Bodrum harbor, St. There is a much larger yachts Tropez

German "Der Tagesspiegel" newspaper, Bodrum, Turkey introduced as one of the most beautiful vacation spots.

The newspaper, Bodrum, "Turk St. Tropez" I wanted to unleash a reputation as, indeed, the port of Bodrum, St. Because Tropez, where a much larger yachts, but without regard to showing off the rich and enlightened than Bodrum trying to attract people said.

Especially Göktürkbükü gaining great importance, and increasingly expressed Gümüslük news, socialite Göktürkbükü'nde always lots of fun until the morning, the coast of Bodrum in many local, tourists sitting in restaurants and bars in Bodrum castle, visible from virtually anywhere recorded.

Bodrum-Milas airport, tourists renting a car immediately recommended the news circulated in the environment, just be careful on the roads in the evening, the roads were warned that inadequate lighting enough.

Regional tourism officials, hotels and preparation of programs in April and October for the effort spent one year instead of all the news, was introduced in some of the hotels in the region.

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