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Forest and scrub-covered except for a few small settlements Inceburun a true paradise of nature

Sinop, Black Sea, extending into the forest and maquis Inceburun covered except a few small settlements, a true natural paradise.

Dark Hamsaros approximately 7 kilometers long peninsula is reminiscent of Norway, discover the magical world. So that is a virgin area, researchers are looking at, the north eastern part of the peninsula from the Mediterranean flora, ice age, the most intense region of Turkey. One of the surprises in the region where the trails are great for cyclists and hikers Akliman extraordinary landscape, and the other Inceburun Lighthouse. Akliman'da an appeal to nature lovers is a camping area. ( Lighthouse Inceburun Turkey's northernmost point, is frequented by herds of dolphins during the day leave from the bay. Can reach and touch your hand to a distance of nearly approaching the shore. Çilesiz keeper of the lighthouse family of five generations. Currently working, who was born here Çilesiz'de Erol (47). His wife, cattle and dogs living a life isolated from the world. Buffet is served to newcomers. Lantern, carved cliffs surrounded by hard winds. One of the sea around the corpse, and others, Her Çilesiz have three graves. Çilesiz His family lived in the desert in the nose ever so many interesting events. "Memories would you write the novel," they say.hürriyet

Goddess of Good peninsula, the course of the fall ride

The timeless love voyages. Towns, especially the summer, do I really enjoyed going to the start of winter. This is a season of silence, solitude, sadness where eight crashes. Meals will be more delicious, than the fact that greetings, prices can not burn the level goes down. Than the horizon at sunset is painted the color, shape from the shape into the clouds. Rosy-fingered relent even when the sun came in the summer kavurduğu streets, coves, sandy beaches with warm lights sends.
Even the shadows, a bit ürpertir. Because the winds have been challenged. Sea northeastern likes, such as the southwest wind that blows foam strike to the beach, calm, cool waters of the stones lying at the foot of the sand, the fish reflect like a mirror.
Timeless journeys where only the target sound of the waves, birds, tweed, and a lazy dog ​​barking sounds. This all sounds stops for the other seasons. Last week, all of them went to live on a journey to Bodrum and Datca. In October, my sea voyage by boat was the taste lingers. This time I wanted to see a rainbow of colors of autumn past. We have come all this way for him otomobilimle.

In fact, no longer quite daunting and exhausting, not the way to Bodrum. Almost double to Istanbul to Marmaris. Dual three-lane sections are not. So, stuck behind a slow truck, sabırsızlanmıyorsunuz.
Quiet roads, multi-colored landscape. Human self, it feels like inside a table, named the journey. Coşuyor around Karacabey colors even more. Draws attention to two things all the time passing here. The first one, giant roadside signage, Kangal and Akbas dogs. This time he saw the signs. Stop all the time, I would like to View the manufacturing farm. But I never do that. I know that the back seat of car, leaving the farm will be a puppy. Anatolian steppe in this free dog, I know it would also be unhappy in Istanbul. Kıyamam for him to take. Thence passing through the same feelings inside me woke up at this time. But again, I passed I went to the front of the farm to breed beautiful dogs.
Karacabey crossing the road extending from the edge of the vast haralar also interests me. Sideways, standing here ran their manes flying flies, handsome race horses watch. This time I only saw one or two. Others, who knows what hippodrome, to the end point, foaming at the mouth were running?

Mouth-watering JOURNEY

Mustafakemalpaşa'dan passing, dessert Kemalpasa think my mouth for some reason, unable to stop irrigation. Seeing the sign for the town, in front of my eyes still flowing over the sorbet dessert was wonderful. Why stand we do not eat? What can harm both innocent limber the dessert?
I found myself thinking about the answer to my questions Susurluk. Health sollu ranked tostçuları, tin of melted bread bag, I came on the bubbles swell ayranları ignored.
Akhisar appeared after Balikesir. Stalls set up on either side of the road lined with yellow yellow casaba melons. They know all about how much is delicious. Here, I could not durmamazlık. Than in the torture and assassinate, winter melon I bought three of the tables to cut.
Cotton plantations, were white as white as snow fallen. I saw two women in the cotton fields shalvar colorful twist. Them, then potatoes, onions, also saw the gathering. Throughout the journey the women had always been in the fields.
Manisa in my transition was not easy at all. Manisa go by without eating kebab, requires strength of will. Long meatballs cooked in charcoal fire draws draws, they soaked it with pita bread, butter poured on top of Manisa to leave behind, ignoring the smell of the human conscience sızlatır. From the winding road to Izmir progresses, conscience, but I felt that the rebellion defeated, I continued to press the accelerator.
Search the Spil Mountain peaks He came to my mind. Gezdiğim the beginning of summer, I look like a bird in Manisa, Izmir Bay and even the distant wind, I remembered I saw a high plateau. My match came back to me in a solitude, which translates to more than my house.

