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Tourist city of Antalya, sea, sand and sun of the trilogy, as well as on the position open-air museum is hosting its rich cultural tourism.

Opened up to tourism in Antalya, the ancient city of more than 30 museums and historical sites last year, 3.5 million people have visited the place


The ancient city of Olympos Kumluca district, a port city in the two thousand two hundred years. The official name Yazır Village 'referred to by name, although ancient Olympos, to those wishing to spend a pleasant holiday options are offered in nature and history. Olympos and abroad which hosts thousands of tourists every year, due to take place within the national park is not allowed betonlaşmaya. Olympos leisure, konaklıyor tree houses, rock climbing, hiking, doing alternative sports such as diving. Holidaymakers, unlike other holiday resorts to swim among the ruins of the ancient city goes.

Aksu district located within the boundaries of Perge, not only of the region, all of Anatolia, one of the most orderly cities in the Roman period. Architecture, as well as excavations in Perge, Antalya Museum with sculptures that emerged in the museums of the world's richest Roman sculpture has won one of the feature. Both architecture and sculpture, artifacts, lines of Perge with its own school of sculpture that reveals the city.


Belkis village in the township of Serik amfitiyatrosuyla connected the ancient city of Aspendos famous, BC The 10th century was founded by the Achaeans. One large and one small theater in the city built on two hills, MS Was built by the Romans in the 2nd century. The best way of surviving ancient theaters have been the architect of an open-air theater in Aspendos is Zenon, son of Theodorus. Each year, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists have visited the acoustics of Aspendos Ancient Theatre amaze you.


The ancient city of Patara, Kas district, is among the most visited historical sites. 182 thousand people visited last year covered by the sands of a portion remains to be seen in Patara attention. However, the recent archaeological excavations, the city began to clean off the sand that covered.


Termessos Pisidia Region 'Milyas' referred to as the southwestern part of today 'Gulluk' Solymos bearing the name of a valley between mountain peaks, the most ancient peoples of Anatolia, an important ancient city founded by Solym'ler Luvi'lerin descendants to come. Famous rock tombs of the ancient city, attracting tourists to the remains of baths and theaters.
Another important ancient cities and ruins Antalya is as follows:
Limyra Finike Ancient City, ancient city of Phaselis Kemer, Elmalı Arykanda ancient city of Demre Andriake (Tripod), Simena and Teimiussa (Ucagiz) of the ancient cities. The ancient city of Antalya Ariassos Akkoç village, the ancient city of Xanthos, Kas-Fethiye, Alanya Castle Alarahan, Manavgat, Side and the Apollo Theater Tağınağı Atik, Selge ancient theater of ancient Pisidia region, Cleopatra and Karain Caves.habertürk

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