Iliad, mentioned in the ancient city of Troy, Trojan War passes

Formerly known as Troy or Troy (Hittite: Vilusa or Truvisa, Greek: Τροία, Ίλιον Troy or Ilion, Latin: Troy or Ilium), thought to have been written by Homer in the Iliad, one of the two mentioned in verse epic war passes the ancient city of Troy.
The ancient Mount Ida (Kaz Dagi), on the outskirts is located in the province of Canakkale. In the 1870s by the German amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann discovered the ancient city, near the village of Tevfikiye works largely from Turkey, Germany and Russia. The ancient city, the World Heritage List since 1988, the National Park status since 1996.

French is the language of the ancient city, the effect of "Troi" In reading the word in Turkish, the word in Troy, now replaced by "Troy" has started to leave. If the main reason the city's historical and internationally, "Troy" and is known as the Turkish accurate reading of the word "Trojan" is. But the issue is still controversial. In particular name is common in old documents, the Trojan and the Trojan War is still common name as in the case of Troy, to name some.
The ancient city, the center of the town of Canakkale Tevfikiye west of the village, "Hisarlik Hill" is located at (39 ° 58'K, 26 ° 13). Hill, 200x150m size, 31.2-altitude, and also a large part of the limestone layer.

Hisarlik a hill where the ancient city's long-term bilinmesede, the hill of the archaeological remains in the region, such as the name implies, is near the surface and therefore was called the local sakinlerince hill Hisarlik savunulabilinir opinion. In addition, when it was established the city of Troy Hill Hisarlik, KARAMENDERES and Dümrek River, flows into the bay at the edge of a drop-down her throat, and Gallipoli, it is now thought to a place much closer to the sea.

And given the name of the city, where, today, about the historical district of Çanakkale Province Troas, representing the Asian continent (or Troad) is called.

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