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Istanbul's new airplane terminal 'to be focal point of sumptuous shopping

There are a great deal of gossipy tidbits coursing around about Istanbul Airport which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan introduced on Sep. 29, on the 95th commemoration of the establishing of the Turkish Republic.

sumptuous shopping

It is intended to serve 150 million travelers every year.

Istanbul Airport may likewise fill in as another inside for shopping with surely understood brands, including Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

A unique brand bourbon, created just for the air terminal, will be sold there.

It is a huge structure which has both the residential and worldwide flight terminals under a solitary rooftop.

The airplane terminal offers an exceptional shopping knowledge mixed with rich brands and present day retail idea.

air terminal administration

The air terminal administration shaped an organization with the world's greatest Duty Free administrator Heinemann and Unifree in a zone of 55,000 square meters.

The shopping background at the airplane terminal isn't constrained to the obligation free zone. High form mark Hermes and extravagance retail organization Louis Vuitton have stores to serve travelers at the air terminal which additionally has ostentatious VIP lounges.

There are likewise eateries which will have well known cooks.

One fascinating element of the new air terminal is the items remarkably intended for the scene. For example, the Scots will create bourbon that will be sold just at the Istanbul Airport.

Bits of gossip and certainties

The new air terminal, the third in the megacity after the as of now serving Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen airplane terminals, has caused much discussion in view of worries about its effect on nature, specialists' rights, solid breeze in the region, and driving issues.

Truth be told, the air terminal isn't too a long way from the downtown area as broadly asserted. An excursion to the air terminal from the Nişantaşı neighborhood at surge hour takes 45 minutes.

The shopping background

The thruway prompting the airplane terminal is decent yet really destroy. There are no corner stores or shops to purchase water or something to eat on the parkway for 18 kilometers.

What's more, the breeze is solid around there. Notwithstanding, authorities from the Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA), which will work the airplane terminal for a long time, guaranteed that the breeze represents no danger to planes.

Important breeze investigation was completed and the breeze calculate considered when the airplane terminal was first planned and runways were built in like manner, İGA authorities said.

The airplane terminal uses the condition of-craftsmanship innovation which enables travelers to check in more rapidly.

The high-roof terminal structures are roomy and amazing and the successful utilization of daylight and plants are additionally satisfying.

Nicole Kidman passed through Bodrum like a wind

passed through Bodrum like a wind
Nicole Kidman passed through Bodrum like a wind
In 5 hours she won 525 thousand dollars. Nicole Kidman, who is one of the best and oldest women of Hollywood, passed like a wind from Bodrum

The Australian actress, who was shown as the example of beauty and elegance and will soon celebrate his 5th birthday, was in Turkey for the opening of the hotel

Glorious night began with a demonstration of musicians and dance groups from Russia, America and Britain

Nicole Kidman, who came to Bodrum with a private airplane, stayed for only 5 hours and received 525 thousand dollars. Nicole Kidman, who said that she would like to go to Bodrum together with her family as soon as she likes it,

Why Apocalyptica canceled the Istanbul concert

World acclaimed Finnish cello-metal band Apocalyptica has declared that it has scratched off its show set to happen in Istanbul on April 8.

canceled the Istanbul concert
The band was because of make that big appearance as a feature of its extraordinary visit composed for the twentieth year of its presentation collection "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos."

"With awesome second thoughts we have to declare that Apocalyptica won't play a show in Istanbul on April 8, 2017. Some of our visiting gathering are apprehensive heading out to Istanbul because of authorities notices from different European Ministries of Foreign Affairs including Finland, Germany, Great Britain. As a band, we would prefer not to drive individuals into going to some place they are not glad about going to. We as a whole expectation we discover another chance to return to Turkey, soon," the band expressed on its web-based social networking account.

Goddess statue, 2,100-year-old mansion undermined by explosive in Turkey's north

One of Turkey's most imperative late archeological discovers confronts a grave danger because of impacting movement at a stone quarry in the region.

Cybele statue Turkey
A figure of the mother goddess of Kybele is undermined by blasts that happen every day on the edges of the 2,100-year-old Kurul Castle, which goes back to the time of Mithridates VI, a ruler of Pontus and Armenia Minor in northern Anatolia from around 120 to 63 B.C., operating at a profit Sea area of Ordu.

The château, situated at the pinnacle of the Kurul Rocks in Ordu's Bayadı town, has been experiencing archeological unearthings under the course of educator Yücel Şenyurt since 2010.

