Eyebrow, ancient cities, the legendary boat trips to Kekova is also very popular this summer!

According to the documents and findings from the villages of Kas, the most important region of the Lycian civilization.

BC Teke Peninsula coast Known to have been inhabited since before six thousand years. Section of land located on a hill overlooking the sea just west of Kas.

Big Pebble Beach in the crystal clear waters of Kas, there are small beaches, such as Pebble Beach and Akçagerme Beach. In addition, the boat can go Çayağzı Beach.

6 units located around 18 km from Kas Kas in the cave. away from the Blue Cave, ages Island Sea Cave, famous for its pigeons Pigeon Cave, the most famous ones. In the meantime, the Kaputaş Beach is a world wonder.

Besides the rich history of Kas more popular day by day, trekking, mountaineering, providing countless opportunities for nature activities such as rafting. For those who want to be alone with nature, a good option to create Gömbe'deki Green Lake and Waterfall Uçansu. Akdag at the bottom of Gombe, 70 km away from Kas. The highest peak in the Western Taurus after Akdağ sivrisinden Girls. Çekicidir.Gömbe attention to the small lakes here in the ancient city of Komba and 13 km from here. There is away from the ancient city of Nisa. In the ancient city of Kas has also Kandyba. In addition, a distance of 12 km from Kas can be seen in the ancient city of Phellos.
One of the important areas around Kas Kekova. Such land by boat from Kas to Kekova gidildiği visited and boat stay we also visited the three. The sunken city can be seen here. Istlada name known around Kas, Apollonia, Isinda, Kyaenai ruined ancient cities such as where there are many well known name. Many historic buildings are known or unknown name and history. For example, Fretboard Tysse, a small settlement on a hill in the village is near the low.

Kaş coastal fishing is done. In the region of the main fish species, coral, grida, grouper, red mullet, iskaroz, puts, bonito and the mullet ... In addition, those who want to eat octopus or squid yapılıyor.Taze, güzenle can order houses on the sea.

Almost all the restaurants in Kas, the dominant flavor of the typical Mediterranean cuisine. Also very rich in terms of local flavors. Gombe, Plateau, "especially in the kebab and ice cream taste. Plateau balıyayla yogurt, grape molasses, carob bean carob molasses obtained, is also very famous buttered keskek.

Kas, Italian, Mexican, or you can find restaurants serving French cuisine.

Those who prefer to drive, both in Antalya, Fethiye and Kas ulaşabilerler following the coastal road coming through.
You forget your fatigue all the way to Kas view you will see approaching.habertürk

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