Bridge, Scar Tissue new album, I'm With such classic hits as well as You'dan Look Around, Did I Let You Know 'also included a concert, the audience's mind for a long time be forgotten engraved on a nightly basis.

The arrival of the band's guitarist Josh Klinghoffer'ın also applauded the Turkish flag T-shirt. Klinghoffer's guitar rang all night, sitting on the broken leg while touring.hürriyet

Legendary rock band James in Istanbul on October 6

Last year, The Charlatans, UNKLE and assertive Escape to the world-famous musicians, which hosts music concerts of Avea, the latter will affect the city will begin in October.
Avea Escape To Music Concerts held in the second this year, October 6 Thursday, Maslak Refresh the Venue, with a different location on the rock music begins with the Manchester band James. Hyde Park in London in June led by singer Tim Booth, the legendary group stage, so far from each other when an ambitious 12 albums, over 25 million albums worldwide
reached the sale.

Getting Away With It on October 6, Laid, Sit Down, Say Something, She's A Star James hit of dozens of such rockseverler say in unison, will experience an unforgettable concert

James, the legendary group to meet with fans counting the days in Istanbul, in 2001, although not officially made a break for the music and in 2007 decided to resume his career by making a new start.

For more information about concerts offered for sale Biletix:

About James:

James, musical life began in 1983, Factory Records, signing an agreement and that same year, the first single, "Jimone" u released.

Manchester at the beginning of the end of the 90s-80s, capable of living in the explosion of emotion with this feature, the group attracted the attention of the media, leaving behind the like. A turning point in James's "Come Home" and "Sit Down" and initiate a period of singles was released. "Sit Down" Music Liste'lerinde United Kingdom has achieved a huge success, peaking at number two.

From the year 1993 "Laid" and bearing the same name as singles, "Laid" together with the United States also began to have an effect. In 1994, Tim Booth, Angelo Badalamenti in conjunction with the American composer, "Booth And The Bad Angel," an album that group in 1997 under the name "Whiplash", the group's 1998 hits compilation, "The Best Of" albums released. The following year, the group's "Laid" album, then working with James for the first time with producer Brian ENO "Millionares" was released.

December 2001, which is on tour in England that you can see James on the last turn on the full staff, because the group's lead singer Tim Booth, James, was leaving after a short period of time announced. After a lapse of 6 years and in 2007 the group met again in 2008, "Hey Ma" album released. In 2010, the group who released two albums to date, 25 million albums worldwide, has achieved success by selling a hard to reach.