From the Scottish tourist on holiday to Marmaris for 14 years, Ataturk tattoo on his arm built

Scottish flag and national heroes, William Wallace's arm, as well as a tattoo of Ataturk and the Turkish flag in the 56-year-old Hamish Muir, who, spent the holiday in Marmaris, attracts the attention of the citizens.

Indicating that a vacation for the holidays to marmaris for 14 years, Muir, journalists everywhere, doing research about Atatürk Atatürk in Turkey and said that seeing pictures.

His research and read the books, which stated that the information obtained after the Muir admired Ataturk, Ataturk and the Turkish flag tattooed on his arm it must have done to show the admiration expressed.

Scottish William Wallace who beat him at the Ataturk tattoo Muir,'' Atatürk and Scotland's hero, William Wallace learned that have similar characteristics. Both leaders of the peoples of the heroes who fought for their freedom,'' he said.

Ataturk who beat the Turks remained very satisfied with this situation and telling him çektirdiklerini photo Muir, take you on a new Ataturk said that more tattoos. cumhuriyet

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