The disclosure of the noteworthy Kybele design amid late unearthings brought on extraordinary energy, with around 15,000 individuals hurrying to the city to see the model. However, albeit archeological works keep on being directed on the château, explosive is exploded each day on the slant of the Kurul Rocks disregarding the Melet River, making grave peril for the stronghold.

In 1996, the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board proclaimed the palace as a first-degree archeological and normal site.

The court then wiped out the permit for the quarry, which had been opened inside the secured site. Be that as it may, in 2011, Kırca Engineering, which works the quarry, guaranteed that the quarry and the palace were situated on various rocks masses and properly asked for that the span of the ensured site be lessened.

In spite of the fact that the master report requested by the Ordu Administrative Court expressed that the quarry could totally crush the château, the Ordu Museum and the leader of the unearthings, Şenyurt, made an alternate report, expressing that the field of the quarry could be prohibited from the archeological site.

In like manner, the court endorsed the demand to absolved the quarry zone from the archeologically secured zone.

As a result of the exercises at the quarry, be that as it may, shake tombs under the manor are purportedly being crushed.

Earthy people respond

The leader of the Ordu Environmental Association, Gül Ersan, communicated outrage that Şenyurt had educated specialists that the quarry would not harm the palace.

"Archeologists can't approach the holes; they are taking a gander at them from a separation. They say that the pottery that they discovered near the quarry may have originated from the top. The court requested an assessment from him and he said it would not hurt the archeological site in his report. The organization is keeping on working on account of this report," Ersan said.

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz, who has given 1 million Turkish Liras to the archeological unearthings, likewise censured the circumstance.

"We expanded the service's budgetary support from 50,000 liras to 1 million. Kybele turned into the train of the château. Finding a model in the passageway of the château demonstrates that more antiquities could be found inside. Somewhere in the range of 15,000 individuals went to the palace in two weeks. The quarry was given a permit before I took the post.

Half of this excellent complex has been harmed. We, as the senator's office, Culture and Tourism Ministry and the metropolitan region, protected nature and the manor amid the court procedure. This harm makes us exceptionally pitiful. We will settle it at the earliest opportunity," Yılmaz said.

49 travelers harmed after hot air inflatables make overwhelming arriving in Turkey's Cappadocia

Somewhere in the range of 49 sightseers were harmed on March 14 after the hot air inflatables they were in made a hard arriving because of solid winds in the Cappadocia area of Turkey's focal territory of Nevşehir, state-run Anadolu Agency has detailed.

flying balloon disaster

Hot air inflatables, for the most part conveying outside sightseers, took off from the Göreme area in the early hours of the morning. In any case, startlingly solid winds constrained various them to make a crisis arrival.

Inflatables going at high height, in the interim, needed to arrive in a remote piece of the Ürgüp locale.

As indicated by starting reports, 49 vacationers were harmed when three hot air inflatables hit the ground in a substantial landing.

Those harmed were instantly taken to doctor's facilities in the territory, while some of them managed breaks.

"There are 12 harmed individuals in our clinic. Three have breaks while the others are somewhat harmed because of the substantial landing. None of the harmed are in a basic condition. The 12 harmed in our healing facility are a gathering of Korean sightseers," said Fatih Yakut, the doctor in-head of the private Kapadokya Hospital.

The neighborhood gendarmerie strengths have likewise propelled an examination concerning the occurrence.

The Cappadocia area is gone by around 2.5 million neighborhood and remote sightseers consistently, with around a fifth of these guests picking to take expand flights over the staggering scene amid their outing.

Be that as it may, terrible climate conditions have prompted to various mischances in the area. A month ago, a Danish vacationer dropped out of a hot air swell while it was making an overwhelming arriving in the midst of solid winds.

Historical center reveals insight into Turkish cinema, theater history

The Türker Inanoğlu Foundation (TÜRVAK) Cinema-Theater Museum, set up in 2000 with the 60-year aggregation of veteran chief Türker Inanoğlu, reveals insight into more than 100 years of Turkish silver screen and theater.

 insight into Turkish cinema, theater history
The movement facilitator of the gallery in Istanbul's Beyoğlu area, Ilke Yılmaz, said the historical center in the Erler Film building was Turkey's unparalleled silver screen exhibition hall.

