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Alternative tourism highlights await holidaymakers Adrasan and Olympos

Alternative tourism highlights await holidaymakers Adrasan and Olympos
Alternatively, depending on Kumluca Adrasan prominent tourist destination and with the options shown in Olympos, before the tourist season has completed preparations for the new.
Near the town of adrasan bed capacity of 2 thousand 500 final preparations before the new season was the 80th operation. Natural environment to visitors, offering a holiday away from the stresses of city Adrasan, noting that natural beauty and historical riches.

Sarıkavak a part of tourist businesses Adrasan River shore, the beach is a part of. Founded on the shade of the plane trees and the sound of the creek where the water had a chance to rest, holidaymakers can enter a short walk to the sea. Holidaymakers also went sailing day Taking Sulu Island, carp, and you can find opportunities to roam the bays of the Genoese.

Adrasan Hussein Aykurt tourist business owner, said the city away from the stresses of domestic and foreign guests looking to take in the natural beauty that is expected hamlet.

Say that the natural beauty that brings significant tourism potential inherent Adrasan Aykurt, visitors to the region during the march holidays çıkabildiklerini, the capabilities of diving in the sea, mountain and boat trips to get involved, he said.
Aykurt, Adrasan arrivals to suit all budgets can find the opportunity to vacation, holiday, half-board per person per day varied between 60 and 150 pounds, said.


Olympos has the capacity of 60 beds in operation for about 3 thousand. Holidaymakers can stay at the bungalow or wooden houses built on trees. Visitors rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, boat trips and participate in sporting activities such as white water rafting.
Different from other holiday resorts of holidaymakers from Olympos to enter the sea from the ruins of the ancient city is undergoing. After a walk of about a kilometer from the sea can be reached, offers holidaymakers to cool off.

Olympos tree houses owner Kadir Kaya, Olympus is ready for tourist season, hearts amused, in the natural beauty, adventure filled activities that is expected by those who want to spend your vacation.

welcomes nature lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of muğla

For summer, the sea and the beaches and towns of Mugla preferred, welcomes nature lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of the region in the fall.

Effective, while the majority of the cold weather in Turkey, famous for its natural beauties of Muğla Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris and Datca districts experiencing the last days of warm autumn months.

Last week the air temperature drops below 18 degrees, local and foreign tourists who vacation in Mugla and nature enthusiasts, organized excursions discovering the natural beauty of the region.

It adds to the beauty of autumn in a separate photo enthusiasts and holidaymakers in Las Vegas, Gökova National Park, famous for its natural beauty, Marmaris and Bodrum, yellowed edges of the gutters leafy trees shade thousands of cameras and cameras viewing the ölümsüzleştiriyor from green to yellow. Some holidaymakers enjoying the sunny weather at the beaches and cafes.

Alternative tourism activities are in muğla

Emphasizing that it is very important for tourism Mugla Sahin, many years ago, put target of 3 million foreign tourists caught a few years, especially this year, despite a significant decrease in tourists from England and entered a total of 3 million again.

5-6 million foreign tourists in Muğla easily expressed ağırlayabileceğini Falcon,'' especially in the last period to mobilize the potential in our city, there are efforts to bring them into commercial products. Alternative tourism, especially cultural tourism, such as. Thus, tourism has diversified as well as the amount of time we will be reaching out,'' he said.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the governor and civil society organizations are making efforts in this direction are very nice about the Falcon, so in the fall, spring, or even winter season would be possible to attract tourists, even the Mugla Province. cumhuriyet

Kartepe, a riot of colors of autumn, visitors are fascinated

Referred to as Industrial Capital of Turkey's richest in terms of natural beauty, the town of Kocaeli Kartepe, a riot of colors of autumn, visitors spellbound.

60 percent of the forest land structure in the center of winter tourism in the district of Kartepe Samanli the unique beauty of mountains and plateaus of the region, embodies the pine, beech and lime trees in all seasons due to take on a different color.

