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The number of foreign tourists has passed 36 million

The number of foreign visitors to Turkey in 2014 to 5.5 percent compared to the previous year increased to 36.84 million people.

The number of foreign visitors to Turkey in 2014 to 5.5 percent compared to the previous year increased to 36.84 million people.
According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreign visitors increased by 9.5 percent in December was 1.58 million. The number of foreign visitors to Turkey increased 9.8 percent compared to the previous year in 2013, 34.91 million people by showing it had been. Turkey ranking of countries sending the most visitors and 14:25 percent to 5.25 million people, while the first place with Germany, Russia second with 12:16 and 4:48 million percent, Britain took third place with 7.06 and the 2.6 million people per cent.

Uludag Bursa, the first snow of the season fell

Important centers of tourism in Uludag Ski and winter seasons, the first snow.

According to information from the Directorate of Meteorology officials Bursa, Uludag hotels in the region'' in the'' high parts of the first snow of the season fell.

Uludag, rainfall started in the morning, reportedly continued.

Hotels in'''' in the temperature, measured as zero degrees at 09.00 am. cumhuriyet

Tourism with its natural beauties vying to become the pupil of Mine Creek

District of Kocaeli, the Black Sea coast, the green fields, rivers and tourism with its natural beauty, such as Mineral Creek on its way to becoming the pupil.

Write to the beach is frequented by many local and foreign visitors. Since it is near big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara Kocaali people from places you have chosen to spend the holiday weekend.

Mineral Creek Natural beauty, rest areas, Camping Places, Natural Trout Plants, Waterfall and Stream in removing people fatigue and has been the biggest factor in making a nice holiday.

Mineral Creek in a wooded area quite often in the right and left banks of the stream flowing in a deep valley, beech, chestnut and oak trees located between footpaths, constitute a suitable environment for walking. Following the path on the rocks opened the first years of the republic sung in various caves in the region inflows are a gold mine.
Mine is a mine closed and the roads are still used some of the tunnel. In addition to trout and carp fishing in the stream where made.

Mineral Creek Historical

Is said to have opened a gold mine in the early years of the republic. Mine is a mine closed and the roads are still used some of the tunnel. Mine Creek, north of Trench Town, after having gone a long way Çal Kocaali'nin Emerging from the west, 30 km to reach the Black Sea.

Quite often in a wooded area right and left banks of the stream flowing in a deep valley, beech, chestnut and oak trees located between footpaths, constitute a suitable environment for walking. Following the path on the rocks opened the first years of the republic sung in various caves in the region inflows are a gold mine. Mine is a mine closed and the roads are still used some of the tunnel. In addition to trout and carp fishing in the creek made ...

Belonging to the mine tunnels, roads, etc. still in use. The walk from place to place during the use of this tunnel. After walking for about 1 hour and 15 minute encounter with a beautiful waterfall .. Mineral Creek, approximately 10 m from the waters side by side with two separate arms. A small pond is on the decline in height. Genovese said that just behind the waterfall about 15 m. I have a set height. This set is formed by weaving, and mining of stones seen as a dam on the creek.


Especially in the healing waters of Mineral Creek, psoriasis, diseases, stomach aches, and is known to be very effective in healing wounds. Of course, the best example of boiling water with images and natural healing for many diseases has been a source of healing water and got flooded with all four seasons with the visitors. fuel oil with the healing waters of Mineral Creek Mining stream position is covered by forests in a decent resting place in the hot springs environment.

The hot springs of natural origin, rheumatic diseases, skin and heart and circulatory, respiratory, women's, digestive system, kidney and urinary tract, bone and calcification diseases and metabolism disorders is good. There is a small accommodation facility near the spa.habertürk

Turkey, the 7th in the world in the number of tourists, tourism revenue was the 9th place

Flueless tourism industry in Turkey, in 2011, was one of the goals that secure the sectors. To grow 10 percent by 2010, according to sector, 30 million tourists and 25 billion dollar caught.
Tourism is expected to be difficult due to the crisis in Europe in 2012, capturing 32 million tourists and 27 billion dollars, the number of tourists to be the target of the world put 5'incisi. 2012, European countries, Iran and Syria's tourist deficit Far East, from countries such as China and India is scheduled to close. Turkey, an exemplary position in the world for tourism, while the number of tourists in the world 7'ncisi, revenue came in 9th place. There was a significant increase in the number of beds and the hotel. Number of beds certified tourism business in Turkey rose to 629 thousand 465. Number of rooms 299 thousand, the number of beds was 629 thousand.
Early reservation of interest
Strategic objectives in 2023 are locked sector, 50 billion dollars of revenue and 50 million tourists to the goal of making the preparation. One of the developments in the Arab Spring of 2011 was marked by the sector. Instead of tourists who choose to holiday in Turkey, the Middle East has added impetus to the sector. Book early campaigns in the domestic market is now starting in November, over 40 percent of the beneficiaries of these campaigns was. Abolition of visas between Turkey and the year was marked by many countries. Tourism is spread to 12 months, is also found in increased tourism.
Was a successful year
Turkey Travel Agents Association (TURSAB) Chairman Basaran Ulusoy said that in 2011 a very successful passes. Despite expectations of a recession and the crisis of 2012 also expect to have a good time on behalf of tourism in Turkey voicing Ulusoy, said: "The European economy is in crisis will affect the sector. But the Turkish tourism, quality, service and price will not compromise. We are the number of people in the industry, but will look at customer satisfaction. Turkey is the country to be sold cheaply. Targets will be a tough year, but will try to match requirements. Are used to crises. 2012, 32 million tourists and 27 billion dollars will try to catch. Iran, Syria and the loss of tourists from other countries will meet in Europe. "

We will get 10 million tourists in Anatolia

Anatolian Tourism Operators Association (Atid) President Election Aydin, 2011, are targeted through the sky like tourism, said. $ 25 billion in tourism revenue in 2011, Anatolia, and 30 million tourists took an important share of expressing Aydin, gave the following information: "Anatolia around 12 per cent of the share of tourism in Turkey's tourism pie. Mainly in Anatolia came to the forefront of cultural tourism. Anatolia also increased interest in culture and tourism investors. Each province has started to make star hotel. These studies reflected a very positive 2012. Anatolia, 10 million tourists in 2012, aim. "

8-9 million new hotels in Istanbul attracts tourists comes into play

Touristic Hotels and Investors Association (TUROB) President Timur Bayindir, tourism in 2011 may grow 10 percent a year, as well assessing, 2012, said that would be more difficult. Half of the tourists coming from Europe because of the recession in this region that etkileneceğimizi Bayindir, said: "We in India, will give important new markets such as China will overcome. Istanbul to see better. Affected by the recession. Istanbul continues to demand. Turkey's tourism figures for 2011 in general, work to maintain. The number of tourists who came to Istanbul in 2011, 8-9 million human. Investment on the agenda of many new hotels in Istanbul. "