"At the point when Inanoğlu first said he would build up a historical center in 2000, numerous silver screen and theater craftsmen gave things from their own chronicle to the gallery. So Inanoğlu set up the theater area a year later keeping in mind the end goal to show appreciation," Yılmaz said.
insight into Turkish cinema, theater history
Noteworthy names from Turkish silver screen including Necdet Mahfi Ayral, Selçuk Uraz, Handan Uran Ertuğrul, Fatma Andaç and Deniz Uyguner gave their chronicle on the foundation of the exhibition hall, while Kadri Yurdatap additionally made extraordinary commitments to the historical center. Notices were likewise gathered from different sell-offs, while cameras, film projection instruments and different things from the Fono Film and Lale Film organizations additionally had their spot in the historical center.

"We will likely demonstrate the youthful eras all impressions of Turkish silver screen since 1914, when it initially showed up," said Yılmaz.

She noticed that the Sohban Koloğlu Sculpture Hall in the exhibition hall was the most mainstream segment for guests.

"We have honey bee wax models of on-screen characters like Adile Naşit, Kemal Sunal, Cilalı Ibo and Sadri Alışık, also executives including Atıf Yılmaz and Osman Seden. They draw most enthusiasm from kids. College understudies, particularly from correspondences resources, likewise come to visit us, as they are keen on recording instruments, altering seats and amplifiers," Yılmaz said.
insight into Turkish cinema, theater history
The camera used to shoot the primary sound film in Turkish silver screen, coordinated by Muhsin Ertuğrul, "Istanbul Sokakları" (The Streets of Istanbul) is likewise in plain view at the historical center.

"There is additionally a camera utilized by Charlie Chaplin to make three movies, and we have a submerged camera in the Halit Refiğ Hall. Film projection machines working with coal are among other critical protests in the gallery," Yılmaz said.

Tarık Akan design

The historical center sorted out a commemoration display after the passing of mainstream Turkish performer Taruk Akan a year ago.

"Stone worker Bülent Işcan made a full-measure figure of Akan. His whole cinematographic file, film notices and 11 movies were incorporated into the gallery document. We have his movies scenes, the file of "Ses" magazine where he showed up on the cover, and in addition delineations from his movies. We additionally have all segments composed on Akan, articles and reports we gathered after his demise. These are the things we as of late added to the historical center's chronicle," Yılmaz said. "As an exhibition hall we discharged an index titled "Turkish Cinema in 5,555 Posters," and now it has been extended as "Turkish Cinema in 7,777 Posters." It has turned into a source on every single Turkish film for scientists. We additionally have a magazine named 'Cintele,'" she said.

The TÜRVAK Cinema-Theater Museum can be gone to in Istanbul consistently aside from Monday between 10 a.m. what's more, 6 p.m.

Turkey-Netherlands push: Dutch diplomat banned

Turkey has reported a progression of measures in striking back for a Dutch choice to piece its pastors from battling for a choice.

Dutch diplomat banned
Appointee PM Numan Kurtulmus said the Dutch diplomat would be banished from coming back to Ankara, and abnormal state political exchanges suspended.

Turkish endeavors to hold energizes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands have been blocked.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed the Dutch and Germans for Nazism.

The BBC's Stamp Lowen in Istanbul says Turkey and the Netherlands, two Nato partners, are presently secured a phenomenal discretionary emergency.

In the interim, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered the Netherlands her "full support and solidarity".

On Monday, the Dutch outside service issued another travel cautioning, asking its natives in Turkey to fare thee well and taking note of the new "strategic pressures".

The line comes only two days before a general race in the Netherlands commanded by worries about migration and Islamic radicalism.

Dutch Head administrator Check Rutte refered to security worries in front of the decision as a purpose behind hindering the Turkish mobilizes.

How did the column happen?

The proposed mobilizes expected to support a substantial number of Turks living in Europe to vote Yes in a submission on 16 April on growing the president's forces. The arrangements were condemned by senior EU authorities on Monday.
Dutch diplomat banned
In Germany, for instance, there are more than three million individuals of Turkish cause, of whom an expected 1.4 million are qualified to vote in Turkish decisions. As a result, the diaspora is Turkey's fourth-biggest discretionary locale.

Authorities in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands said the encourages could stir pressures.

A social affair in France proceeded, in any case, after authorities said it didn't represent a danger.

Two Turkish priests were banned from tending to jams in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, with one of them escorted to the German outskirt.

