Since 2009, excavations were carried out excavations at Myra ended Andriake

And in the district of Demre Myra Andriake excavations lasted about 6 months, 110 people took part in this year. 

excavations were carriedExcavation and restoration work, as well as the ancient city of Myra Andriake, Myra theater and chapel, Andriake granarium in front of the workshops, honorary monuments, B, excavations carried out in the hammam and the eastern church.

Myra Andriake Excavations Committee Chair. 

Dr. Agile MN, Eastern hammam four months as a result of excavations in the wall heating systems and other architectural details at the top of the temporary roof to protect the conservation seem muffled done, he said.

Monuments in honor of the restoration work will be completed within two months of expressing Agile, B, columns and topics that arise in the courtyard of the church tümlenerek to remove parts of the feet, he said.

In the theater with a great team lasted for six months as a result of continuous recording Agile excavated at a depth of seven meters of the stage building, the stage throughout the season about 4 thousand architectural building blocks and structural elements with the help of crane ropes, wherein said locations are located on the storage area. cumhuriyet

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