Winter and water sports, paragliding, where activities such as hiking Kartepe, canyons, waterfalls and nature lovers dereleriyle giving unforgettable moments.
Beauty, wrapped in a rainbow of colors consisting of separate Kartepe the advent of autumn, take pictures of the surrounding cities, and especially those who come to visit is plenty of material. cumhuriyet

Tourism with its natural beauties vying to become the pupil of Mine Creek

District of Kocaeli, the Black Sea coast, the green fields, rivers and tourism with its natural beauty, such as Mineral Creek on its way to becoming the pupil.

Write to the beach is frequented by many local and foreign visitors. Since it is near big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara Kocaali people from places you have chosen to spend the holiday weekend.

Mineral Creek Natural beauty, rest areas, Camping Places, Natural Trout Plants, Waterfall and Stream in removing people fatigue and has been the biggest factor in making a nice holiday.

Mineral Creek in a wooded area quite often in the right and left banks of the stream flowing in a deep valley, beech, chestnut and oak trees located between footpaths, constitute a suitable environment for walking. Following the path on the rocks opened the first years of the republic sung in various caves in the region inflows are a gold mine.
Mine is a mine closed and the roads are still used some of the tunnel. In addition to trout and carp fishing in the stream where made.

Mineral Creek Historical

Is said to have opened a gold mine in the early years of the republic. Mine is a mine closed and the roads are still used some of the tunnel. Mine Creek, north of Trench Town, after having gone a long way Çal Kocaali'nin Emerging from the west, 30 km to reach the Black Sea.

Quite often in a wooded area right and left banks of the stream flowing in a deep valley, beech, chestnut and oak trees located between footpaths, constitute a suitable environment for walking. Following the path on the rocks opened the first years of the republic sung in various caves in the region inflows are a gold mine. Mine is a mine closed and the roads are still used some of the tunnel. In addition to trout and carp fishing in the creek made ...

Belonging to the mine tunnels, roads, etc. still in use. The walk from place to place during the use of this tunnel. After walking for about 1 hour and 15 minute encounter with a beautiful waterfall .. Mineral Creek, approximately 10 m from the waters side by side with two separate arms. A small pond is on the decline in height. Genovese said that just behind the waterfall about 15 m. I have a set height. This set is formed by weaving, and mining of stones seen as a dam on the creek.


Especially in the healing waters of Mineral Creek, psoriasis, diseases, stomach aches, and is known to be very effective in healing wounds. Of course, the best example of boiling water with images and natural healing for many diseases has been a source of healing water and got flooded with all four seasons with the visitors. fuel oil with the healing waters of Mineral Creek Mining stream position is covered by forests in a decent resting place in the hot springs environment.

The hot springs of natural origin, rheumatic diseases, skin and heart and circulatory, respiratory, women's, digestive system, kidney and urinary tract, bone and calcification diseases and metabolism disorders is good. There is a small accommodation facility near the spa.habertürk

Canyon valley type, vegetation, hidden treasures of the churches and chapels with the Ihlara

Canyon valley type, vegetation, churches and chapels with the nature, history, human and cultural phenomenon meets the Ihlara Valley, continues to work for the recording of hidden treasures.

Tectonic uplift and then collapse püskürmesinin Hasandağı volcano thousands of years of stream erosion suffered as a result of the proceeding on the current state of Melendiz the Ihlara Valley, the natural beauty of Cappadocia is the most important.

Advancing 18 kilometers along the valley by drawing close to 30 Melendiz stream meander, the splitting caused by a deep and steep terrain and stunning majestic beauty, arouses your interest. Starting the valley town of Ilisu, Ihlara town, village Yaprakhisar Belisırma and then ends at Selime.
Nature, history meets the valley

Ihlara Valley 100-120 meters depth, like a wall around the steep cliffs end at the creek Melendiz a rich vegetation of trees and stands out peanuts. Nature, history of the churches in the valley where the first examples of a combination of MS 4. dates back to centuries.