Police utilized canines and water gun against dissenters waving Turkish banners in Rotterdam.

What measures is Turkey proposing?

Mr Kurtulmus, who is likewise the Turkish government's main representative, stated: "We are not permitting planes conveying Dutch negotiators or emissaries from arriving in Turkey or utilizing our airspace."

Envoy Kees Cornelis van Rij is right now out of the nation, with his charge d'affaires remaining in for him.

Mr Kurtulmus included that all abnormal state political discourses would be ended, and parliament should pull back from a respective fellowship gather.

The measures would stay as a result until the Netherlands found a way to "change its activities", the delegate head administrator included.

Prior Mr Erdogan compared the Netherlands to "a banana republic", requested universal associations force authorizes on the Netherlands, and blamed nations in the West for "Islamophobia".

"I have said that I had suspected that Nazism was over, yet I wasn't right," he said.

Turkish authorities have additionally proposed reevaluating some portion of an arrangement with the EU went for controling a deluge of vagrants, in particular Turkey's endeavors to anticipate them crossing via land to Greece and Bulgaria.
Dutch diplomat banned
Mr Rutte said Mr Erdogan's remark that the Dutch were "Nazi remainders" was "unsuitable", and requested a statement of regret.

Reacting to Turkish calls for assents, he said the Netherlands would "never consult under risk".

In a news meeting on Monday, Mrs Merkel said she had censured Nazi analogies made by Mr Erdogan about Germany the earlier week.

"This dismissal is likewise substantial for our partners. These examinations are totally confused... especially in the Netherlands that persisted such a great amount of anguish through the National Communists," she said.

"That is the reason the Netherlands can rely on my entire support and solidarity in this."

Veggie lover development is simply beginning in Turkey

At first sight, the choice of items appears to be genuinely typical in the little shop in the side boulevards of Istanbul's Cihangir neighborhood, where bright holders fill the firmly pressed shelfs. In any case, nearer assessment demonstrates that the drain is made of almond, and the meat is really made of soya.

development is simply beginning in Turkey
Vegetarian Dükkan is the "main finish veggie lover store in Turkey," said the proprietor Tarkan Aparı in regards to his 12-year-old shop, where everything from condoms, toothpaste, and chocolates are made totally with no creature based items. "Be that as it may, this is a great deal more than only a store. It is a meeting place for likeminded individuals."

Particularly lately, the shop has "certainly observed increasingly intrigue, particularly from youngsters who are interested about my items and the vegetarian way of life," he said.

The same is valid for the Veggie lover and Vegan Relationship of Turkey. In spite of the fact that there are no quantities of what number of veggie lovers and vegans there are in Turkey, "we see that it is developing quickly, particularly among more youthful individuals," Eşref Balcı from the affiliation said.

As a coordinator of exercises and an individual from the official board at the affiliation, Balcı has noticed that numerous more individuals are joining on Facebook, more veggie lover eateries are opening in Istanbul, and more individuals are making inquiries about the vegetarian way of life. "Two or three years back, that did not occur," he said.

'I need creatures to be free'

One of the youngsters who as of late hopped on the veggie lover wave is 32-year-old Virginia Patrone. Since 2015, she has been living and blogging about her non-bestial way of life. She concurs that enthusiasm for veganism is expanding, and she frequently get messages from her perusers requesting counsel.

"The people group of vegetarians feels very huge, and I truly feel that a considerable measure of youngsters are intrigued," Patrone said.

Initially from Italy, she has been living in Turkey for a long time and at present has a home in the Kadıköy region on the Asian side of Istanbul.

"Consistently another bistro is opening here and they all have no less than one veggie lover or vegetarian choice on the menu. That was not genuine even several years back," she said.

Despite the fact that the way of life is by all accounts on the ascent, veggie lovers still face troubles. "It is significantly simpler and less expensive to discover veggie lover sustenance in Italy," Patrone said.

"At times it is truly elusive items here. It is quite recently as of late that Turkish brands began making their own items," said Aparı from Vegetarian Dükkan.

He indicates the fridge, where cheeses made of aged cashew nuts and veggie lover yoghurts are filling the shelfs. It was only a year prior that the Turkish brand Trakya Çiftliği began to create these contrasting options to dairy items, Aparı included.

As of late other national brands, for example, Atelier Crude, Bitkisel, and The Vegist are ascending and beginning to make increasingly veggie lover well disposed items, for example, exceptional cleaning items and kale chips.