Diversified investments in tourism

Tourism Investors Association (BLS) President Turgut Gur, stated the following: "Tourism to the economy makes the foreign exchange reserves. Current account deficit has a positive contribution. Allows making a multi-purpose exports. Exhibits an important sector in the world's richest civilizations of Anatolia. Sufficient number of hotel investments reached the beaches. Have to diversify our investments. Therefore, increasing the number of coastal tourism, marinas, spas and health facilities, the development, dissemination of the congress and sports tourism need. "

Carried 100 million passengers

Turkish Private Aviation Enterprises Association (TÖSHİD) Alioğlu Secretary General Musa, the most important factor in the growth of Turkish civil aviation, expressed that the increasing number of tourists, "pleasing point of origin. We have 10 years, the industry leader in the region. Brands have created. Today, nearly 100 direct flights to the country reaches the point of the nearly 150 have airline companies. The size of the industry turnover of $ 18 billion. More than half of this, THY, and the rest of our companies with the private sector. 2011 may kapatıyotuz 100 million passengers. Airlines, with 32 thousand seats. Our 31 thousand Seat "he said.

Lakes, monuments and the best-kept secret of Turkey Beyşehir

When you go to the western Mediterranean region, the extraordinary mountain views and lakes connected to land in a way that the twin islands of Lake Egirdir always in the foreground.
Maybe that's why most people go to Konya Eğirdir to tone and not even the means Beyşehir passes, one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey survived a missed chance to see it does not matter.

Lakes Region is the largest lake in Turkey is also the largest fresh water lake Beysehir. This makes positive contributions to tourism in the area.
A short walk from the lake Eşrefiye Mosque. After the fall of the Sultanate of Seljuk mosque in Anatolia in the West during the rulers' dynasty Eşrefiye Esrefoglu manages to 1326'ya 1277'den Seyfeddin for Solomon, built in 1299. There is a lot of information about this person. However, it seems that the ego is the famous tomb and temple at the top of Mount Nemrut Commagene who I. King Düzeydeymiş comparable to Antiochus. On the other hand, have to thank him, because today's visitors, "forest mosque" may be defined as you see how beautiful this magnificent structure.


Eşrefiye Mosque, the outer surface of the most spectacular examples of carving art on display as if the exact opposite of the mosque on Divriği'deki. When you look at the outside gives little clue what's there, but the moment you step into the business is changing. The spacious and bright hall adorned with paintings that supports it with a flat roof and the "forest" that creates the image of wooden columns in at 42 amazes people. Eşrefiye Mosque, Central Asia, the use of any nails in the mosques that were built entirely of wood, and rare examples of Anatolia, Anatolia, and even the largest of the original. In the past, snow basin at the top of a hill in the middle of the mosque window is opened into the sky. Visitors to the space environment affects the conversion of these light filters through the window provided. In addition, the winter snow fell in the middle space, moisture boards guarded chap. But the snow basin was closed in the 1960s.
While visiting the mosque roof rafters, columns, column headers, the pulpit and make sure the galleries of wood craftsmanship. Come across such a mastery only a few mosques in Turkey. If you see any large wooden pew to sit in the thought that the city manages the Bey and the muezzin. The only exception to the mosque is the mihrab, wood is not very elegant, turquoise, blue and black colored tiles made of Selcuk.
Solomon died in 1302 masterpiece Eşrefiye Seyfeddin requested to be buried near the tomb and mosque with magnificent tiles made from the side. Normally kept locked, but when you ask Imams shrine opens for you to see inside.

Modern Beysehir, since virtually cut off from the crowd with a main street. Nevertheless, a district which houses historical relics Beysehir numerous. One of them is also a covered bazaar, also known as Han Bezzarlar. The most elegant examples of stone masonry building, which is the oldest bazaars in Anatolia. After the glory of the Ottoman architecture and also under the influence of labor has managed to take. Mosque with interesting medieval buildings around Eşrefiye possible to see. Multi-domed 13th-century weavers among the Han and history dating back to the middle of the most interesting ones are the remains of a double bath.
The first hours of the evening's most beautiful views of the lake, where residents watch the sun set in the small hours to complete the returns Outcomes Dedegöl mountain walks. Stand on the shore and look across the horizon, many islets on the water almost "floating" notice. Some of these islands, more rain falls in the vanishes and, therefore, not be established consensus as to how many islands. Some of the islands, once home to the worldwide demonstrations of Byzantine monks.


* Kubadabad Palace: If you own your car around the lake, you come up, especially in national parks and Kızıldağ Beysehir passing by and Take a tour of the western coast, which is relatively peaceful. Kubadabad'daki summer palace ruins are standing, take the time to examine the worth, it's great Seljuk Sultan I. Lacinia not experienced enough to see the completion of construction, built for the Ottoman Sultan. I managed to reach the present day the only Seljuk palace Lacinia (1192-1237) was commissioned by the edge of Lake Beyşehir. Overseeing the construction of the palace, where the Seljuk Sultan, even if drawn by a portion of krokisinin said. Investigated for the first time at the beginning of the 1950s and later made systematic studies on the Complex was once the palace, including shipyards, hammam and the mosque in the building where there were as many as 16. In the present large and small palace in the best case reached court. Important in terms of art of the Seljuk tiles of the palace. The famous historian Ibn-i-Bibi tiles defined as follows: "The beauty of its walls turquoise and dark blue colors fade from the color of the tiles in a rainbow of envy ..." Tiles both colors, and eight-pointed star and a cross-shaped patterns of the masterpiece. Animal and plant designs, human figures used. Each one has a separate meaning. You can see the works of the Museum of Konya Karatay discussed here.
Golyaka ruins north of the village around the lake in full. Today, looking at the tiles on display in the Museum of Konya Karatay this place was once a highly decorated gorgeously impossible to say. Unfortunately, just looking around this place if you want to revive the past in your eyes, before you have to remove the surrounding debris imagination. Calm during the best part of this effort to not be disturbed.

