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Chewing grapes and grape molasses pouring boiling Shira Boat

grape juice and copper shed gains Molasses land additional operations

Chewing grapes and grape molasses boiling boat Shira elution of how to do Şinefet accumulated grapes foot boat called breach of grape juice and copper shed gains Molasses land additional operations

Grape Syrup Boil the final stage on fire

Grape Molasses final stage on fire after boiling in a cauldron to boil over

Grape Molasses final stage on fire after boiling in a cauldron to boil over Copper first big copper pan and stronger fire that began with the process molasses boiled ends here

Grape Syrup Boil molasses soil and filtering Shira

juice filtration After putting in accumulated other

Boiling Molasses Grape Molasses Molasses land and Shira filtering soil is prepared for the first boiling grape juice filtration After putting in accumulated other gains

BBC Travel Camera's May 31, 2013 Taksim Park events

With the participation of hundreds of security officers to intervene, Travel Park,
With the participation of hundreds of security officers to intervene, Travel Park, hundreds of activists in the early morning vigil 5:00 remaining in distributed gas grenades and water cannons. Amnesty International, Amnesty International,'' Peaceful increasing police violence against demonstrators, causing severe injuries. Excessive use of force must be stopped,'' he warned.

Orlando Bloom arrived in Istanbul for a commercial shoot

lord of the rings orlando bloom Pirates of the Caribbean series, the world-famous star arrived in Istanbul for the ad film shoots, welcomed the famous star of the fans at the airport

Stories Behind the Scenes video of Coca-Cola Rize 2013

Advertising for the filming of the movie we were in Rize. Anchovy met at the table with the same bird. Nailing, stuffed cabbage and rice with anchovies joined us both laugh and had enough flavor.

smart dog that saved British tourist's sinking boat

lodos boats sank a British tourist's paradise holiday in bodrum boat aground dog rescue efforts was the largest contributor.

boat rope wrap around a tree, a dog with extraordinary efforts prevented the boat from sinking

Turkish Airlines Airlines has the youngest fleet in the world, advertising video

2012 Skytrax airline awards europe best country in the world premium economy class airline that flies the best seat.

35 million passengers a year, more than 200 cities in the world with the chief meal service on board one of the youngest fleets in the world, more than 190 aircraft since 1933, the national airline of the best links from north to south east and west of the world, of Europe's most popular transshipment center in Istanbul 97% of the world's best aircraft to accommodate a good meal customer satisfaction

Norwegian tourists crashed 400 meters from doing acrobatics parachute

wanted to do acrobatics in the air, but the misfortune was after the movement of the pilot parachute

paragliding paratrooper hanging strings together moments of peril arrived it said its camera displays the town of Fethiye, Mugla skies

Istanbul's Grand Bazaar color images with the Panasonic Lumix G5

A short walk through the narrow alleyways of the colourful and frantic famous Grand Bazaar of Istanbul with the Lumix G5....

Vitra bathroom culture lake house advertising video

Vitra bathroom culture lake house advertising video

Anatolian ceramic culture with thousands of years of world brand Vitra

into the ritual of purification Turkish Bath homeland territory, and with thousands of years of world brand vitra Anatolian ceramic culture.

area of ​​personal renewal Vitra Vitra bathroom bathroom bathroom experience the culture of the world takes a holistic

Vitra Blue Life® Sustainability Approach promotional video

A tribute to Earth's resources vitra The Earth is unique in the solar system as a home to life To sustain the vitality of our blue planet blue life

Vitra Bathroom culture Bathroom design Advertising Video

vitra bathroom culture creating the total bathroom personal intimate maintenance space Inspired by a wealthy heritage

VitrA Another World Bathroom Culture Advertising video

vitra another world bathroom culture istanbul,london,paris,milan,berlin,hamburg, dublin,moscow,atlanta,orleans,singapore,sydney,dubai,beirut,stockholm,seoul,taipei,melbourne,

Dutch tourists, young Turks beat slap kick

fight for each other, even in the middle of the street did not mind kicking attacked the accident

Marmaris is a popular tourist center displays Dutch tourists came out of a discussion after discussion among young Turks attacked the Dutch tourists, young people

Projection Mapping in 4D Galaxy SIII Rumeli Fortress, Istanbul, Turkey (1080p)

The launch of Samsung Galaxy SIII Turkey a wonderful show special ...