"It is simpler now, since individuals are increasingly watchful about having an eco-accommodating and non-savage method for living. The development is simply beginning, gradually," Aparı said.

"I adore moral veganism and this savagery free way of life and I cherish discussing it as an aspect of my responsibilities, since I cherish creatures," he included, gesturing toward the two felines resting in an edge of his store. "I need creatures to be free and regarded as they ought to be, not mishandled like many are right now."

In the first place veggie lover celebration in Turkey

Be that as it may, many individuals don't know or comprehend this and some can even get forceful when meeting veggie lovers, Balcı from the Veggie lover and Vegan Relationship of Turkey said.

"In schools and healing centers you can't discover veggie lover menus. A few colleges have vegetarian choices, yet not very many," he included.

Be that as it may, the Veggie lover and Vegan Relationship of Turkey is working towards showing individuals about veganism and make it less demanding to experience thusly, and like clockwork it distributes its own particular magazine about veganism, every living creature's common sense entitlement and biology. Balcı likewise called attention to that on the few days of April 29-30 this year, they will arrange Turkey's first veggie lover celebration in the western region of Didim.

"Many individuals still don't recognize what veganism is, so there is a great deal of work to do even now. Our celebration is a method for showing that to individuals. We are notwithstanding considering making a veggie lover shake celebration this late spring. A couple of years back, that would have been incomprehensible as there were not all that numerous vegetarians. So it is truly developing," he said.

In April, it will likewise be conceivable to peruse Virginia Patrone's book "Dolce Veg - Veggie lover Pasta" about cooking vegetarian pastries, which will be distributed by Kolektif Kitap in Turkey.

"Many individuals ask me how I can be veggie lover, since how might I eat pastries? I needed to demonstrate that it is conceivable. What's more, I truly trust I am offering motivation to individuals," she said.

Local people spare existence of stranded caretta turtle in Turkey's Muğla

An oblivious caretta turtle that came aground in the Aegean region of Muğla on Walk 12 has been spared by local people, Doğan News Office has revealed.

caretta turtle in Turkey's Muğla
Neighborhood walkers saw the stranded caretta ashore in the Yalancıboğaz zone of Muğla's Marmaris locale, after which they educated the Preservationist Relationship of Marmaris.

The leader of the affiliation, Ahmet Kutengin, along these lines landed in the range with other affiliation individuals, who ensured the 18-kilogram turtle stayed wet.

The caretta in the long run recovered cognizance and was discharged into the ocean by and by.

Affiliation individuals proposed that the turtle could have come shorewards because of ailment or undernourishment.

Kutengin additionally said they had encountered such episodes in practically every shore of Marmaris, including that they had more than once educated neighborhood authorities yet had gotten no reaction.

Germany's most loved fast food

Notwithstanding the wiener's acclaim, it appears that Germans can't get enough of the döner kebab.

most loved fast food
It's almost difficult to visit Germany and not eat Currywurst or Bratwurst, two pervasive wiener dishes. However, paying little respect to the frankfurter's distinction, it appears that Germans can't get enough of the döner kebab.

The country of 82 million individuals expends two million kebabs a day, as indicated by Gürsel Ülber, representative for the Association of Turkish Döner Producers in Europe (ATDiD). Safe to state, the daintily cut meat – cooked on a vertical spit, wrapped in pita or flatbread and finished with plate of mixed greens – overrules the wiener pair as a favored fast-food alternative; a conspicuous image of the social and monetary impact of Turkish movement on German culture.

Kadir Nurman and Mehmet Aygun are the two men attributed for conveying it to Berlin almost 50 years prior. Both were a piece of the Gastarbeiter, an influx of visitor laborers got from Southern and Eastern Europe to lift West Germany's post-war economy. Furthermore, that they did, making ready for a 200,000-in number workforce today.

In spite of the fact that there's a considerable measure of theory with regards to the genuine story – with Aygun guaranteeing he created the nibble a year prior Nurman at his shop, Hasir, in 1971 – the ATDiD have formally given the respect to Nurman.
most loved fast food
As indicated by Ülber, Nurman sold Germany's first döner kebab from his little slow down opposite Bahnhof Zoo in West Berlin in 1972. What was customarily barbecued meat presented with rice, plate of mixed greens and pita was changed into a sandwich for persevering and occupied Germans to eat in a hurry, with both men guaranteeing to have had the thought to put the meat inside the pita bread.