Steep slopes carved tuff easy to carve numerous monasteries, churches, temples, caves and secluded places-residential building which is an ideal place of refuge for Christians in the first frescoed churches in Ihlara Valley, the land is very rarely in the nature of a treasure of history. 4. century onwards, and residential center, which has become an important monastic Ihlara Valley, which reflects the period of art is housed within many churches.
11 records in the Ihlara Valley century, more than 100 churches, 16 monasteries, where many religious education centers and tens of thousands of people are actually living in more than 1500 settlements. These units are connected through tunnels carved into the rocks, planets-boggling.

The stairs descending into the valley of Ihlara order of hundreds of town visitors on a large portion of this region gezemeden leaving the entire space. Not too much to visit the valley of steep cliffs and connects them to the settlements and parts of the rock-hewn passages are still being identified and studies initiated to be protected.habertürk

tourism and activity holidays suitable Daday kastamonu here are all kinds of

Daday, approximately 30 kilometers away from the province of Kastamonu. Ilgaz mountains with the Globe. In a sense, our country 'oxygen tent' region of the so-called. It is a geography, tourism and activity holidays suitable to any kind is done here.

Daday is surrounded by pine-covered forests, three thousand five hundred inhabitants, a district of Kastamonu. Opened a facility in this district in December 2009. Elixir Resort Town name of the facility. Sema Potions Retired math teacher Aydin and his family, their dream life in his hometown, and here are opening sails to implement Daday Kastamonu. Sema says Aydin Elixir;
"I Dadaylıyım Kastamonu. I was born in Kastamonu. We visited various places of Anatolia due to my father's duty. Balikesir Faculty of Education degree. I taught math for 23 years. After the 1980s, settled in Istanbul. Daday, however, a very special one for us. Dreams of life, understanding the nature holidays, family coincided with the idea of ​​all of us. When we decided to build this facility Let us break from the idea that everyone wants to set off. Here, we want to calm resting, action and adrenaline wanting to move, who want to be with nature is intertwined with nature, local life, who spends his time in local life.
At the same time, to live with the art of wood, wood construction and wood-carving workshop chair Daday, started a small gift such as building workshops. Anyone living in a different experience, making your dream vacation. Here, natural products, food, wide range of activity possible to make dozens of trekking'e kayaking in nature. For example, Pond Laying come here by bicycle, there is fishing, bird watching is done, we organize barbecue parties. In addition, a professional nature, horseback rides and safaris is also provided. Thus, time spent with pleasure. Nature tours, as well as organize trips to historical and cultural values. Travel routes for the various activities in our region have created a close. Hotel guests, if they want or they are accompanied by local guides, tour route, we remain alone with nature. "hürriyet

The cradle of great civilizations thousands of years of history of Gaziantep

The cradle of great civilizations thousands of years of history in Gaziantep, which have been accelerated in recent years won great importance to history and culture tourism investments. Domestic and foreign tourists have visited more than 1 million in Gaziantep, the shore of the Euphrates River to visit the ancient city of Zeugma, opening history and natural beauty and history of the world's first written work of restoration in the host Rumkale the ancient city of Carchemish excavations, with the completion of the agreement is expected to draw 5 million tourists a year.
Special Provincial Administration of the Secretary-General Jaafar Yilmaz, education and cultural tourism in the year 2012 to implement projects launched by year said it would be passed. The views expressed collect the fruits of tourism projects,''has exceeded 1 million tourists from Gaziantep. 2023 goal of 5 million tourists. Achieving this goal the opening of visiting the ancient city of Zeugma, Rumkale, Karkamış'taki excavations will be a great contribution,''he said.

Investments in tourism this year, someone will be highlighted, at the side of the Euphrates River town of Nizip Zeuma Antique City is open to visitors that Yilmaz, Monuments High Council within the scope of the projects in the city of the ancient landscape work, recreation areas, walking paths, lighting, parking, turnstiles, cafeteria , said they will dig house and pier.

Yilmaz,''project will cost 1 million pounds. Tender at the moment. Entering the work will begin at the beginning of the spring and summer, Gypsy Kız'ın birthplace, where the historical location of the mosaics will open for tourists to visit. Excavation continues there. Tourists are able to see the excavation site,''he said.

