Dead Sea resort of Fethiye, October sun delights tourists

Dead Sea resort of Fethiye, air temperature 31 degrees measured Taking advantage of the warm air of domestic and foreign tourists, beaches filled.

Some of the girls sunbathing on beach loungers Belce from the tourists, who took out the tourists can enjoy the sea.

This year we are experiencing the intensity of the 13th Festival of the Dead Sea Air Games in towns, tourists sunning on the beach, Dad Belcekiz Beach landing after jumping the Mountain was followed by paratroopers.

Adrenaline loving tourists, bird-eye views of the Dead Sea by Father had the opportunity to jump to the Mountain. Tourists who vacation in the Dead Sea, because of the festival held a variety of activities on the beach, the last hot days of the summer season evaluated.

Weather in Istanbul to participate in festival games Selim Eternal Life from the Dead Sea, is a different feeling into the sea in the last days of the summer season, said,'' Istanbul, the weather was nice, but it was not hot enough to swim. I came with my family to air games festival. I did paragliding jump in the morning, in the afternoon we enjoy the sea with my family,'' he said. cumhuriyet

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