Cappadocia balloon tours of interest is increasing every day

Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK), an invited group of Cappadocia Balloon Business Manager Hasan Aytekin Press mensubuna THK introduced balloon flights.
THK balloon flights beginning in 1983 and since 1995 under the Parachute School said that operate in the Cappadocia.

Until last year on behalf of other companies began to fly passengers flying its own this year, representing THK Aytekin, balloons to their bodies, the best companies in the high-quality fabric is produced by the special design and is equipped with extra safety equipment, said.

A total of 94 passenger capacity within THK Gokcen Aviation passenger balloon of 3 and 5 that education about the Aytekin, taken together with 4 new balloon will reach the said passenger carrying capacity to 150.

The most effective way to see the unique beauty of Cappadocia balloon tours Aytekin stated that the first light of dawn slowly with balloon floating over the great works of nature bear witness to an unforgettable moment, he said.

Balloon tours of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation with the increase in interest and the requirement to have a balloon getirmesiyle at least 5 companies in the region, indicating that there were an explosion in the number of business and the balloon Aytekin,''the company organizes tours of the region, the balloon and the balloon was an increase in the number of more than one hundred per cent compared to last year,''he said .

Aytekin, regulating the number of companies in one year, from 8 to 18 balloon flights, balloon 120 has been received and the number of 60-70s said they added new ones every day.

Can handle a maximum of 75 balloon flight in the region at the same time, some problems may lead to more emphasize the Aytekin,''Ballooning activity, trade in the world with the highest reported in the Cappadocia''he said.

Tourists coming to Cappadocia, tours to about 10 percent participated in a balloon and a turnover of 30 million pounds which is concerned about the Aytekin,''THK, the hot air balloon tours last year with passenger carrying around 12 thousand, 2.2 means we have achieved. In the first 8 months of this year, around 4 thousand 500 tourists had made a balloon trip,''he said.

LGD under the balloons between the hours of 6:00 to 7:00 each day dawn havalandığını and out of about 300 meters high, watched the sun rise and expressing the general views of Cappadocia Aytekin, photography has been entered into the valleys and fairy chimneys balloons almost seyrettiğini dokunurcasına away, he said.

Aytekin, balloon tours to the Far East was the most intense interest in it came from tourists, the Spanish, French, German, British and Czech tourists, said watching.

With the marriage proposal of ballooning

3 pack includes tours of''standard''Balloon flight tour lasts approximately 1 hour and the fare is 175 euros per person, indicating that the long flight''package''Aytekin said the changes between 1.5 to 2 hours.

Aytekin,''''private flight tours are arranged according to personal choices in these rounds, and those who wish to solemnize the marriage or married in the balloon to offer the greatest demand coming bulunacaklardan expressed, according to the size of the bubble in the price of such uçuşlardaki began thousand euros, he added.

Balonculuğun Turkey now operating in other regions should be found by breaking the shell, emphasizing the Aytekin,''THK for the region as a narrow our thinking about the future of the Phrygian Valley between Afyon-Kutahya, Pamukkale, or are in search for other places''he said.

Aytekin, in Cappadocia, in 1997 1 Organizing the World Air Games in Turkey recently, the International Balloon Festival of successfully representing THK said, adding that the target of editing.

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