Across from me GOKOVA BLUE

Thankfully, the path was going to wandering around Izmir. You enter the center could not go any more. The closest of my friends who say "hello", Kordon drinking a few glasses of raki, boyozlu, without breakfast with eggs, wrap söğüşlü eating, savoring bite fresh cast, making a dove escape of Izmir think you can guess how difficult it is to leave behind!. .
Aydin Displays up to speed quickly went flowed. Aydın Çine way, as well as advertisements skewers into view. I kept my eye on one cut. Hungry, my will had no means of doing more torture. Garbage very tasty skewers as I expected.
Distorting past, Sakar crossing began to descend, all maviliğiyle image covered the Gulf of Gokova. I have a bird's eye sees a coffee break in the Gulf of landscape. Far away, Datca Peninsula, from the purple-colored Pusun seemed vaguely. There was no sound landscape, placid and inviting deep blue of Gokova, a lush green valley ... I could not without deviating from Akyaka. I love this little time out of mind where the dark ends of Gokova. Between the trees, two-, three-story houses, most of the shutters were closed. Flowing towards the sea ducks among reeds did not recognize me in the gutter. But more than a few months ago, while sitting at a table in the stream, gathered around me, I wanted bread.

DATÇA desolate roads

I came across the familiar crowd of Marmaris. This is no longer understood tenhalaşmayacaktı. Summer or winter, the difference did not like this city district. Took a Datca. After a twisting climb, reaching the summit, I found myself again in the middle of a solitude.
Into the road to Datca peninsula, the Gulf of Gokova kah, kah was moving close to the Gulf of Hisaronu. As if the two Gulf yarışındaydı beauty. The most beautiful blue, the most beautiful bay, the green forest as if to say I had a havaları.
The narrowest place of the peninsula after the Gokova Balıkaşıran'dan output image. This is the narrowest place of the Datca Peninsula. Balıkaşıran On the one hand, on the other hand there are Kayıkaşıran bays. People living in ancient times in Datca, Harpagos themselves under the command of military attacks on Iran in order to protect the bays between the dig, wanted to pull off the peninsula by land. The famous historian Herodotus wrote about the event as follows:
"All the land of Knidos, a thin isthmus (now Balıkaşıran) surrounded by water outside. Harpagos, when invaded Ionia Cnidus descends down, up 5 stadeion (approximately 900 meters) wide, Isthmus began to dig it. Because they wanted to bring their homes into an island ... Many major human labor has been spent for this purpose, but the beginning was an unprecedented event, breaking stones in various parts of the workers and most of the incredible size of her eyes began to open wounds. What is it to send envoys to Delphoi'ye, he danıştılar. The head of the Temple of Apollo, Pythia Delphoi'deki Bilici woman gave the following answer: 'What a goose neck or what the goal / Zeus wanted this rock did not make the island?'
Cnidus on the left of this job. When the collision Harpagos surrendered. "


One side of my hotel where I came around in the old period. Not a soul around, except for winter, how many people like me did not have a navigator. The streets were paved with stone dogs. Houses surrounding the purple bougainvillea wrapped, flew into the wind. Deserted streets, purple, magenta, were covered in white leaves. Old Datca, would huddle in the summer is already jammed to the many.
I sat down to coffee after parking the car at the entrance. It kahvesiydi Yücel. Spent a large part of the day here. Datca is a lover Can Yücel to treasure, and was the place of the full sequence. Husband said to a poet in the morning:
"I opened my eyes in the morning was that Datça'dayım / Adolescent erguvana cut the lights in front of me / Gocadağ / engebesiyle is burning all the huge rock /
Mountain goats solids must be escaped. "
After removing a few glasses in honor of the poet is the supreme, the slopes of one of orphans at home, my office sought safety at the top of the stone.