* Lilac Spring: The famous philosopher Eflatun'la date because it has nothing to do about 1000 years ago, that was built in 1300 BC. But for some reason the people, "Lilac Spring" obsessed with the name. Neo-Hittite-era monument is in the mound. Springs facing the huge, magnificent monuments of 7 m width and 4 meters boyuyla in itself is enough to hypnotize people watching. Hidden treasure in Anatolia as many days of patiently waiting for delving more deeply.
* Chapters Rock Memorial, Lukyanus Monument and Inscription: Chapters 70 ton single piece of basalt monument in the village of a god, the god depicted two lions and a second degree. Figures in the fountain of Plato and Alacahöyük'tekilere due to its similarity to the monument of Hittite Queen of the 13th century BC, thought to date from the 4th quarter of Tuthalia. There is a must-see monument when you come to the village of Chapters: Lukyanus Memorial built on a rock 10 meters high relief of a horse. As understood from the inscription on the death of a teenager named Lukyanus ailesince monument was built. Lukyanus'un also held to provide the name of the inscription written in the rules of wrestling müsabakasının. The exact date is unknown, but a monumental work of the Roman period. Take the rock-carved directly opposite iwan is estimated to be the burial place.
* Erbaba mound: Neolithic Age about 7500 years from the clear words or more, this is a mound which is a multiple of four cultures. Plenty of hand tools, various-sized pots, clay figurines excavated past addressed. Animal bones in the mound, wheat, barley and lentils remains of humans and livestock and agriculture Playing around with the evidence at that time.
* Beysehir Bridge: Ottoman Anatolia at the beginning of the 1900s the railway was built for the partnership. Is regarded as a symbol of the town. Today, this density is also open to traffic, but enough did not come from a new bridge built next to. Lets compare old and new in terms of aesthetics and elegance. Previously uyaralım; Results will not at all pleased.
* Blind Ini / Newborn: Blind Ini (summerhouse) Cave 9 kilometer length of the underground corridors to the feeling of a human being. Another impressive monument of nature corridors newborn. Beyşehirliler world's largest underground river flowing between its lakes and the Manavgat Waterfalls, he said. Do not Do not think this is limited to Beyşehir has more than 40 caves. The lake takes up one-fourth of the district's surface area. Water sports at the national park, the extraordinary beauty, birds, surviving legacy of the Seljuk leaders turning baffled.
* Anamas Forests: pristine beauty, cute animals çıkıveren suddenly in front of you, you will see a combination of all shades of green and blue rivers. Possible to set up a tent.
* Village Square Akburun Funerary Monuments: the Neolithic period in Anatolia, based on historical examples of this type of burial Beyşehir met. Neo-Hittite period vulnerable to the destruction of these monuments of nature, unfortunately, been abandoned.

The composition of Pamukkale was elected Europe's best poster

Graphic artist Emrah Yucel's "Pamukkale" composition was elected Europe's best posters. Yucel with great reputation in Hollywood in 2009, "Cappadocia" again with the first had been.
The United Nations World Tourism Organization held every two years, "Tourism anıtma posters" contest, Emrah Yucel's a work of the European Continent "Pamukkale" Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Malta, Croatia, Poland, Spain, San Marino, Georgia, Greece and Portugal 'remained together with the last 12. Turkey's Tourism Promotion Plan was prepared within the framework of the jury declared that the first promotional poster.

Living in Los Angeles, "Iconisus L & H" graphic and image communication system, the owner of the design Emrah Yucel gained reputation for designing posters for Hollywood movies. Ferzan Ozpetek Yucel also underscores the film posters.

The only cave in Thrace, which opened in the influx of visitors to the cave of Dupnisa

Acting Director of Culture and Tourism Kırklareli Fikret Majid, have Dupnisa cave in Thrace, one of the 17 cave and the cave is open to visitors, he said.
Dupnisa cave
The cave is opened to visitors on May 15 and since then had been a flood of visitors who expressed Majid, the number of visitors increases every year devem''he says. 75-80 thousand people have visited this place last year. I'm guessing this year will exceed 100 thousand. The cave is heavily visited, especially by the students,''he said.

Dupnisa their landscaping project for the Cave of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism submitted a reminder Majid, said:

Bridge over the creek''done with our project, determination of the walking trails and landscaping is located. Simulation and discovery that half of the project summaries of the file sent to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We estimate this project to minister enters the 2012 investment budget. On the one hand to the cave in the protection of ecological balance and the methods we plan to contribute to the local economy. Make a sustainable plan. We take into account the protection of the ecological balance of the visit, many of the cave. The bat has a large number of aqueous mağaramızda. This mağaramızda visits starting on May 15, will end on November 15.''

Dupnisa Cave

Strandja Mountains, 60 kilometers away from Kırklareli and rent asunder by deep valleys near the village of Demirköy township Sarpdere 2 Marbles of the caves are formed in geological time, and consists of three parts connected to each other two times.

Dry and wet sections of the cave, with a total length of 2 thousand 720 meters of the system the top floor of the cave is dry and girls. Completed the development of these caves is located 50-60 meters below the cave water. Continuously flowing through the underground river and 345 meters above sea level and 1977 meters in total length of the entrance of the cave's mouth. Than 61 meters above the entrance is the last point.
Girl cave, bats living in tourism because of the intensity is turned off. Opened in 2003, Turkey's best-known caves in the literature of the cave in the Dupnisa caves, underground river and the river formed with a continuous flow, a depth of 2 meters in some places is reaching the ponds. Dry and wet caves, milk white to red and every shade of brown color with a huge stalactites, stalagmites and columns that include scenes with the flag stones and drops the stone pools.

The cave is located between the literature of Turkey's best-known caves Dupnisa Cave, in 2003, made in lighting, walkways, stairs, construction of which the transition between the two cave was opened to visitors. With each passing year continues to increase the number of visitors to the cave.

Bodrum in October, the moving

Opportunity for local and foreign tourists who know the beautiful air, Bodrum Kumbahçe, Paşatarlası, swim in the sea beaches of Gumbet and Bitez, enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Some of the time spent by tourists walking the beach Kumbahçe.

Prinsendam''''brought 430 passengers

In the meantime, Canada and the U.S. flag, 204 meters long, 430 passenger carrying the Netherlands, 28 meters wide, with 10 floors and 403 staff,''called''Prinsendam cruise ship, docked in Bodrum Ferry Terminal. Descending from the ship passengers visited the city's historic and tourist sites.
Hoteliers Association President Orhan Kavala Bodrum, Bodrum, tourism has continued despite the entry of the autumn season, said,''goes the beautiful tourist beaches on the coast are showing interest in the weather. There are flights to Bodrum, until the first week of November. For this reason, I would estimate the duration of tourism in Bodrum, the end of October,''he said.

Declared the World Friendship and Peace Village Fethiye Kayakoy

Located 8 kilometers from the town of Fethiye, historical background, dating back 3000 BC In ancient times, known as''''Karmylassos Yeri'ndeki Kayakoy ruins preserved for future generations of structures for the transport study was initiated Muğla Chamber of Architects.
President of the Chamber of Architects of Mugla Ertugrul Aladdin, 1922, the exchange is being sent to Greece after the Greek Cypriots living in the village at the Turks in Greece are located in this region, he said.

Placed in the village that settled on the plain, leaving the Turkish village of Aladdin,''historic homes here for many years, neglected and was unconcerned. From the Greeks back at the stone houses, fountains, cisterns, shops, a chapel and the remains of the church's two large,''he said.
Kayaköy last 20 years, visited by local and foreign tourists in particular, closely followed by public opinion which stated that a district Aladdin,''back at better things to do every day is getting worse. From here, scientists, researchers, artists, doing work, and these studies are published. However, for some reason he did not return to its service Kayaköy. Period of time has passed, the walls torn down and the roof collapsing. Growing fig tree structures makes it invisible. Here, new studies must be done,''he said.

