Lakes, monuments and the best-kept secret of Turkey Beyşehir

When you go to the western Mediterranean region, the extraordinary mountain views and lakes connected to land in a way that the twin islands of Lake Egirdir always in the foreground.
Maybe that's why most people go to Konya Eğirdir to tone and not even the means Beyşehir passes, one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey survived a missed chance to see it does not matter.

Lakes Region is the largest lake in Turkey is also the largest fresh water lake Beysehir. This makes positive contributions to tourism in the area.
A short walk from the lake Eşrefiye Mosque. After the fall of the Sultanate of Seljuk mosque in Anatolia in the West during the rulers' dynasty Eşrefiye Esrefoglu manages to 1326'ya 1277'den Seyfeddin for Solomon, built in 1299. There is a lot of information about this person. However, it seems that the ego is the famous tomb and temple at the top of Mount Nemrut Commagene who I. King Düzeydeymiş comparable to Antiochus. On the other hand, have to thank him, because today's visitors, "forest mosque" may be defined as you see how beautiful this magnificent structure.


Eşrefiye Mosque, the outer surface of the most spectacular examples of carving art on display as if the exact opposite of the mosque on Divriği'deki. When you look at the outside gives little clue what's there, but the moment you step into the business is changing. The spacious and bright hall adorned with paintings that supports it with a flat roof and the "forest" that creates the image of wooden columns in at 42 amazes people. Eşrefiye Mosque, Central Asia, the use of any nails in the mosques that were built entirely of wood, and rare examples of Anatolia, Anatolia, and even the largest of the original. In the past, snow basin at the top of a hill in the middle of the mosque window is opened into the sky. Visitors to the space environment affects the conversion of these light filters through the window provided. In addition, the winter snow fell in the middle space, moisture boards guarded chap. But the snow basin was closed in the 1960s.
While visiting the mosque roof rafters, columns, column headers, the pulpit and make sure the galleries of wood craftsmanship. Come across such a mastery only a few mosques in Turkey. If you see any large wooden pew to sit in the thought that the city manages the Bey and the muezzin. The only exception to the mosque is the mihrab, wood is not very elegant, turquoise, blue and black colored tiles made of Selcuk.
Solomon died in 1302 masterpiece Eşrefiye Seyfeddin requested to be buried near the tomb and mosque with magnificent tiles made from the side. Normally kept locked, but when you ask Imams shrine opens for you to see inside.

Modern Beysehir, since virtually cut off from the crowd with a main street. Nevertheless, a district which houses historical relics Beysehir numerous. One of them is also a covered bazaar, also known as Han Bezzarlar. The most elegant examples of stone masonry building, which is the oldest bazaars in Anatolia. After the glory of the Ottoman architecture and also under the influence of labor has managed to take. Mosque with interesting medieval buildings around Eşrefiye possible to see. Multi-domed 13th-century weavers among the Han and history dating back to the middle of the most interesting ones are the remains of a double bath.
The first hours of the evening's most beautiful views of the lake, where residents watch the sun set in the small hours to complete the returns Outcomes Dedegöl mountain walks. Stand on the shore and look across the horizon, many islets on the water almost "floating" notice. Some of these islands, more rain falls in the vanishes and, therefore, not be established consensus as to how many islands. Some of the islands, once home to the worldwide demonstrations of Byzantine monks.


* Kubadabad Palace: If you own your car around the lake, you come up, especially in national parks and Kızıldağ Beysehir passing by and Take a tour of the western coast, which is relatively peaceful. Kubadabad'daki summer palace ruins are standing, take the time to examine the worth, it's great Seljuk Sultan I. Lacinia not experienced enough to see the completion of construction, built for the Ottoman Sultan. I managed to reach the present day the only Seljuk palace Lacinia (1192-1237) was commissioned by the edge of Lake Beyşehir. Overseeing the construction of the palace, where the Seljuk Sultan, even if drawn by a portion of krokisinin said. Investigated for the first time at the beginning of the 1950s and later made systematic studies on the Complex was once the palace, including shipyards, hammam and the mosque in the building where there were as many as 16. In the present large and small palace in the best case reached court. Important in terms of art of the Seljuk tiles of the palace. The famous historian Ibn-i-Bibi tiles defined as follows: "The beauty of its walls turquoise and dark blue colors fade from the color of the tiles in a rainbow of envy ..." Tiles both colors, and eight-pointed star and a cross-shaped patterns of the masterpiece. Animal and plant designs, human figures used. Each one has a separate meaning. You can see the works of the Museum of Konya Karatay discussed here.
Golyaka ruins north of the village around the lake in full. Today, looking at the tiles on display in the Museum of Konya Karatay this place was once a highly decorated gorgeously impossible to say. Unfortunately, just looking around this place if you want to revive the past in your eyes, before you have to remove the surrounding debris imagination. Calm during the best part of this effort to not be disturbed.

* Lilac Spring: The famous philosopher Eflatun'la date because it has nothing to do about 1000 years ago, that was built in 1300 BC. But for some reason the people, "Lilac Spring" obsessed with the name. Neo-Hittite-era monument is in the mound. Springs facing the huge, magnificent monuments of 7 m width and 4 meters boyuyla in itself is enough to hypnotize people watching. Hidden treasure in Anatolia as many days of patiently waiting for delving more deeply.
* Chapters Rock Memorial, Lukyanus Monument and Inscription: Chapters 70 ton single piece of basalt monument in the village of a god, the god depicted two lions and a second degree. Figures in the fountain of Plato and Alacahöyük'tekilere due to its similarity to the monument of Hittite Queen of the 13th century BC, thought to date from the 4th quarter of Tuthalia. There is a must-see monument when you come to the village of Chapters: Lukyanus Memorial built on a rock 10 meters high relief of a horse. As understood from the inscription on the death of a teenager named Lukyanus ailesince monument was built. Lukyanus'un also held to provide the name of the inscription written in the rules of wrestling müsabakasının. The exact date is unknown, but a monumental work of the Roman period. Take the rock-carved directly opposite iwan is estimated to be the burial place.
* Erbaba mound: Neolithic Age about 7500 years from the clear words or more, this is a mound which is a multiple of four cultures. Plenty of hand tools, various-sized pots, clay figurines excavated past addressed. Animal bones in the mound, wheat, barley and lentils remains of humans and livestock and agriculture Playing around with the evidence at that time.
* Beysehir Bridge: Ottoman Anatolia at the beginning of the 1900s the railway was built for the partnership. Is regarded as a symbol of the town. Today, this density is also open to traffic, but enough did not come from a new bridge built next to. Lets compare old and new in terms of aesthetics and elegance. Previously uyaralım; Results will not at all pleased.
* Blind Ini / Newborn: Blind Ini (summerhouse) Cave 9 kilometer length of the underground corridors to the feeling of a human being. Another impressive monument of nature corridors newborn. Beyşehirliler world's largest underground river flowing between its lakes and the Manavgat Waterfalls, he said. Do not Do not think this is limited to Beyşehir has more than 40 caves. The lake takes up one-fourth of the district's surface area. Water sports at the national park, the extraordinary beauty, birds, surviving legacy of the Seljuk leaders turning baffled.
* Anamas Forests: pristine beauty, cute animals çıkıveren suddenly in front of you, you will see a combination of all shades of green and blue rivers. Possible to set up a tent.
* Village Square Akburun Funerary Monuments: the Neolithic period in Anatolia, based on historical examples of this type of burial Beyşehir met. Neo-Hittite period vulnerable to the destruction of these monuments of nature, unfortunately, been abandoned.

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