Cesme is located between the shining world of thermal tourism centers are continuing to work

Sea, sand and the sun shining and the world welcomes thousands of tourists during the summer months and is located between the tourist centers are continuing studies of thermal Cesme.

Fountain Mayor Faik Tütüncüoğlu, AA correspondent, said the district has been brought into world-class beaches and many domestic and foreign tourists every year, said ağırladıklarını.

Describes the thermal springs in the district health tourism kazandırıldığını Tütüncüoğlu, "cure of many diseases and women believed to beautify the guests from European countries to take advantage of'' thermal sudan guest stated that during the winter months. Tütüncüoğlu,'' especially in the North region of Europe is coming guests. Because of social security in countries can benefit the field of health care. In recent years, the Middle East, Arab countries are also finding attractive Cesme thermal water resources, "he said.

Cesme center of thermal tourism in order to establish a plan to increase the capacity of thermal tourism, emphasizing Tütüncüoğlu, 1000 people reported that the center has prepared project.

Indicating that the center could serve 1,000 people every day in Ilica Tütüncüoğlu Faik, said:

'We will tender the project in 2-3 months. Build-operate-transfer model, we want them to implement as soon as the center. Central within the 300-seat hotel to be done. We want to add a thermal tourism in the world-famous plajlarımıza. Thermal water in Europe and the Middle East countries to provide better service for the newcomers will get this thermal treatment center. Fountain dreams are trying to establish.''

Fountain'' by some foreign newspapers from around the world is showing'' remarkable Tütüncüoğlu visit interesting places to visit, said that the thermal water resources will increase the value of the district in terms of tourism.

"For our guests, 20 percent of the thermal water is coming"

Fountain Tourist Hotels Association (ÇEŞTOB) Board Member and General Manager of Hotel Ilica Jacob Iron is also very high quality thermal water district, so substantial investment has been done.

The number of people staying in the county in 2011 was around 1 million, this figure representing 20 percent of the iron for thermal tourism arrivals has created,'' Thermal spring and winter months due to tourism in our district at 10 percent hotel occupancy rate was 30 percent. Thermal tourism will increase day by day for the number of arrivals,'' he said.

European countries as well as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, thermal tourism, tourist ağırladıklarını records under the iron, faced with intense interest by foreigners in the Turkish bath, he added.habertürk

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