The only cave in Thrace, which opened in the influx of visitors to the cave of Dupnisa

Acting Director of Culture and Tourism Kırklareli Fikret Majid, have Dupnisa cave in Thrace, one of the 17 cave and the cave is open to visitors, he said.
Dupnisa cave
The cave is opened to visitors on May 15 and since then had been a flood of visitors who expressed Majid, the number of visitors increases every year devem''he says. 75-80 thousand people have visited this place last year. I'm guessing this year will exceed 100 thousand. The cave is heavily visited, especially by the students,''he said.

Dupnisa their landscaping project for the Cave of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism submitted a reminder Majid, said:

Bridge over the creek''done with our project, determination of the walking trails and landscaping is located. Simulation and discovery that half of the project summaries of the file sent to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We estimate this project to minister enters the 2012 investment budget. On the one hand to the cave in the protection of ecological balance and the methods we plan to contribute to the local economy. Make a sustainable plan. We take into account the protection of the ecological balance of the visit, many of the cave. The bat has a large number of aqueous mağaramızda. This mağaramızda visits starting on May 15, will end on November 15.''

Dupnisa Cave

Strandja Mountains, 60 kilometers away from Kırklareli and rent asunder by deep valleys near the village of Demirköy township Sarpdere 2 Marbles of the caves are formed in geological time, and consists of three parts connected to each other two times.

Dry and wet sections of the cave, with a total length of 2 thousand 720 meters of the system the top floor of the cave is dry and girls. Completed the development of these caves is located 50-60 meters below the cave water. Continuously flowing through the underground river and 345 meters above sea level and 1977 meters in total length of the entrance of the cave's mouth. Than 61 meters above the entrance is the last point.
Girl cave, bats living in tourism because of the intensity is turned off. Opened in 2003, Turkey's best-known caves in the literature of the cave in the Dupnisa caves, underground river and the river formed with a continuous flow, a depth of 2 meters in some places is reaching the ponds. Dry and wet caves, milk white to red and every shade of brown color with a huge stalactites, stalagmites and columns that include scenes with the flag stones and drops the stone pools.

The cave is located between the literature of Turkey's best-known caves Dupnisa Cave, in 2003, made in lighting, walkways, stairs, construction of which the transition between the two cave was opened to visitors. With each passing year continues to increase the number of visitors to the cave.

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