'We will shoot more tourists'

Other objectives of Gaziantep Castle is open to visitors who expressed an Jafar Yilmaz, who is 2 years of restoration is complete, the castle was made on the walking paths, and also shut down the top of the mosque here, said bath. Yilmaz, said:''has instructed the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in 2012 we will open the castle to tourism. Panorama of the Museum of Heroic Defense and by the stairs in the castle, the castle will provide on the output. His project, we have contacts, I have a source. Işıklandıracağız top of the castle, as well as cafeteria will open that will not affect the rate structure. Beautiful in the spring with a concert over the castle is now open to tourism.''

Transportation, tourism in terms of the importance of Yilmaz, 24-kilometer path Yesemek expanding tourism in the coming days would be opened and brought into a way to secure a comfortable, 34-kilometer road Rumkale tourism Development Agency would present their projects to complete the work, funds have been requested from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said.

Rumkale to a total of 6 million pounds this year will be completing the path of tourism that Yilmaz, finished by saying:''Rumkale even gets animated in 2012. There are restored houses. Restoration of the church and a mosque, a walking path, running out of the east-west axis. Cafes and boutique hotels will be. Rumkale, Halfeti and tourist trips organized with sand vapurumuzun of Zeugma are doing currently redecorating. Istanbul Bosphorus Tour by purchasing the double-decker boat for a trip to the big getirteceğiz. Road work will add momentum here, will increase the charm. Private sector investment will flow. So we will shoot more tourists.''

Green forests, highlands, and the Black Sea opened Akcakoca

Akcakoca Düzce gateway to the Black Sea, 35 kilometers of coastline, sea, nature, sports and cultural tourism opportunities to the fore. Castle Beach with blue flag, broadcloth Beach Park, the Genoese Castle, historic mosques, recreation and historic sites Akcakoca, a must-see town of Duzce.
The ancient city of the Western Black Sea resort of Konuralp stands out as one. The ancient Roman city founded on the Prusias Name Hypium Konuralp'teki 825 thousand archaeological museum, 456 ethnographic, 3 coins for a total of 6 thousand 118 thousand 837's work.

Samandere village 26 kilometers away from the city center, 28 kilometers away from Düzce with Samandere Falls Waterfall is 135 meters in height, as well as Güzeldere Yığılca Saklikent Aydınpınar Falls and Waterfall Cluster, is one of natural beauty to be seen.

Efteni Lake, located on the migration route of birds and one of the rare centers. Lake, 150 kinds of bird hosts. Holidaymakers, Akcakoca, Beyköy and set up camp Odayeri plateaus, Akçakoca can swim, Hasanlar Dam, fishing, rafting mevkisinde Cumayeri Big Melen river.

Düzce target, to improve tourism infrastructure

Governor of Duzce Vasip Sahin, Düzce, Ankara and Istanbul, a city of its proximity to the high tourism potential, he said. Governor Sahin,''aware of this as trying to prepare the infrastructure. Our primary goal in this. So what do you make so many people you invite, it maybe once people come hazırlamazsanız infrastructure, then all the heads of a wrong opinion, is a false impression and may not want to come back. Engaged to prepare the infrastructure for the project work. Our main goal Samandere, Seven Lakes and Abant Yığılca improve the route, even though accessible to the service of people,''he said. There are two tourist hotels Akçakoca, indicating that the two new Falcon will enter service in the hotel's more, the county's only convention center for tourism, but also said they wanted to be.

Welcomes nature lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of Mugla

Turkey, a large section of the cold air, while effective, natural beauties, the famous Mugla, Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris and Datca counties experiencing the last days of autumn.
The air temperature drops below 18 º C. over the last week of domestic and foreign tourists and nature lovers on holiday in districts, organized trips to discover the natural beauty of the region.