May 30, 2012, the magnificent Rumeli Hisarı'ndaki had the chance to watch thousands of video mapping show two continents.

Projection Mapping 4D Magnificent Launch Show for Samsung Galaxy SIII Turkey ...

Thousands of European and Asian people in Istanbul had got the chance to watch magnificent Rumeli Hsiari 4D projection show in Istanbul at the Bosphorus on 30th of May, 2012.

Latanya Beach Resort hotel opened the blue waters of the Aegean sea, private beach,

By Latanya Latanya Beach Resort Hotels chain has been established on an area of ​​17,000 m2 was opened on July 2007. 16 km from Bodrum city center, located 40 km away from Bodrum Milas airport.

Latanya hotel Beach Resort, opened the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, private beach, a quiet environment, beautiful tropical gardens, pool area 520m2 (480m2 & 40m2 adult children's pool), surrounded by olive and pine forests preserves the natural beauty and comfort of its guests comfortable and high houses all inclusive Latanya with the concept of original and exclusive hotels of a vacation spot.

The hotel is serving within the Mini Club'''' Tamba, professional staff, playground, activities and moments reflecting the cozy cinema room for children and families with children with the aim to make a comfortable vacation. A separate children's pool with slides for children, activities and entertainment field.

Latanya Beach Resort guests the most comfortable Standard room-King office, offers a stylish and luxurious accommodation. Deluxe and Suite rooms with sea view in the main building guests a combination of elegance and comfort, while finding the blocks of the Standard and Family Rooms Resort Hotel feel privileged ambience and comfortable accommodation.

Our hotel is within the range of food and drink outlets, a quality service to its guests and offers international cuisine options. Tried Restaurant, breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style offered by rich variety; Sea A La Carte Restaurant, dinner guests a quiet and elegant environment with care and related service personnel are able to receive. Cook their own meals in the hotel designed for guests who want a different experience, "Mangal Restaurant" offers guests a combination of pleasant moments and taste.

How to tell real Hereke carpet and the carpet, video watching Learn to imitate Hereke

Hereke Rugs are expensive and even the copies are expensive.

But a real Hereke Rug is at least two and a half times more valuable than a comparable copy but how can you tell the difference. Here is something that you can use that most experts don't even know.

Turkish baths features and promotional videos

Here in the Turks and the Ottoman Empire after the conquest of Istanbul, Turkish bath made over the thousands. In the seventeenth century, only the 168 largest bazaar in Istanbul had a bath.

Turkish baths are divided into three main sections:

Locker rooms
Bathing areas:
Hammam (temperature);
Heating location (furnace)

Locker rooms

Has a large sofa and benches around the bay. Washed people, these terraces lie to rest.

Is entered in the bath section passing coldness. This is also divided into several sections: one by one, everyone bathed in the so-called per Basin, chiefly called off and washing the cells alone. One is located in the heart of stone stretched out on the sweat pouring. Here, marble baths, and various geometric shapes can be made from the floor of a higher place.
Heating room - furnace

Under the bath, where you lit the fire. Flame and smoke from the fire, private roads under the marble floor, wall passes through them, from the chimney, called tüteklik.

On the hot water boiler furnace hearth, he or she is on the cold water tank. Several channels at the bottom of the stove, bath, bathing in the middle of the place extends to below the navel stone. Effective in January, wood burning flame and smoke, it goes to the bottom of canals in the navel stone. Hell here is very hot in the dark at the bottom of this stone.

Bazaar baths, women on certain days of the week, other days are open to men. Adjacent to each other are those who double bath two baths, one for women, and the other is reserved for men. The baths are open.

All the baths of Istanbul was recognized. Bayezit for the occurrence of the former, Cemberlitas, Hoxha Pasha, Hazelnut baths, bath etc Mehmedağa Fatih. there. There were also baths destroyed over time to withstand damage. Especially since none of the famous mansion baths left today. Only palace baths (Topkapi and Dolmabahce), as architectural monuments from different periods, embellish Istanbul today. Other than these, of course, the hot and sulphurous waters of the famous spa baths in Bursa, Turkey, dotting every part of Gonen's thermal baths and spa baths are also normal.

Another aspect of Turkish baths, steam bath, Finnish bath on the basis of their utter. Today the world of sport, perspire quickly utilized in these baths to lose weight. In this regard, all athletes can benefit from the Turkish baths.