Turkish men who addressed behaviors to be avoided

'Turkish Love Rats' Turkish love rats, ie .. Facebook social networking website founded by the British women's 'revenge' group name. The women come together in a virtual environment on holiday in Turkey to Turkish men counterparts gives tips to kanmayacaklarının.
Exhibited photographs of the men are deceiving themselves. Submissions only visible to members of the group, they will take off when choosing a meticulous, not between men, most women over middle age, they received their money that they claim to fool themselves often met in Bodrum and Marmaris Turkish men are exposed one by one. Group members are planning to go on holiday to Turkey is trying to persuade their fellow man.

Jenna O'Leary: I went to Marmaris in order to be with him for 3 years. I have repeatedly asked for the money excuses. I wanted to make a surprise. I faced a bitter reality when I went unannounced. Intricately caught cheating with another woman learned to love sıçanının value.

Sarah Miller: Embarrassing, even remembering your name, Kapodokya'da balloon pilot Murat, unless evliymiş. Step is often forgets, confuses others. Even if I was wearing a ring with the promise of the crops. Here is a man of such disgusting.

Claire: working in a bar in Marmaris 'Rocky', nicknamed the man, uses British women. After the first fall in love with him constantly want money. Please be careful.

fell in love with a Turk.
Lucinda Brown: Turkish love rats as prostitutes. Do sex for money.
Jen: I am a woman four children. I met fell in love with a Turk in Antalya. 'Evlenince, my children are my children' he said. Even if schools are going to read it works to adjust, he said. I went to Turkey, but we gave away over a hundred kids. Probably married or no longer need the money, I gave my left.

British women's magazine 'Take a Break' will spend the holiday in Turkey in 2008 and over the middle-aged women, the young Turkish men prepared to avoid the contract issued to immerse the money. Magazine with a circulation of nearly one million in the contract, 'will not be hot like high school girls', 'drunk or sober, a waiter, and jigolalarla barboy not talk to them, poor davranmayacağım' was asked to give such promises.

Dear Natalie is the British 'turkishtravelblog.com' or 'Turkish Love Rats' group members 'relationship to fail because of all the men criticize the absurdity of a nation' he said. Dear, the behavior should be avoided, as if Turkish men did not forget to order:

- Says that his mother loves you even though you are old
- Wants money
- The first talking to wants to be together tonight
- Promotes you as a friend
- Has got into the phone rings, toilet on the pretext of

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