image of the man that rises up to 10 meters from the sea flying flyboard

Used in the world since the beginning of the year, peaking at 10 meters at sea and water sports, flying man image in Bodrum, which was introduced by flyboard.

Seeing the man eagerly following the introduction of trainers tourists flying in the air could not hide his astonishment. Then a new thrill ride of about 50 tourists flyboarda enjoyed living.

Tourists loved the excitement of

Produced at the beginning of January and the Mediterranean countries, which has become a passion Akçabük flyboard bay of Bodrum today's event organized with water sports equipment is introduced. Water Sports and Rescue Association President Arif Yılmaz Bodrum, Turkey Sezgin's Jet Ski Federation Vice-President also watched the show Cenk PRM Tourism Management Consultancy and Foreign Trade. Company managers and trainers presented.
Kite Board trainer and champion Mert Akça'nın Turkey, flyboard dive into this with the re-emergence into the sea, after rising up to 10 meters, making the same motion over and over again, turning flips in the air and in water and inverse interest and excitement to kick followed by a large number of tourists. Fışkırtıcı a pressurized water jet hose that connects tourists with skiye ten feet from the surface of the sea has photographed plenty of Akça'nın rising. After the show lasted about an hour to fly about 50 tourists tazyikiyle flyboarda enjoyed riding the water. Some tourists in the interesting images uçamayıp was crashed into the sea.
PRM Manager Cen defeats, can learn in ten minutes flyboardu said everyone knows how to swim. Yener, skiye jet in January, produced and used by connecting any device with all the European countries and the water sports offered for sale in Turkey began to be used at the same time. An increase in thrust to ten meters under the sea and with a completely water tazyiği There is no danger of running this tool. Will be used for the first time in the world this year. Just as dolphins swim under water for several minutes, and Superman to resist the force of gravity as an ideal sport for enthusiasts and adrenaline addicts said.
Bring Excitement

Bodrum Water Sports and Rescue Association President Arif Yılmaz, tourism, water sports and a new one is added to diversify the behalf of the said sea. Yilmaz, on behalf of diversity and excitement to a sport that is new. After receiving the necessary authorizations from the Federation instructors can easily be applied to all water sports center. I can tell as soon as he said could become Flyboardun passion.


Cenk Jetski Federation Vice-President of Turkey Sezgin said flyboard discovered the third dimension, and water sports. Water sports are intertwined with tourism is no longer any that is not possible to distinguish one from the other Sezgin, Flyboard sliding on water innovation as well as by flying under the water that can be done by bringing the sport. Provide entertainment, as well as the coordination of intelligence and also important for the body. Competitions are currently in Germany. Rapidly spread throughout the coasts of our country believe that short period of time. In the future we can also arrange competitions he said.
Demonstrations of Didim, Marmaris, Fethiye tourist centers, such as will continue. Turkey Flyboardun sales price of 5 thousand 500 euro, while water sports rental fee stated to vary between 15-25 euros.habertürk

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