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Turkey wild mushroom tank, Kastamonu Kure Mountains

Turkey wild mushroom tank, Kastamonu Kure Mountains on top of the dry season, the two fall later this year, partly productive lives.

September rains revived the area's famous kanlıca corks. Anchusa, purple çinçile gathering. The local people in the European cuisine to eat in order to recognize the porcini, mushrooms, such as şantarel also found. Kure Mountains National Park, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), with the support of the region this year to determine the richness of mushrooms, initiated a study to convert the theme of eco-tourism. This initiative is open to all, a series of events organized within the scope of October 3 to 7. Activities under the mushroom expert Jilber Barutçiyan Azdavay'daki Eco-Tourism Development Center, wild mushroom collection, storage techniques will provide information about. Azdavay Pinarbasi Şenpazar'da mushroom hunting Procedures and exit. Burn to Ali Mansion, mushroom dishes.hürriyet

The biggest tourism boom in recent years, followed by vintage carnival

The feast of the population of this small district of Çanakkale Tenedos full 16 times the visitors entertained.
The biggest tourism boom in recent years, followed by vintage carnival. Now, the crowds were. The island is covered with vineyards and valleys, plains, sea motorways, narrow streets lined with centuries-old stone houses, and curious travelers to the islanders remained. The grape harvest will continue until the end of September, beginning late this year. Adadaydım the previous week. Rent a bike, I turned the pedal between vineyards for five days. Coast road tasted figs, bağcılarla, I chatted şarapçılarla. Kulaçlayıp bays of the sea ice, such as bream, go wrong, and izmaritlerle selamlaştım octopus.

All day long in the hands of two beach bag from one end to another adımlayan Ayazma, prepared by his mother in the garden and glands collected acuru Ismail Galfan selling "this sahildeydim every summer for 20 years, never have never seen such a crowd. People feast on the beach, not in cars on the road, "he says. Tenedos in the second week of September holidays everyone weary: Kahvecisi, waiter, working day and night to bring bread baker, and even highways ... They explain the tsunami disaster, such as talk about the day he was nine. The distance between the two shores of the island which is 10 kilometers away from the most complete of 6 thousand 945 vehicles, 32 thousand 275 people have come ... July, 120 days from April 2009, a total of 56 thousand people came to the island considering a real tourist boom took place.


However, the most beautiful island in September of months. More conscientious in northeaster blowing. Increasing abundance of the sea, squid, sardines coast turns. The vine is takıştırıyor plug jewelry. When the yellow lights of the vast lush green vineyards September sun, similar to the statements of the Impressionist painters landscape emerges. Çiçekleniyor thyme coast road, the trees with honey donanıyor incirlerle. Barren island, deserted coves along the south coast charm of blue are increasing. Especially if a giant full moon at dusk over Lesbos see it rise like a balloon ...

The grape harvest period in September on the island. Coming from the opposite shore, the first lights of dawn until noon, the villagers harvest the grapes during the bağevlerinde cuts. Narrow streets in the center of the island by tractor carrying grapes, wineries salkımından leave immediately bored. The roads among vineyards such as vine leaves, it smells sweet.

Five years ago, when I went to Bozcaada for the first time in the middle of September, schools opened, the crowds drawn, vintage, was about to end. 5 log, rent a bike, run-down, turned the pedal off course different every day, my soul to light during the winter in my memory images, smells, sounds you saved. The grape harvest has become a ritual for me after this trip. Repeated in two years. The last two years in September, "Tenedos" he sayıklıyorum, but did not go to the fortune.
Day at work can spend a week to fade away, I went to authorization. I kept the path of island.

The first signal of the change, every time I received when I called my stay in the harbor of view. Operator has changed, at the end of the season, double rooms cost about 70 to TRY my accommodation was £ 320. Alaçatı'yla foot on the island when I compete in all prices, friendly places that I been forced to leave some of the shopkeepers saw, I'm sorry. Kamaşan eye out crowds landlords tenants, was put işyerlerlerine. Asked the former owners, "they leave the island had left the job," they said. Island Cafe Poppy syrup provoking my imagination, vine leaves and delight sardalyesiyle damağımı Bunch, crisp baking bread for breakfast every morning that I had gone into exile oven. In the past, some of the island's back streets of esnaflardan chat that I discovered the new establishments have been my friends for 40 years until I was happy.

Haluk the pier adjacent to the cyclist in the inland, the market had moved closer. 40 TL per person including breakfast on the hill behind the fortress overlooking the sea, moved to find an air conditioned room. Kiradım log 20 TL for five days cycling. Çantama marine supplies, water and fruit began to put the island tours.
Eco-tourists to the island increased, the quality had bikes. Stabilize the road that cuts vibration shock absorbers, disc brakes bicycles kiralanıyordu now.