Back at the axle of life'''

Kayaköy architecture, belief, way of life different from other regions in terms of saying that the Aladdin, said:

Branch and Representative Office in Fethiye Mugla''with the Chamber of Architects and Architecture Platform with Kayakoy Mediterranean 'back at the axle of life' organized a meeting. Hüznüyle loneliness living ghost town without losing its historical structure of the houses have been restored here çıkılarak, culture and faith tourism must be turned on.
Kayaköy interviews here in 2 days for the transport of a moment before recovering in the future I have some ideas. One of these re-forms of the original houses have been restored for tourism kazandırılsın Kayaköy. Kayakoy architectural structure of their homes and be able to know the details of the youth belonging to a very good idea of ​​establishing the olumlusuydu craft workshops. This suggested the idea of ​​the French professor, claimed to be so much easier Kayaköy opening to the world. The project is opened to the world came back at the world's young people can learn craft, he said.''

The main purpose of the event is open to the public who said the world KAYAKÖY Aladdin, said:

''Our goal is to open to the public, especially science. Because of a need to be under the spotlight in every aspect of Kayakoy really. If an ordinary KAYAKÖY KAYAKÖY would soon lose the service of wildlife tourism. A new understanding of tourism in that region KAYAKÖY losing revenue, and the understanding of the cultural tourism, we lose the future. This fact must be lived hundreds of years that people never forget the wars may be at any moment.
There was a time back at life. This is life with animations, interactive reconstructions in the form of museums, museum of exchange to be taken to correct a completely different environment. This enrichment of culture and architecture as well as a very suitable place for generations to know each other better.''

''People have a sorrow "

Cultural tourism should be given back at training that will serve the people of the Aladdin,''have met here with the inhabitants. They study all kinds of tasks for the transfer of future receivables Kayaköy maintaining and said studies contribute. I have back at a different cultural tourism. Perhaps too much untested in Turkey, there is a type of cultural tourism. Back at once in the Ottoman culture of peoples of different religions and races have lived together as a result of an exchange of architectural ruins left behind by the sadness there,''he said.

Suggesting that a prisoner would be no case of wild tourism Kayaköy Aladdin, said:

Kayaköy''then no property, there is no compelling as well. Because then it becomes an ordinary settlement, and for people to visit cezbetmediği not, and when left to its own devices as a residential area which is not in the remains. Even at this time do not call back at the wild should be tourism destination for cultural tourism is not an appropriate service. Here you become wild slowly moving towards the type of service. For this reason, back at the gradually reduced interest. This is a very bad thing.''

The ticket prices''8 pounds 5 lira dropped '

Chairman of the Executive Board of Association of Travel Agents in Fethiye Turkey Salih Tasci, back at the tickets from 18 March 2011 cut off by TÜRSAB said,''as many as 40 thousand people visited KAYAKÖY 25 September 2011. These revenues were 207 million visits,''he said.
Tasci, Kayaköy of Fethiye's most visited archaeological sites by expressing that,''the domestic and foreign tourists show more interest in the historical sites of Kayakoy. Almost all of the passengers on the ships moored in the harbor should visit KAYAKÖY. TÜRSAB'a back at work was cut from 18 March and tickets. We are also the ticket prices of more ago 8 pounds 5 lira sent down on July 1. Thus, while further increases in the number of illegal entries into the past we have. Some kind of conservation work to be taken back at the number of visitors come to the city then I predict further increases in the coming years,''he said.

Record breaking number of tourists coming to Turkey from France

According to information from Turkey's Tourism and Cultural Counselor Yavuz'dan Hasan, who visited Turkey in 2011 January and September, the number of French tourists increased by 45 percent compared to the previous year, reached 1 million 250 thousand.
Yavuz international tourism fair that ended in Paris, then answering questions,''at the beginning of the year as a goal that they put a million and more for a long time before the new year, it said that''they are quite happy to pass the target figure.

Germany, Russia, Britain, Iran and Bulgaria, then a maximum of tourists who visited Turkey this year, ranking 6th in France taken place in expressing Yavuz, said they expect to continue in the coming years the increase in French tourists sayındaki.

On September 20, starting and ending in Paris on September 23 the exhibition for professionals in the tourism sector, in terms of Turkey passed a very successful record Yavuz,''Turkey is a dense stand of the representatives of the sector this year has nothing to do. Wider than ever to us a hundred-square-foot booth design provided an efficient working environment,''he said.

Turkey stand 13 tourism industry representatives, Mugla Mugla Region with the coordination of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye reminiscent of that of the 3 entities representing Yavuz, Regional Representation for the first time it is performed at the fair booth and regional representatives of the consultancy to carry out their own areas of demonstrations was leaving, he said.

Sapanca Lake Basin and the development of the tourism vision

Gural Sapanca town of Sapanca Tourism held at the Joint Vision and the Integrated Strategy Formulation Workshop Toçoğlu speaking, Sakarya Sakarya Sapanca Lake for drinking water that meets 90 per cent said that an essential element.
Projects to be developed in order to protect the lake as a municipality that is always expressed that they would support Toçoğlu, said they stand behind the decisions to be radical.

Pointing to the need to maintain a scientific understanding of Lake Toçoğlu,''Sapanca Lake basin, tourism and develop the vision and strategies to create the first lake in this context, the need to protect. Protection of the lake, of course, the existence of ecological system conservation and sustainable is important to make. This protection is provided as long as there can be no development of a strategic vision. One of us is not just a matter of effort, demonstrating the protection of the lake that can be solved. There are duties incumbent on every person and institution on this issue,''he said.

Abraham is the Mayor of Kocaeli Karaosmanoğlu industrial waste, agricultural pesticides and pollute the lake, and accordingly decided to evaluate the scientific elements of the said claims.

In healthy people, and for the development of the lake basin that points to the need to protect, such as eyeballs Karaosmanoglu,''we will take steps accordingly awarded on the basis of scientific brief section. I believe that. From Europe are much more subtle. They came to major disasters by living them. We have to take the necessary measures without these disasters as Europeans,''he said.

Kocaeli Governor of the lake water pollution prevention system Ercan Topaca attract attention builds the base to set up the problem, the protection of the lake in the municipalities of Kocaeli and Sakarya gelmeleriyle together the capability to create a common unity, he said.

Governor Mustafa Sakarya basin to protect the Great lakes and high sensitivity are displaying the record, said the lake should take decisions on protection are also very interesting.

Workshop that ended today, October 21 until Friday, the brand's web site for the protection of the relevant section of the lake views and suggestions collected and decided to prepare a joint plan.

the town's famous thermal spas healing Yalova

Yalova Thermal is located in the middle and is famous for its healing thermal springs.
County, was founded in Samanli Valley. Ferhat lands irrigated with river and Samanli Valley with its small rivers. Transitions between the Black Sea climate and terrestrial climate which has a mild climate. The territory of rare plant species were grown together in a natural phenomenon.

