The legendary Amazons, women warriors known as the city

Ancient Greek name of the city Amisus Amisos or so later Amiso Eis "Amisosa" this name is used as a form of the Roman and Byzantine period Samsus Samsunta or used . The legendary female warriors known as Amazons, Thermedon Tea near the town of Themiskyra their ancient historians are established.
A better breasts, cut in a variety of sources, which is rumored to abdicate the arrow and the many names mentioned in the legend of the Amazons, Samsun, and the date and region acceptance of cultural values ​​because of the Terme district of the names of each year a festival is held.

Establishing the state's oldest community living within the borders of the province of Samsun, Kaşkalar'dır mentioned in Hittite sources. Hittites, Phrygians, Cimmerians, Lydians, who moved to the Black Sea and the Aegean to the last word in the management of the city Miletos became the owner. Persians, king of Lydia Krezüs'u yenmeleriyle Amisos, Empire was conquered by the Persians. Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great defeated the Persians in 331 BC, into the hands of the Amisos, founded by Alexander the death of Mithridates, satrap of Persia took place within the borders of Pontus, more importantly, was the capital of this state. BC 1 Amisos century which was dominated by the Roman Empire, Roman Empire, the separation into two remained within the borders of the Byzantine Empire. Amisos, 860 in the time of the Abbasid Caliph Omar the Terrible Mutassım'ın Royal British force led by the order is captured by the Byzantines were taken back again. Samsun is besieged by the Turks into Anatolia Danişmendliler also could not be together. This is a point away from the city of Samsun on the Danişmendliler that time have built a castle.
Samsun Anatolian Seljuk Muslim settlements in the time of the Anatolian Seljuk rule was in 1185. After the Crusades, including the capital city of Trabzon Samsun Trabzon Greek Empire, which was dominated, as a result of Cenevizliler'in take back 100 years to the Black Sea trade was dominated by the Genoese. This dates the Muslim Turks live in Samsun Samsun, located 3 km from the Genoese trading site called the Gavur Samsun Samsun or Black. Samsun, Bayezid I in 1389 part of the territories of the Ottoman time. The Anatolian Seljuk State was the capital of the principality was in decline Canik.

The number of people living in the Ottoman census in 1893 in Samsun 67,624 people. 33,419 of these 'u (% 49) consists of the Turks. Samsun is the Greek population of 32,925 people (49%). This half of the Greeks from the Turks in the half of the population consists of Samsun. Muslims in the city is equal to the number of Christians.

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