amasra draws attention to increase the tourism potential.

Amasra, the Western Black Sea Region, is a town in the province of Bartin. Draws attention to the potential of an increase in tourism in recent years.
Stretched out towards the sea, a nose, the nose on both sides of a sheltered harbor that serves as a dependent and independent of both the bay and islands with the mainland with a unique visual beauty in both the 3000-year history of Amasra, both the charm and sport fishing, based on the local arts, as well as the surrounding forest itself fields with one of the places worth seeing. Amasra is still the original fish restaurants, hotels and countless household clean medium-sized tourism and contribute to pensions.

13. Amasra century, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror seized by the Genoese in 1460 organizes an expedition in October. When on a hill overlooking the city is famous words that a certain admiration:
«Lala, lala!, Devastating-i Cihan this m'ola" and sends a notice to the castle: "This is a place as beautiful as I do not want to damage the castle, bring me the key. »

Commander of the castle on the hill where the switch makes it the Conqueror and conquered the city without a fight after ashland zapdedilmiş olur.sultan conqueror Kipchak Turks living in the region of Karachi-Eflani yerleştirir.yani here, the region's first part of the Turks in the EU Member States to Kipchaks olmuşlardır.yörenin local voluntary, forced the rest were forced to immigrate to Istanbul.

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