Slopes of mountains, springs from the alienation of the Roman and Byzantine Samanli utilized. Steam from hot water sources in villages and Üvezpinar Gokcedere underground because god inanışmış lived here, and this region was known by the name of Therma Pythia.

Blind during the reign of the Ottomans for a long time interest in spas, Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan, mother of Sultan Abdülmecit's rheumatic pains again attracted attention when it comes. Abdulmejid, the old baths newly renovated and opened liaison offices, mansions, built facilities, foreign investors have in common, and operation of facilities as a result of the Yalova Thermal, at the end of the 19th century has become a very popular tourist and health center. However, because of the wars that broke out ardarada fled their country to foreign partners dropped off into the forgotten springs, again received attention in 1929 on a visit to Ataturk. Future of the water by the city of Yalova Atatürk who want to built a pavilion and the mansion is now a museum, the first years of the republic's government was used as a venue for summer work. Today, such baths, hotels and museums covering Yalova Thermal Resort is operated by the Ministry of Health.

90% of the district's income from tourism is provided. 7 units in the district is located in a large hotel. 80% of the dwellings are pensioning. Beekeeping is done in the district.

Topkapi Palace, the official residence of Ottoman Sultans

Topkapi Palace 400 years of the Ottoman Empire during the 600-year history, the state's administrative center and is used as a palace of the Ottoman Sultans lived.within a time to 4,000 people lived close to.

Ottoman Empire during

Topkapi Palace, built by Mehmed II in 1478, nearly 380 years until the construction of Dolmabahçe Palace by Abdülmecit center during the administration of the State and has been the official residence of Ottoman sultans. In its initial years in an area of ​​approximately 700,000 sq m area of ​​the palace today is 80,000 sq m. Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, the palace's inhabitants, with the start of the Yıldız Palace and other palaces to live in after being abandoned by boşaltılmıştır.Padişahlar the importance of the Topkapi Palace where many officials resided kaybetmemiştir.Saray never been repaired from time to time. Month of Ramadan, the Sultan and his family visited by the Holy Relics in the annual maintenance of the Office of attention has been given a separate.

Topkapi Palace

In 1465 Sultan Mehmed II initiated the construction of the Topkapi Palace.

Topkapi Palace, the first time, almost like a museum visit coincided with the period of the opening Abdulmejid. After that time the British ambassador Topkapi Palace Topkapi Palace Hazinesi'ndeki gösterilmiştir.Bundan Hazinesi'ndeki items to show foreigners, tradition becomes the oldest pieces in time, and Abdul Aziz, empire style was built glassed windows, the Treasury's antiquities to foreigners within the display cases to show başlanır.

Topkapi Palace

II. Abdul Hamid ascended the throne and the Topkapi Palace 

Treasury Hümâyûn decremented time to market and to the public on Tuesdays at the opening of this gerçekleşememiştir been considered. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's orders to be opened to the public on April 3, 1924 Istanbul Asar-ı Atika Museums Directorate of the Treasury of Topkapi Palace Kethüdalığı connected, to serve as secretariat of the Treasury of the Topkapi Palace Museum Directorate başlamıştır.Bugün continues to serve as . In 1924, visitors can surf the need for some minor repairs made, and after taking administrative measures, the Topkapi Palace, 9 October 1924 was opened as a museum. At the time, which was opened in sections Kubbealtı, Supply Room, Mecidiye Pavilion, Hekimbasi Room, Mustafa Pasha Pavilion and the Baghdad Pavilion.

Today, the palace attracts large masses of tourists in 1985, the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is one of the most historical sites in Istanbul Historical Peninsula.serves as a museum today.

amasra draws attention to increase the tourism potential.

Amasra, the Western Black Sea Region, is a town in the province of Bartin. Draws attention to the potential of an increase in tourism in recent years.
Stretched out towards the sea, a nose, the nose on both sides of a sheltered harbor that serves as a dependent and independent of both the bay and islands with the mainland with a unique visual beauty in both the 3000-year history of Amasra, both the charm and sport fishing, based on the local arts, as well as the surrounding forest itself fields with one of the places worth seeing. Amasra is still the original fish restaurants, hotels and countless household clean medium-sized tourism and contribute to pensions.

13. Amasra century, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror seized by the Genoese in 1460 organizes an expedition in October. When on a hill overlooking the city is famous words that a certain admiration:
«Lala, lala!, Devastating-i Cihan this m'ola" and sends a notice to the castle: "This is a place as beautiful as I do not want to damage the castle, bring me the key. »

Commander of the castle on the hill where the switch makes it the Conqueror and conquered the city without a fight after ashland zapdedilmiş olur.sultan conqueror Kipchak Turks living in the region of Karachi-Eflani yerleştirir.yani here, the region's first part of the Turks in the EU Member States to Kipchaks olmuşlardır.yörenin local voluntary, forced the rest were forced to immigrate to Istanbul.

Cappadocia balloon tours of interest is increasing every day

Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK), an invited group of Cappadocia Balloon Business Manager Hasan Aytekin Press mensubuna THK introduced balloon flights.
THK balloon flights beginning in 1983 and since 1995 under the Parachute School said that operate in the Cappadocia.

Until last year on behalf of other companies began to fly passengers flying its own this year, representing THK Aytekin, balloons to their bodies, the best companies in the high-quality fabric is produced by the special design and is equipped with extra safety equipment, said.

A total of 94 passenger capacity within THK Gokcen Aviation passenger balloon of 3 and 5 that education about the Aytekin, taken together with 4 new balloon will reach the said passenger carrying capacity to 150.

The most effective way to see the unique beauty of Cappadocia balloon tours Aytekin stated that the first light of dawn slowly with balloon floating over the great works of nature bear witness to an unforgettable moment, he said.

Balloon tours of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation with the increase in interest and the requirement to have a balloon getirmesiyle at least 5 companies in the region, indicating that there were an explosion in the number of business and the balloon Aytekin,''the company organizes tours of the region, the balloon and the balloon was an increase in the number of more than one hundred per cent compared to last year,''he said .

Aytekin, regulating the number of companies in one year, from 8 to 18 balloon flights, balloon 120 has been received and the number of 60-70s said they added new ones every day.

Can handle a maximum of 75 balloon flight in the region at the same time, some problems may lead to more emphasize the Aytekin,''Ballooning activity, trade in the world with the highest reported in the Cappadocia''he said.

Tourists coming to Cappadocia, tours to about 10 percent participated in a balloon and a turnover of 30 million pounds which is concerned about the Aytekin,''THK, the hot air balloon tours last year with passenger carrying around 12 thousand, 2.2 means we have achieved. In the first 8 months of this year, around 4 thousand 500 tourists had made a balloon trip,''he said.