Enthusiasm DATCA

God wants His servants to be long-lived, this would in the peninsula. I yalancısıyım ancient coğrafyacılarının. In fact, the smell, air, sea, almonds, honey, raisins, thyme, forest, flowers are intricately, one at each bud smell, really soak up the joy of a life you will feel full. In fact, this coşkusudur Datca. Vaccines to human life.
One side of this, I came to once more. What I did in Datca? The answer is simple: wandering the deserted beaches, enjoy the silence and solitude remove JUST.
Set off early in the morning. Collided with the indigo blue sea and a curve around the eyes. Mesudiye'yi hill near the shore, watching for a while I would go to crave. In the past where development has stopped, looked for a long time, I wanted the bird is gliding towards the sea. Still full of the same feelings Tashtyk. I learn from both sides of the peninsula and the bay was exactly 52 units. Overlooking the Aegean Sea on the Gökçeler Buku, a small roof, the roof, Alder, Alavara, Jackal, Droplet, Mersincik, Murdala and Soundings, overlooking the Mediterranean side, Palamutbükü, Aquarium, Ova Buku Buku Chaste, the Red Coves, Pig Buku Kargi, Karaincir, Yellow Port, Land Coves, Farm, Kuruca Coves, Günlücek, sıralanıyordu Lindos.


Not enough time to explore them all. Mesudiye'ye down for him before, I drank tea brewed coffee in a non-customer. Then the bay at Ova Buku, I went to Bükü Chaste. Follow the coastal road to the coast for a long break I gave Bükü Bonito. Of summer for a plastic chaise lay and listened to the waves lullaby. Poyraz cool breezes filled my lungs, the warm rays of the sun I went myself.
Datca Peninsula, two-day visit to Knidos noktaladım aylaklığımı. When I got there, the wind whistles by stealing from the Aegean to break off pieces of the ancient city beat. At the extreme, I watched the Aegean and the Mediterranean embrace. Then, in a small shop, souvenir shop and the girl waiting for customer to sell tickets to anyone satamayan guards goodbye ferry that will take me the way I kept from Bodrum.
Basmıştı loneliness of the winter Bodrum. Shops, bars closed, the streets quiet. Each strain was evidenced by a summer place. Bodrum, Bitez views of three days to sit at home, sometimes I installed with my dreams, sometimes I read books. I watched the clouds covering the sky like a veil. Of them took various shapes. I watched the full moon to play with clouds.
On the way back, I decided that timeless journeys me more happy.

The pride of Datca Knidos

Reşadiye the end of the peninsula, this ancient city, the pride of Datca. Fisherman of Halicarnassus, in an article he wrote about here:
"My surprise was great when there gezdirdiğim vardığım and my eyes around me. But, surprise, no matter how large, the ratio was greater than beauty.
Knidos are ruined, desolate, neither a village nor a human is near. But living in a city more vibrant, more meaningful and deep. Deletes Ages era, when the time extinguished. Whether to clear here in ages, but, once there is a beauty söndüremeyeceği. It does not ruin the ruins of paradise ...
Now crack the walls of the ruins, towers, collapsed walls, fallen columns on the pride of beauty, loneliness light shines. The crowd from the white house yıkıkları ağararak uphill paths süzülüyorlar ...
Marbles in the group as if thousands of years, and the purple of şafaklarının eme eme, such as the cheek, ashamed kızarmışlardır point. The
marbles are the best and most sağlamlarını Sultan Aziz, boats dolusuyla taşıtmış Istanbul, Dolmabahce Palace, built like them cut their graduate and pie feast.
Ages past, rose and collapsed states, battles won and lost, but the noise was bağırmamış Knidos, seslenmemiş, always has wrapped in silence. Here you have what Khayyam kumrusu nor Firdevs'in baykuşuyla spider! However, a pure white of Knidos, a wide range of freedom and a deep silence ... "


Balıkçı'nın described in silence, I kept wandering in the ruins. But like everyone else in my opinion, the naked goddess Aphrodite had in my mind. Cnidus, not Apollo, "the course of the Goddess of Good," which they named after Aphrodite, worshiped. His later building a temple for the city's west end, and stared across at the statue of the naked goddess here. According to the historians to take a statue of the king of Bithynia Nicomedes had put out all of the city's income.
Sculpture is so impressive, in the Roman Empire all the art lovers flock to see this statue came to Knidos.
The naked statue of Aphrodite, a hand stretched out below, the way closed. The other hand down the side, and a towel tutmaktaydı sprawling. Goddess, this stance was as a beautiful woman out of the bathroom or the sea. Believed to be the first sculpture of statues of naked women fully naked making this a work of Praxiteles, as a model, his mistress, the beautiful palace Phryne'ni used the pros. Another rumor is a rahibeydi Phryne. Beautiful women, Eleusis feast day, 20 thousand people gathered on the beach in front of her naked undressed çırıl had entered the sea. Praxiteles was seeing him, "Such beauty can not be a human being. This is a real woman Aphrodite, "he had decided to make his statue. This is the legendary statue, still could not be located despite all the calls. The statue, Emperor Theodosius closed the temples of a polytheistic faith is seen in Istanbul, 475 do not have a fire in the common rumor.