South Aegean Tourist Hotels Association (GETOB) President Ilhan Acikgoz, indicating that the autumn season for tourists, the majority of thermal tourism, tourists, pointed out that the majority of the middle aged. Cunning,''This is the tourists, Ortaca, Dalaman and Koycegiz thermal plants prefer. Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye, while those coming from the region's natural beauty, prefer tours advertised. Tourist ranking British, Norwegian and Dutch tourists, ranks high,''he said.


Popular tourist areas in Bodrum, in the fall season tourists are showing interest in the multi-cultural tours. Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archeology Museum, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Bodrum Antique Theatre, Myndos tourists visited historical sites such as Gate, the city finds the opportunity to see the natural beauties.

Waterside towns of Bodrum Gumusluk and the colors of autumn is the season. Poplar Creek resort of Gumusluk around the trees, shed its rainbow of colors offers yellowed leaves. Mansion in the town was covered with flowers in the countryside due to hot weather.

Turkey Travel Agents Association (TURSAB), CEO, Joy Gökbel Bodrum, Bodrum, with four seasons of natural beauty is expressed as''another beautiful fall season in Bodrum. Tourists from the city's history and beauty of our town, and the natural beauty of the show. Our agencies organizing tours for clients of various nature,''he said.


Depending on the natural beauty of the famous resort of Marmaris Bozburun walking paths leading to the waterfall in the village of Turgut, sararan leaves, colorful trees and nature lovers will welcome the holidaymakers. During the day holidaymakers who head to head with nature, about 15 minutes' walk to reach exhaustion by taking a break under the waterfall.

Participating in organized tours from Marmaris jiplerle domestic and foreign tourists, the county is located about 30 minutes by car you reach the village of Turgut with Bozburun town down the tools covered in flowers in the wilderness, is walking up to the evening hours. Meteorological officials in Marmaris never been below 18 º C. air temperature over the last week, said that the air temperature seasonal normals.

Eastern Black Sea, in winter attracts guests

During the summer months in clean air away from the bustle of the city with nature which is the popular destinations for domestic and foreign tourists
who want to stay in Trabzon, Rize, Giresun, Artvin, Gümüşhane and Bayburt provinces where the Eastern Black Sea, one of the true hidden paradise of Turkey. Historic sites and natural beauty of the Eastern Black Sea hosts many tourists especially in summer, winter, snow-covered plateaus welcomes domestic and foreign tourists. Eastern Black Sea, in winter skiing, hiking and trekking enthusiasts is attracting.

Trabzon Governor Recep Cranberry, Trabzon, mainly from the region said that the number of domestic and foreign tourists. Contribute to the development of winter tourism, which state that there are Trabzon cranberry plants,''the summer months to visit the local and foreign tourists to our province in the region began to arrive during the winter months. Almost like a rainbow of different colors from each other pastures, with a distinctive beauty in the winter months. This also attracts tourists coming to our province,''he said.

Who love winter sports, mountain and plateaus at this season of Trabzon, is a very important alternative for visitors wishing noted that the cranberry,''between Trabzon and Gumushane Zigana Mountain ski resort in a beautiful place to kayakseverler. In addition, those who come to our province in order to relax Hıdırnebi, Kayabasi and Zitaş Uzungol with highland cities,''he said comfortably accommodate facilities of Highlands Sultanmurat and lemon juice.

Cranberry, Trabzon, cultural tourism, as well as the 4 seasons, 12 months, saying they work to bring new activities to tourism with the idea of ​​tourism, said:''Approximately 30 percent of our city because it is the mountainous region and plateau tourism is the appropriate type of tourism started to come to the fore. Trabzon has been declared in some highlands tourism center. This structure works the upper and lower plateaus were public institutions and agencies. In the summers are hot and humid air of the highlands of Trabzon wide variety of flora and fauna, rich forests, crater lakes, rivers, streams exuberant, landscape images, hiking and nature walks, rafting, canoeing and winter sports, hunting and fishing, grass skiing, healing juices, local dishes, such as the values ​​and cultural life of the people creates a significant potential. In the winter snow with this beauty is gaining a different dimension.''