LGD under the balloons between the hours of 6:00 to 7:00 each day dawn havalandığını and out of about 300 meters high, watched the sun rise and expressing the general views of Cappadocia Aytekin, photography has been entered into the valleys and fairy chimneys balloons almost seyrettiğini dokunurcasına away, he said.

Aytekin, balloon tours to the Far East was the most intense interest in it came from tourists, the Spanish, French, German, British and Czech tourists, said watching.

With the marriage proposal of ballooning

3 pack includes tours of''standard''Balloon flight tour lasts approximately 1 hour and the fare is 175 euros per person, indicating that the long flight''package''Aytekin said the changes between 1.5 to 2 hours.

Aytekin,''''private flight tours are arranged according to personal choices in these rounds, and those who wish to solemnize the marriage or married in the balloon to offer the greatest demand coming bulunacaklardan expressed, according to the size of the bubble in the price of such uçuşlardaki began thousand euros, he added.

Balonculuğun Turkey now operating in other regions should be found by breaking the shell, emphasizing the Aytekin,''THK for the region as a narrow our thinking about the future of the Phrygian Valley between Afyon-Kutahya, Pamukkale, or are in search for other places''he said.

Aytekin, in Cappadocia, in 1997 1 Organizing the World Air Games in Turkey recently, the International Balloon Festival of successfully representing THK said, adding that the target of editing.

September sunshine on the shores of the Aegean is a sweet place to silence the noise stopped

I love the months of September, my ayımdır, because I was born in this month. I try to always live in September for his pleasure. I did so again and hit the road at the beginning of September last year. My intention, after the feast relatively sessizleşen gönlümce dolaşmaktı southern coast. This is to be a vacation trip, taking pictures, taking notes, would not rush to scurry on the mountain slope.
I went, I've traveled, ate and read. All of these actions that he gave as good as I did, I could not share them with you.
On the road, I started eating and drinking business Akhisar. I would go to Akhisar Köftesi'yle longing. The taste still lingers like the meatball was at a time.
My first stop was Kusadasi. Each time as I did, the sun sunk Kismet Hotel's scenic bar. Walk about the environment when he was sitting where, how much concrete buildings çirkinleştirdiğine winds is this beautiful, once again I am sorry.
Six Historic Plane eat dinner, "way better" duraklarımın flavor was the favorite of most. This restaurant, watching the pleasure of dining in very few places I lived in the sea bird's eye view. As usual, a variety of appetizers made from local herbs, extra virgin olive oil, almost floating in the legs, octopus, squid filled, in the end, enjoy the fresh sea çıkarta çıkarta I had the sea bass.


The next day, the breath of Marmaris and Datca, Gokova Gulf area overlooking Bördübed bought a small holiday village. Which is founded on the banks of a stream in the forest, this property is small, it was a place based on the full cinime. The sound of a bird, chasing each other ducks bağırtılarından, a kind of breathtaking uninterrupted cızırtısından other sound heard, August beetles. Plenty of time to read books just put my mind staying here. Me (a bit exaggerating) I had enough books. I got the breath of the beach of the facility without delay. Reached under a pine tree, rushed between the lines.


Described in books so interesting, that my head for five days little kaldırmadım books. Bunaldıkça heat, jumped into the sea swam a long time. I miss how much difference such a monotonous life. Last day out of the hills, and watched the sun set in Gokova. Hours in the mountains of the Datca Peninsula, all the details that were lost. Each other, leaving the differences in tone. Dark smoke, blackened silver, gray-black a lot ... One was sitting in the foothills of smoke. The foot of the hill, beating the waves, the coast turned into white foam.
Holding the sun disappearing at the end of Datca, the car's drive Calarina Bizet "Pearl Hunters" to put it. Nadir's aria listen, look at the reflection of sun, sea orange dream journey went on.
Of course I did not neglect this beautiful moment mataramdaki sweeten with malt whiskey.


Climbed a book bag with me "fall break" before the second section, I will stop in the flavor near Datca Peninsula. One of the places to enjoy eating dinner, was the Selimiye Sardinia. It gave the sea a restorandı shoulder. Tables had taken refuge in the shade of banana trees. Connected to the pier in front of foreign-flagged yachts, the dream was causing their journey. Familiar but delicious entrees, the sea çıkanlarla Chinese spring rolls wrapped, stuffed zucchini blossoms season arrivals, bouncing tartılırken balance of fresh fish, in addition to all this, a dark blue sea ... All of these people, eating and drinking enough to touch.
Another address was in the village of Willow Bozburun. Restaurant "Landscape" in the name of the really deserved. Accompanied by a cool wind across the islands, the boats are far away, a sea of ​​indigo blue phosphorescence oynaştığı, against the hills, bright, warm sleeping under a yellow fields ışıltının ... This is the magnificent picturesque landscape, a modest restorandı. This family of Dara Bircan lady of the house had starring entity.


After finishing our journey Bozburun'daki Göcek turned the steering wheel. Since it is difficult to reach by land remaining virgin town for many years, together with the construction of roads in the lap had done. Surrounding hills "triplex" villas, began to appear like mushrooms. The town is slowly losing the old property. Shops, restaurants concentrated around the port. I took a fish feast at the restaurant on the beach Lemon.
End of the season is quite a reasonable price for the rent a little boat bays have opened up to the right. Muhammet'ti young captain's name. Walks us through summer, tourists, was fishing in winter.
We stopped at the beginning of the chain of islands, bays of Göcek Island before bed sheets. When I thought boyandığımı the sea blue. Swam the shadows of the pines upon the sea. Muhammad brandishing a fishing rod when I found the boat. Akyaların fish flapping in front of the leak was small. I özendim him, but the two of us, even a fish and a tavalık yakalayamadık.
Then Yassica yanaştık Island. Ediciydi drive so that the sea here, again, without drying out mayomun atılıverdim waters. Then Olive Island, Pig Island behind her saying it was time. Shipyard Island, making the engine stern, sat on the beach restaurant. Keeper of the island operated under the arbor, fresh yoghurt mayaladığı guard his wife, he did the goat cheese, green olives are breaking all the family all together, made of crimson domatesleriyle shepherd garden salad, warm bread with the production of the additive by themselves, we ate a delicious lunch. After dinner, the boat reached under gölgeliğinin, I stopped myself okşamalarına wind. From my bed, I watched the waters into the blue of indigo mixed with dark blue to purple.


Muhammad left the route. I told him to take milk harbor coves. We were then Sıralıbük'e before Bedri Rahmi Bay. Bedri Rahmi, in 1973, and Sabahattin Eyuboğlu Azra Erhat with the move out of the blue bay and anchored next to a fountain made of a stone figure of a fish. Bedri Rahmi Bay after the name of the village, formerly known as Tasyaka had begun.
Bay, the sea, leaving myself with clay, I threw off me lunch stupor. From there Boynuzbükü, Akbükü saying, I was out to sea on Enter subtracting time. Gocek Port Mohammad vedalaşırken him, told him was coming to the winter fishing. Time I boarded the car for the return path, pink clouds in a place far away "yarn rain" I saw turned into. Vacation was over now. Life for a while, I pressed the brake, the ride was going full throttle.
(The trip's sponsor, Mercedes-Benz Turk Inc. transportation. Is.)


