Bodrum in October, the moving

Opportunity for local and foreign tourists who know the beautiful air, Bodrum Kumbahçe, Paşatarlası, swim in the sea beaches of Gumbet and Bitez, enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Some of the time spent by tourists walking the beach Kumbahçe.

Prinsendam''''brought 430 passengers

In the meantime, Canada and the U.S. flag, 204 meters long, 430 passenger carrying the Netherlands, 28 meters wide, with 10 floors and 403 staff,''called''Prinsendam cruise ship, docked in Bodrum Ferry Terminal. Descending from the ship passengers visited the city's historic and tourist sites.
Hoteliers Association President Orhan Kavala Bodrum, Bodrum, tourism has continued despite the entry of the autumn season, said,''goes the beautiful tourist beaches on the coast are showing interest in the weather. There are flights to Bodrum, until the first week of November. For this reason, I would estimate the duration of tourism in Bodrum, the end of October,''he said.

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