Slopes of the exit became easily. Down the slopes descending to the shore I left myself a long, mechanical clinking sound of the wind, and immigration rather than just saying before the last songs in the air, bounces off me, I heard the birds competing.


The first business, the island's favorite picnic place and wooded area to the beach topping up Bozcada Suluçeşme Valley and took the road lined with vineyards. Slope out of the building office of the governor, I came across traces of tsunami bayramdaki Ayazma'ya saptığımda: lying on her back on the coast highway, or glued to the asphalt poor hedgehogs, cats, pet bottles thrown into the window of the car ...

When I was under my feet most of the plain of the island. The following links on the coast, small rocky islands. Poyrazla away from the dancing wind turbines ... Petrol station next to the pizzeria had opened a surprising elegance. My eyes searched for the past tomato fields. The island's famous tomato jam, a small egg-shaped tomatoes grown in these fields would be held. Ties, but the location of the farms, was Bagevleri. Papazbahçe locality, once owned by Ugur Dundar, passing through pine-clad bağevini elegant, garden wall, and then I heard screams of happy children, happy. This means that the home was sold and re-gained life. I stopped myself downhill. Milking, pale gözalabildiğine bond in front of me ormanıydı pine. Vine, and my nose was the smell of the dried herb Poyraz. Sacred spring out of the way, took a path not used in Suluçeşme. I went through the pine trees that the only way the island is stabilized. Zigzagging through the pits, while the islands in the middle of the forest I noticed two new Vineyard House. This means that the region was open for a zoning plan.

And then came the valley as the favorite. I entered the dirt road instead of 100 meters before the promenade on the right, and descend to Suluçeşme'ye. Maintenance-free bonds of the past have been cleaned up, strap mounts on the left was made on the slopes. Later I learned that the bonds of musicians Düzağaç'a Feridun, dark green leafy asmalarıyla ayrışıyordu environment. Underneath, the two sides, along the valley began Ties Talay. Educated many of this type of grape vineyards, including the famous Sgt. Away from the nose of Habbele Bay cliffs, windmills, northeasterly fled empty cargo vessels were seen anchored to reveal. I arrived in the shade of the oak tree at the side of the road bicycle. August beetles songs accompanied by the beautiful landscape sigh, I watched about half an hour. To pass through the dry season, irrigation vines were green, but not done. Clusters hidden in the shadow of leaves waiting for the shearing. Crates lined up ties inputs.

Head down towards the beach, 1 kilometer of the road no I did not want to end. I passed the links at the speed of the ant. Tara Guesthouse on the right end of the road I saw the new. Apparently, this valley had fans like me. They wanted to be a witness to 24 h on a bicycle instead of crossing.

The next five days, the morning sun, the valley many times I passed the evening at sunset. I ate two large figs with honey from the tree at the entrance, I listened to the voice of nature. I watched the sun dive into the sea turned into a giant orange. In this valley, roadside, I dreamed to become a fig tree.

DANGER at the Gates

Total length 40 kilometers of highway in Tenedos circumnavigating their rivals. Switch to a different route every day thanks to the connection paths between them, make new discoveries possible. Every day I go a different route, such as the Holy Spring Cove, a sea of ​​ice water, I threw myself. Approximately 100 meters off the coast, swimming in the rocky underwater nature park-like, octopus, bream, sarpaların photographed. In the evening enjoy a view of sunset and moonlight trips kept the bond.

Island had a dry summer. Dilution of the stewards, to clusters of grapes kıyamayan dried branches. President Mustafa Kırlı Bagcilar Cooperative, said in April that significant damage to the blight disease. Despite this, the weather slowly warming, slow ripening of grapes for wine grapes have promised a special season. View Talay hopes the island's largest wine producers, "fell to 25 per cent yield per vine. However, increased quality of the grapes, good wine will be the year. "

Mey is the first time this year, as the largest wine producers Kavaklıdere grapes had come to the island to get. Once upon a time in the Ottoman Palace APPRECIATED, delicate grape vineyards sergeant Tenedos Tenedos on the reduction of the Association, District Directorate of Agriculture and the municipal campaign, initiated the motion passed. New seedlings were distributed, posters suppressed, the sergeant again, the island turned into a star. Even the wine made, was released. District Agriculture Directorate is also carrying out the campaign for the development of olive growing.

Artists to inspire the heart of the island looms, beautiful table grapes sold for TL's weight this year 3. Red Globe surprised me most is to come across. Curious that these grapes to the island in three days I struggled to find lace, track down, but able to find after leaving the island.