Write a wish of the journey before

German author Winfried Löschburg'un "Cultural History of Travel" was the first I read the book. I have made the book very interesting information. For example, travelers 18'ici century until the beginning of the daily cruising speed, the average ranged from 25 to 60 kilometers. During that period, I mean travel, often meant a long walk.
Journeys in the middle of the century in the book is narrated as follows: "People before traveling lets you streamline your work, and wrote vasiyetnamelerini. Passing across Europe, Siberia, who want to reach such a journey had to separate for one year. A ship set out from France, through the Cape of Good Hope to China, reaching about 650 a day, round trip to Peru three lasted more than four years. Big-bellied wooden ships in port for weeks, sometimes waiting for the appropriate wind emergence. There was a sea-voyage in a more ambiguous. One of every ten passengers who set off towards the U.S., the goal could not be reached any time ... "


"Cultural History of Travel" from the tour guide as I learn from nitelendirilecek first book was published in England. In 1836 the London publisher John Murray wrote the "Red Book" by the book, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Rhine area is narrated sight-seeing places. I learn from a book we use today such suitcases 1870, he emerged with the expansion of rail traffic around. The first railway line in England on September 25, 1825, was opened between Stockton-Darlington. Train service in America in 1829, 1831, in France, Belgium and Germany, in 1835, Austria and Russia in 1837, the Netherlands and Italy began in 1839. In 1843 the first trains on cross-country, between Belgium and Germany were.
Max von Weber, trains before the journey, described: "fathers getting into the mail car, she wore a huge, gray coats, fur hood and heads, heavy boots and thick gray wool socks to remember who that? .. Those who wears the worst clothes of the journey, so that the car is dirty and, aldırmazlardı wrinkle. Piponun homemade sandwiches and counseling of the pockets had to be large enough. Drum made of wood, iron and very heavy suitcases. Women, early hood, feet, shoes and the tops of cotton felt, even if they çirkinleştirip paltolarla rough, would try to protect against the dangers of traveling ... "
Again, I learn from the book's first tourist trip, a carpenter and itinerant preacher, Thomas Cook, the British organized. Berlin's first world tour in 1878, the brothers Carl and Louis Stangen marketed. Seven people attended the tour lasted eight months.


As you might expect a book so full of interesting information that I finished in one breath. Journeys at the beginning of the century, the challenges as you read, I prayed that revs traveler am not. Because he could not bear to field trips every Babayiğit. The book says of that period sıralanıyordu Requirements for browsers: "the traveler, the body must be strong and healthy. All journeys should withstand, according to the situation, or a car trolley alabilmeli road day and night, eating in front of what içebilmelidir konursa. Flimsy and delicate that the slightest inconvenience to the people in their homes otursunlar yılacak better ... "


The second day I started reading the book was about the discovery. Joachim G. Leithauser German writer named "the world beyond the horizon" in his book tells the story of discovery of the world. This book had some interesting information. For example, Christopher Columbus, America was amazed to learn the size of the ships used during the journey of discovery. At that time, the size of the ships, "tun" is the same. Tun, was the name given fıçılarına great wine. The amount listed in the bottom of the deck tun, the size of the vessel showed. Columbus' time when the largest of the vessels was about 50 tun. In other words, the famous explorer had crossed the oceans in ships the size of 50 barrels.
The book, by all accounts, he had no speed boats, kitchen and cook. The only way is used for cooking, in a corner of the deck, the fire burned to the floor by laying sand. Given a hot meal once a day, the sailors will use all the dishes and the hands of the only places where a wooden bowl. Types of food is often undercooked, salted meat and hard tack with the peas, lentils, and Pisces. The need for toilet sitting on a chair in the gunwale sarkıtılan made of everyone's ironic gaze.
I learned from this book what it meant to the Pacific Ocean. Fernão de Magellan, Portuguese navigator, first saw the ocean air so calm, so that was like linen, here, "Sea of ​​Tranquility," which means "Hand Mare Pacifico" he called.hürriyet

 Mehmet YAŞİN

Akdamar Red andesite stone church built in the church

Akdamar Island, Holy Cross church in Jerusalem and then to Iran have been evaded, 7 Van century in order to accommodate a part of the rumor of the True Cross King It was built by architect Manuel between the orders of King Gagik 915-921.
The church was established in the south east of the island, the medieval Armenian art in terms of architecture, is considered the most brilliant works of art. The exterior of the church which was built of red stone, andesite, low-relief in the form of processed rich plant and animal motifs and is decorated with scenes from the Bible received. The church property also has a unique position in the history of Armenian architecture.

1296-1336 chapel of the church on the northeast, west jamadun (communal house) on 1793, south of the bell tower 18 were added at the end of a century. In the north of the chapel's history is unknown.

Along with many other Armenian monuments in the east in 1951, the government orders the destruction of the Church of Aktamar agreed on June 25, 1951, demolition work started, and by chance know what happened at that time, a young journalist, who stopped by the intervention of Yasar Kemal.

For decades the church as a neglected period of 2005-2007, under the leadership of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Armenians of Turkey and neighboring Armenia as a step towards the development of relations with, the expenditure of $ 1.5 million has been restored. Some restoration work in international cultural circles, "political purpose" is defined as. Church on 29 March 2007 Culture Minister Ertugrul Gunay and re-opened as a museum, the participation of Deputy Minister of Culture of Armenia. After restoration work, church, Turkey on September 19, 2010 Spiritual Assembly of the Armenian Patriarchate, the Patriarch, Archbishop Aram Ateşyan Attorney General held a church service on the management of, here in the first month after a lapse of 95 years. 

Aydin province, historical, cultural and natural values, beyond having

Aydin province, historical, cultural and natural values ​​is more than just the tourism activities are most intense in the middle of western Anatolia. Also, with tourism the most important sea port to be nervous, Aydin, the sector has become one of the most developed provinces.
Aydin, Aegean Sea to the west was opened, every aspect of tourism in Kuşadası and Didim districts, more folkloric and archaeological values ​​of the other districts is more suitable for the daily visits. Therefore, investments, these two coastal district were collected and the future demands are concentrated in this region. Another importance of the province of Aydin, Izmir metropolitan area and directly within the domain is very close. Izmir, with motorway connections to 100 km away from the city center of Aydin, Istanbul, 930 km, 530 km away from Ankara. Way to the sea, the province is provided in the port of Kusadasi, the port of Izmir to the use of larger ports are used.