Be that as it may, regardless of who first steered, both men set the establishment for what is today a €4bn exchange Germany, turning over an astounding 400 tons of meat a day and moving this quite cherished road nibble toward a noteworthy staple of the German eating routine.

ATDiD uncovers there are around 40,000 kebab shops crosswise over Germany, with Berlin standing out at 4,000, incredibly more than Turkey's most crowded city, Istanbul, as per Visit Berlin. The German capital is nearly trailed by Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Staff Junction big explosion in Ankara

Staff in Ankara Junction big bang explosion took place in front of the Admiral and General residences Sorry, no news is good, now no longer in Turkey

Irina Shayk Dosso Dossi Fashion Show is coming to Turkey

Dosso Dossi Fashion ShowIrina Shayk Dosso Dossi Fashion Show is coming to Turkey for the Russian model Irina Shayk, will take place in Antalya Expo Center on June 6 Dosso Dossi Fashion Show will be on the podium as the top model.

This will be the 18th year of Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, 5-11 June, will be held in Antalya.

At the request of the Russian guests intensive organizations that deal with the Russian model, fashion show will be held on Friday, June 6 will be the top model Irina Shayk has been reported to offer 4 different dresses.

Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, previously Adriana Lima, Isabeli Fontana, Erin Heatherton and Miranda Kerr took to the stage in Antalya had names like. (Cumhuriyet)

Ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in Turkey in 2013, was officially launched on September 9

regulation on retail sales came into force today . Forbidden , market , buffet, grocery store, and include dealers
Ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in Turkey in 2013, was officially launched on September 9
Alcoholic drinks 22:00 to 06:00 being conducted between the hours of regulation on retail sales came into force today . Forbidden , market , buffet, grocery store, and include dealers .

Alcoholic beverages can be displayed in shop windows to be visible outside the enterprise perimeter . Alcoholic beverages, fast food restaurants, night clubs , bars and other places that can be consumed in the open without sınrlaması hours . However, sale of liquor for consumption outside the established boundaries can not be done . This arrangement of parks, gardens , coast and countryside weddings prohibitions on drinking of alcoholic beverages constitute a basis for the report says.

The sale of alcoholic beverages in the educational institutions and classrooms , dormitories, and places of worship to be found between the distance of at least 100 meters . This condition is not to search for businesses in tourism certificate . Dormitories, health-care places , stadiums and sports halls, education and training institutions , bakeries , traditional coffee houses , gas stations, shops and restaurants of pinochle and bridge drinks can not be sold through the halls . The sale of liquor under the age of 18 will not work.

The law prohibiting the advertising and promotion of alcoholic beverages , incentive , incentive campaigns, promotions and events brings the ban . Published in the series of TVs , movies and clips to include in the images encourage alcoholic drinks . Turkish warnings be placed on the packaging indicates the damage of alcoholic beverages .

Traffic control is found to have consumed alcohol on 1:00 promil be given up to 2 years imprisonment . 1:00 promil , 2 or 4 bottles of raki glass of beer is equivalent . Private cars, 0:50 , 0:20 promil other vehicles if they are caused by a traffic accident on the rights of drunk drivers who apply the provisions of the Penal Code . Fine of two thousand üflemeyene whether the breathalyzer , driving licenses confiscated two years . The driver's seat is no longer non-

Take the stage at the Golden Horn Congress Center in the names of jazz legends.

Bob James, David Sanborn, Steve Gadd and James will bring genus "Quartett Humaine titled" concert on July 9, Jacky Terrasson, Michael Wollny and Marius Neset Esbjörn Svensson Trio with soloists such as the arrangements of symphonic compositions to be performed "ESTSymphony" konserse titled Golden Horn Congress Center will take place on July 10.
Golden Horn Congress Center in July,
Take the stage at the Golden Horn Congress Center in the names of jazz legends.
Golden Horn Congress Center in July, within the framework of the Istanbul Jazz Festival brings jazz scene of the most important names on two separate days.

Bob James, David Sanborn feat. Steve Gadd-James Genus "Quartett Humaine"

First, on the evening of July 9 Tuesday at 21.30 festival veteran names will come up; 58 albums and numerous award-winning master keyboards Bob James, the most successful and inspiring saxophone virtuoso David Sanborn, master drummer Steve Gadd and the Saturday Night Live Band 's also consists of bassist James Genus'tan.