Tenedos contains Cove Lighthouse and the southern part of the famous aquarium tour, again ran into flowering thyme. Prepare a small bunch, sniffing smelling of deserted coves, I turned the pedal on the way to a an up and down. The island's southern tip of the Cape of Marble, secluded bays, Ayana and Beylik'i distance I watched my favorite. I noticed two interesting developments: On the way, me and Zonguldak, Samsun-plate cars passed. So, until the island's reputation had reached the Black Sea coast. Aquarium on the Bay, surrounded by wire wasteland "Aquarium Bond Houses" sign was erected. Was rising just above the beach in a bay of Habbele SPA. I met by chance with my own eyes I saw the danger mentioned by Tenedos Association President Hulya Talay. Historic site to try to eliminate practices, protection of boards at a time when deployed behind closed doors in Tenedos "Conservation Development Plan" prepared, a zoning plan in the past covered many of the region "kazandırılacağı tourism," said. Years ago, settled in the Bay Aquarium, which produces electricity from the sun looked remotely Sea Pak-sitter. Prepared by the deserted bay for nearly 10 years, Public Radio released "Overseas" program, with the island sound of Pak, the world should be mourning these days ...

North of the island, covered with vineyards and pasture area were working feverishly. Edremit and Bayramiç'ten yevmiyeyle grapes cut off from the peasants, the daily $ 25. Table grapes in vineyards here, şaraplıklar mostly educated in other parts of the island. Most fig tree and the most delicious figs with Küçüksanayi Site Kurucesme this road, which connects satellite positioning ...

ŞARAPÇILAR assertive this season

1600 tons per year the island vineyards of table, 3900 tons of wine grapes are produced. The four largest wine company, mainly grapes, and uses the island. The amount of their grapes from outside the island around 5 per cent. 95 percent of wine produced is sold outside the island.

Ambitious companies on the island this season. Increased production of Talay and Corvus. Talay, last year this year after the white wine made with grapes of Tenedos sergeant subtly, red pinot gris, Tempranillo grapes started trial production. The four kinds of wine grapes in California this year the island Çamlıbağ will begin selling. The company also will offer a nostalgic product on the market. Hashim Yunatçı "ties to the island 100 years ago floksera eritince, the grown red grapes and white wine made for the first time. We will do kuntradan white wine this year, "he says. This year the first cruturk Corvus, the grenache rose wine and marble şişeledi Bornova. New vineyards chardonnay for the first time, mascato bianco, Malbec, Petit verdot grapes planted. Blend No. 11 wine kupajından prepared: 5, which sells for.


Stained glass artist, ceramist, and his brother Zehra Hulya Talay Talay, last year's five-room guesthouse converted bağevini Suluçeşme'deki heirloom. Their own works of art decorate the rooms every comfort air conditioner's LCD TV. Bağevinin in front of guests free of charge for the use of bicycles, fishing rods placed reed chambers. At the same time President of the Association of Tenedos Hulya Talay, will lose the identity of the island's mass tourism, says kalkınabileceğini boutique tourism. Talay Guesthouse to be an example of two brothers who, Suluçeşme Valley, north-west facing slopes of the length of the dream of doing is a field of lavender.


The participants of the 16 kinds of grapes produced on the island between the end of Red Globe table grapes. The pinkish color, coarse grains and prunes gevrekliğindeki this grape described as a pleasure object Bozcaadaya wind energy investments in the first well-known businessman who brings the curious, Ferhat Tigrel vigneron. In 2004, took 25 acres of vineyard, inefficient, aging sergeant logs looking for an alternative to the suggestion of the Italian firm Rauscedo seedlings planted two thousand red globe. In 2005, the seedlings are contracting to viniculture and inspiration from it in the last Aladdin Salman started to produce red globe. Tigrel Currently, an average of five tons per year, while Salman is producing two-tone red globe. Salman is a tie in the red this year, a 12-acre converted Globe. Tigrel is preparing to plant more than four thousand root. Both incentive schemes for the problem of distribution of this beautiful island only sells grapes.


The number of galleries on the island this summer has reached six. Rengigul, Honorary, gift, Resimevi, after Turuncu'dan Tulip Street near the museum's Art Gallery opened in Tenedos. Belgin Sahin ceramist that the gallery. Who studied Business Administration, worked in the stock market, real estate consulting done, leave the pottery business started in 2000. Opened since June 10 exhibitions gallery also ceramic and glass workshops, interviews are organized. Sahin workshops this summer, most children do sevindirmiş islander.


Hakan Gürüney, 1992, had come to the island to find a rare sea shell. Collection curiosity, combined with the love of the island turned to the history of the island since then. Around 20 thousand documents, materials, objects collected. Tenedos Governorate building began exhibiting in 2006, it has assigned to them. 235 square meter area from April through October 6 thousand documents, photographs, exhibits objects. In winter, the room is allocated to the county in the entire collection to protect from moisture. 2 thousand people visited the museum last summer. The last two years, added four new galleries to the museum. Borelis'e the Italian embassy on the island, 11 long-established family, Ara Güler's photographs were divided into sections. Gürüney also began exhibiting a portion of a collection of sea shells. In the coming days, the Italian soldiers during the First World War postcards sent to the island "postcard stories" will publish a book entitled. In addition, the work of oral history kitaplaştıracak.