Railway, Denizli-Aydin-Izmir, Turkey's first railway line, as well as the Soke extension runs through the province. Aydin-Izmir highway is on the Menderes Airport, Izmir, Kusadasi and Didim, as well as the service is therefore the province of Aydin. Aydin province, climate suitability and ability to deliver a long tourism season is one of the most important factors encouraging. Mediterranean climate is warmer months in the majority in the province of Aydin. At the same time the sea water temperature from May to October months of the year, covering half of the ability to provide water sports and swimming. Also, at the beach open to the public beaches in the province and neighboring provinces in the settlements of arrivals, including day trips or week-end benefit of this kind are quite common due to climate conditions of use and convenience of transportation. This demand bassist Soke, Aydin, Denizli and cities are Nazilli. In terms of east and west of the province of Aydin is the difference between the tourism sector. Domestic and foreign tourism in the west as far as possible use of resources, which opened in the appropriate service, while those with the potential situation where a part is the use of initiatives is required to open. The eastern part has been serving for more domestic tourism. However, historical sites, and variations will be created in these areas may lead to the intensification of foreign tourism. Aphrodisias and Pamukkale tour itineraries covering the east of the province due to be used by foreign tourism. coastal and historical places, health tourism (thermal), historical and architectural monuments, historical sites, museums, traditional crafts, traditional festivals, such as camel wrestling, culture, tourism, sports tourism, hiking-trekking, horse-nature tours, golf, diving, land and sea fishing, swimming, sailing, water sports activities such as sports tourism in the province have the potential to be developed.

CULTURAL TOURISM: Aydin province in terms of archaeological sites in Turkey is one of the richest regions. Hittites in 4000 BC until the end of the day, Ion, Lydian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk Anatolia, Aydıoğulları, Menteşeoğulları and is part of the province of the Ottoman Empire, as a result of this accumulation, with its ancient cities and museums, particularly in the domestic and foreign tourism is a big potential in terms of has. Important part of the ancient settlements in the West coast of Miletus, Didyma, Priene, and intermediate in the south Alinda, Alabanda the north Tralleis, Nyssa and Aphrodisias in the east and north near Izmir, Ephesus and Virgin Mary's house, east of Hierapolis Denizli, Muğla, Labranda the south, and lasos Halicarnassus was the ancient cities, historical and archaeological sightseeing areas creates a very intense demand for tourism. Urban centers, mosques and Nazilli'deki Arpaz Castle, Castle Bozdoğan'daki cortex, Koçarlı'daki Cinci Castle, mausoleums, madrasas, mosques and public baths, and promotions should be done restorations weight granting the above-mentioned periods of Roman and Greek ruins outside of the Seljuk and buildings for tourist visits to the Ottoman periods, promoting tourism in the province will give a different perspective. Of the other attractive elements that can create demand for tourism in the province, the old urban tissue, with the local history of the residential buildings, festivals, authentic rural settlements, customs, state looms, camel wrestling, picnic and recreation areas of forest and plateau is possible to count. see different cultures and cultural works, watch, participate in the folkloric activities, local cuisine, music, wear the traditional activities such as monitoring, to make visits, with facilities in the province of Aydin. And interesting examples of civil architecture, Kusadasi is one of the rural settlements near the village of Kirazli, architecture and carpet weaving looms as well as tissue, hair, such as buttermilk pie-in services that offer local food qualities, and near the Cave Lion çekmektedir.Eski tourists to China with the architectural fabric, 14 Ahmet Gazi Ibrahim Mosque and the tomb of Ahi-century Asarlık near the locality of the rock-cut tombs and ruins, the historical settlement of a remarkable hand-made arts. In addition, Aphrodisias, Bozdogan district of Neopolis Olukbaşı Turkmen village of tents, traditional clay is produced, and these tents are being taken to provide authentic clothing, local food. The festival is usually held outside, and especially in the tourism season, camel wrestling, but rather by the participation of local people and domestic tourism is provided. Camel wrestling, although a limited number of foreign tourists also attracts quite. Also Sultanhisar Nazilli, Partners, Germencık, İncırlıova, Kuyucak and pavilion buildings, the railway station, 19 century economy and transportation are examples of living history.

HEALTH TOURISM (THERMAL): small-size thermal plants located in the province of Aydin. Germencik'teki Alangullu (Bozköy), Omerli and Silver (Gümüşilica); Kusadasi Davutlar Sultanhisar'da Buharkent'te Salavat and a total of 6 regions for use in thermal plant area. Alangullu Ilıcası Germencik Bozköy locality. 32 rooms and 70 beds capacity, the Municipality has established a certified indoor thermal pool. In addition, by the Special Provincial Administration and the modern thermal cure facility and accommodation facilities were built, the region's largest and most modern spas, was one of the state. Gümüşköy Ilıcası Germencik Gümüşköy locality. Silver thermal plant, a very small facility with a capacity of 2 rooms and 4 beds. Davutlar: Davutlar resort town of Kusadasi which is near the settlement of a private resort hot water spa area is not a partial accommodation. Salavat spa: Sultanhisar'in west. Is still active.

SPORTS TOURISM: Aydin province, water sports and sea sports in swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, parasailing and water skiing and also diving spear fishing with the boat or from shore-fishing is also performed. This is sports, swimming, surfing, water skiing and parachuting out of them with a pedalo, banana skiing for recreation activities, such as more settlements, and even tourist facilities, or people are more heavily used beaches in the bays where. Underwater scuba diving areas in the special case of the groups recognized and organized tours to these areas, in order to monitor the dives are supervised. To do this the old sunken ships, amphorae, or seal, such as coral reefs are areas with natural features.

Caravanserai 12 km from Ceyhan to the wolf's ear. southeast wolf ears town

12 km from Ceyhan. Kurt southeast Beldesi'ndedir ear. According to the inscription of works in the Museum of London 1659'da caravanserai was constructed by Hussein Pasha, the architect Mehmed Aga.
Adana and Aleppo on the caravan route caravanserai in Kurt's ear range, range, looks like an Ottoman. Robustness of the castle has a very thick and solid walls a caravanserai.

Consisting of a large rectangular plan has different features in the eastern front, the classic architecture of the caravanserai. Fringe on three of the walls of the area over the whole body as strong as the stone which has been reinforced by buttresses. Tabs on the Eastern front, with the exception of the caravanserai plan for a standard size of 45.75 X 23.60 meters, with two rows extending transversely to each other with pointed arches and pillars, and all the upper cover which constitutes the merger gives rise to longitudinal barrel vaults.

Referred to as Capital of the Kingdom of Kizzuvatna Comona

Referred to as Capital of the Kingdom of Kizzuvatna Comona located within the boundaries of the town of Adana's Tufanbeyli Şarköyü'nün is the name of the former settlement. Also referred to as Commona. Cukurova Region, which is a kingdom Comona Kizzuwatna'nın the most important religious cities of the Hittite period.