Sompo Japan Insurance sponsored by the four masters take the stage name, recorded together after a very long break "Quartett Humaine" album, becoming part of the tour guest at the festival.

Istanbul Jazz Festival, the festival's special project designed under the leadership of master soloists, accompanied by Philharmonia Istanbul, pioneering and innovative approach to jazz in a new direction Esbjörn Svensson Trio (EST) arrangements of symphonic compositions on the evening of July 10 at 21.30 Golden Horn Congress Center perform.

Real Estate Investment concert sponsored by Amplio, Esbjörn Svensson Trio (EST) is a unique program that includes arrangements of symphonic compositions Swedish conductor and composer Hans sunulacak.EST by addition of bassist Dan Berglund and drummer Magnus Ostrom, as well as pianist Jacky Terrasson and Michael Wollny, saxophonist Marius Neset, Sarp Maden on guitar and vocals Mr.Korhan Futacı'nın a work as a soloist at the concert will take place in Istanbul will be accompanied by Philharmonia musicians.cumhuriyet

The Germans lost the throne of Russian tourists in Antalya

As of June 2013 the total number of foreign visitors
The Germans lost the throne of Russian tourists in Antalya
Antalya is increasing every year by the rise of the Russian market continued. As of June 2013 the total number of foreign visitors by air has reached 4 million 326 thousand. 4 million 19 thousand in the same period last year, the number was around 500.
From the six-month period by the visitors to the nations of up to 20 percent compared to the previous year, an increase of 1 million 270 thousand. Year on the basis of the six-month period, the winner German visitors increased by close to 2 percent from last year the figure reached 1 million 110 thousand of 500.

The first six-month period, 29 percent of tourists coming to Antalya every 100 Russians, the Germans, was 24 per cent. Number of visitors from some other countries by the end of June 2013 are as follows: Netherlands 232 thousand, 180 thousand of England, Ukraine 156 thousand, 150 thousand of Sweden, Norway 134 thousand, 106 thousand in Belgium, Kazakhstan, 96 thousand, 92 thousand of France.

The number of visitors of up to 500 thousand years old by Israel during the 6 months of this year was 25 thousand visit happened.

Millions of Turks, Istanbul Gezi Park

Gezi to Taksim Park, the resistance of the donations collected ad appeared in newspapers the New York Times and the Washington Post.

"What's Happening in Turkey," the title of the ad reads:

"What's Happening in Turkey,"

BBC Travel Camera's May 31, 2013 Taksim Park events

With the participation of hundreds of security officers to intervene, Travel Park,
With the participation of hundreds of security officers to intervene, Travel Park, hundreds of activists in the early morning vigil 5:00 remaining in distributed gas grenades and water cannons. Amnesty International, Amnesty International,'' Peaceful increasing police violence against demonstrators, causing severe injuries. Excessive use of force must be stopped,'' he warned.

The unique Seljuk endangered pigeons

Konyası'nda peaked Seljuk tiles and fine stone carving art, the beauty of this unique completion of the works of the Seljuk'' pigeons'', the city's historic neighborhoods, is still cultivated today has declined in number.

Orlando Bloom arrived in Istanbul for a commercial shoot

lord of the rings orlando bloom Pirates of the Caribbean series, the world-famous star arrived in Istanbul for the ad film shoots, welcomed the famous star of the fans at the airport

Travel and Tourism Research Association of the German popular in Turkey

Travel and Tourism Research Association of the German rival countries, tourism, Turkey is taking advantage of instability.

Travel and Tourism Research Association of the German, Greece, Egypt and Tunisia's political and economic instability in countries such as Spain and Turkey in trying to increase the share of the tourism pie work worked. Association officials are willing to go to German tourists are sensitive to huzursuzluklara countries, and on the political and economic factors influence these preferences are expressed. However, due to Spain, the islands are still the first choice of German tourists. Followed by Spain, Italy and Turkey.

Internet is growing at

On the other hand, under the name of International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, the world's largest tourism fair occasion, more detailed information is given about the behavior of the Germans on. According to the research-based market research company GfK Nürnberg, the Internet is rapidly increasing the number of bookings made. Around one-fifth the rate of increase in internet bookings in 2011-2012 and increased to 36 percent is specified. USA, UK, found that 50 per cent of this figure is for countries such as France, were expressed.

Deutsche Welle Turkish