What to do if you are on holiday in Marmaris, definitely!

At the beginning of the most important elements that make an attractive tourism in Marmaris yacht gelir.

Tüm water sports are allowing the coastline of Marmaris, Blue Tour unforgettable memories live. (For routes from Marmaris yacht charter blue cruise and see the Blue Cruise and Yacht Tourism pages.)
Daily excursion boats

Head 30-minute journey from the port districts with tour boats ulaşabilirsiniz.Cennet Island Paradise Island is actually forested peninsula and the island for swimming and a break as a place where kaplıdır.Lokanta and tour boats ponsiyonların stopping point.

Phosphorous Cave, Citrus, and a natural cave, which is frequented by tour boats to Kumlubük'e clean, green and turquoise-colored waters of the aquarium-like swim.

Small boats can go well into the cave.

Farm, especially in a place of their choice other yachtsmen. Hillside Village by the sea, such as accessible as possible to go in 2 hours. Huge sandy beach, an arbor restaurants frequented by yachtsmen have been modest, with a bay environment. Also in the village, jeep safari tours are carried out.

Orange uniquely beautiful towns of Marmaris, Paradise Island, Bozburunu, Turgutşelalesini, Liar throat, without a visit to Günnüceği,

Visiting Marmaris Museum,

Marmaris tarhana, sura eating ice cream,

Without having to visit numerous ancient cities, ...

The ancient city of Amos on the top right off Hisarburnu'nun dated to the Hellenistic. The ruins of Amos, drama with a temple and statue pedestals can see the remnants of the walls surrounding the city.

Time is an important harbor city of ancient Caria Phykos Asar hill north of Marmaris ruins of the city region.

TOMB Sariana
Marmaris is located in the northeast. Sariana Mosque, a shrine near. Rumor has it that the soldiers during the cow's milk fed Rhodes campaign of Suleiman the Magnificent.

In 1522, Muğla-Marmaris road, 10 km from Marmaris. is.

Bozukkale "LORYMA"
Everyone Bay, Peninsula, south-west are broken. Walls are impressive. The bay was used as the base for the navy of Athens during the Peloponnesian wars.habertürk

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