Aydin province, historical, cultural and natural values, beyond having

Aydin province, historical, cultural and natural values ​​is more than just the tourism activities are most intense in the middle of western Anatolia. Also, with tourism the most important sea port to be nervous, Aydin, the sector has become one of the most developed provinces.
Aydin, Aegean Sea to the west was opened, every aspect of tourism in Kuşadası and Didim districts, more folkloric and archaeological values ​​of the other districts is more suitable for the daily visits. Therefore, investments, these two coastal district were collected and the future demands are concentrated in this region. Another importance of the province of Aydin, Izmir metropolitan area and directly within the domain is very close. Izmir, with motorway connections to 100 km away from the city center of Aydin, Istanbul, 930 km, 530 km away from Ankara. Way to the sea, the province is provided in the port of Kusadasi, the port of Izmir to the use of larger ports are used.

Railway, Denizli-Aydin-Izmir, Turkey's first railway line, as well as the Soke extension runs through the province. Aydin-Izmir highway is on the Menderes Airport, Izmir, Kusadasi and Didim, as well as the service is therefore the province of Aydin. Aydin province, climate suitability and ability to deliver a long tourism season is one of the most important factors encouraging. Mediterranean climate is warmer months in the majority in the province of Aydin. At the same time the sea water temperature from May to October months of the year, covering half of the ability to provide water sports and swimming. Also, at the beach open to the public beaches in the province and neighboring provinces in the settlements of arrivals, including day trips or week-end benefit of this kind are quite common due to climate conditions of use and convenience of transportation. This demand bassist Soke, Aydin, Denizli and cities are Nazilli. In terms of east and west of the province of Aydin is the difference between the tourism sector. Domestic and foreign tourism in the west as far as possible use of resources, which opened in the appropriate service, while those with the potential situation where a part is the use of initiatives is required to open. The eastern part has been serving for more domestic tourism. However, historical sites, and variations will be created in these areas may lead to the intensification of foreign tourism. Aphrodisias and Pamukkale tour itineraries covering the east of the province due to be used by foreign tourism. coastal and historical places, health tourism (thermal), historical and architectural monuments, historical sites, museums, traditional crafts, traditional festivals, such as camel wrestling, culture, tourism, sports tourism, hiking-trekking, horse-nature tours, golf, diving, land and sea fishing, swimming, sailing, water sports activities such as sports tourism in the province have the potential to be developed.

CULTURAL TOURISM: Aydin province in terms of archaeological sites in Turkey is one of the richest regions. Hittites in 4000 BC until the end of the day, Ion, Lydian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk Anatolia, Aydıoğulları, Menteşeoğulları and is part of the province of the Ottoman Empire, as a result of this accumulation, with its ancient cities and museums, particularly in the domestic and foreign tourism is a big potential in terms of has. Important part of the ancient settlements in the West coast of Miletus, Didyma, Priene, and intermediate in the south Alinda, Alabanda the north Tralleis, Nyssa and Aphrodisias in the east and north near Izmir, Ephesus and Virgin Mary's house, east of Hierapolis Denizli, Muğla, Labranda the south, and lasos Halicarnassus was the ancient cities, historical and archaeological sightseeing areas creates a very intense demand for tourism. Urban centers, mosques and Nazilli'deki Arpaz Castle, Castle Bozdoğan'daki cortex, Koçarlı'daki Cinci Castle, mausoleums, madrasas, mosques and public baths, and promotions should be done restorations weight granting the above-mentioned periods of Roman and Greek ruins outside of the Seljuk and buildings for tourist visits to the Ottoman periods, promoting tourism in the province will give a different perspective. Of the other attractive elements that can create demand for tourism in the province, the old urban tissue, with the local history of the residential buildings, festivals, authentic rural settlements, customs, state looms, camel wrestling, picnic and recreation areas of forest and plateau is possible to count. see different cultures and cultural works, watch, participate in the folkloric activities, local cuisine, music, wear the traditional activities such as monitoring, to make visits, with facilities in the province of Aydin. And interesting examples of civil architecture, Kusadasi is one of the rural settlements near the village of Kirazli, architecture and carpet weaving looms as well as tissue, hair, such as buttermilk pie-in services that offer local food qualities, and near the Cave Lion çekmektedir.Eski tourists to China with the architectural fabric, 14 Ahmet Gazi Ibrahim Mosque and the tomb of Ahi-century Asarlık near the locality of the rock-cut tombs and ruins, the historical settlement of a remarkable hand-made arts. In addition, Aphrodisias, Bozdogan district of Neopolis Olukbaşı Turkmen village of tents, traditional clay is produced, and these tents are being taken to provide authentic clothing, local food. The festival is usually held outside, and especially in the tourism season, camel wrestling, but rather by the participation of local people and domestic tourism is provided. Camel wrestling, although a limited number of foreign tourists also attracts quite. Also Sultanhisar Nazilli, Partners, Germencık, İncırlıova, Kuyucak and pavilion buildings, the railway station, 19 century economy and transportation are examples of living history.

HEALTH TOURISM (THERMAL): small-size thermal plants located in the province of Aydin. Germencik'teki Alangullu (Bozköy), Omerli and Silver (Gümüşilica); Kusadasi Davutlar Sultanhisar'da Buharkent'te Salavat and a total of 6 regions for use in thermal plant area. Alangullu Ilıcası Germencik Bozköy locality. 32 rooms and 70 beds capacity, the Municipality has established a certified indoor thermal pool. In addition, by the Special Provincial Administration and the modern thermal cure facility and accommodation facilities were built, the region's largest and most modern spas, was one of the state. Gümüşköy Ilıcası Germencik Gümüşköy locality. Silver thermal plant, a very small facility with a capacity of 2 rooms and 4 beds. Davutlar: Davutlar resort town of Kusadasi which is near the settlement of a private resort hot water spa area is not a partial accommodation. Salavat spa: Sultanhisar'in west. Is still active.

SPORTS TOURISM: Aydin province, water sports and sea sports in swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, parasailing and water skiing and also diving spear fishing with the boat or from shore-fishing is also performed. This is sports, swimming, surfing, water skiing and parachuting out of them with a pedalo, banana skiing for recreation activities, such as more settlements, and even tourist facilities, or people are more heavily used beaches in the bays where. Underwater scuba diving areas in the special case of the groups recognized and organized tours to these areas, in order to monitor the dives are supervised. To do this the old sunken ships, amphorae, or seal, such as coral reefs are areas with natural features.

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