the town's famous thermal spas healing Yalova

Yalova Thermal is located in the middle and is famous for its healing thermal springs.
County, was founded in Samanli Valley. Ferhat lands irrigated with river and Samanli Valley with its small rivers. Transitions between the Black Sea climate and terrestrial climate which has a mild climate. The territory of rare plant species were grown together in a natural phenomenon.

Slopes of mountains, springs from the alienation of the Roman and Byzantine Samanli utilized. Steam from hot water sources in villages and Üvezpinar Gokcedere underground because god inanışmış lived here, and this region was known by the name of Therma Pythia.

Blind during the reign of the Ottomans for a long time interest in spas, Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan, mother of Sultan Abdülmecit's rheumatic pains again attracted attention when it comes. Abdulmejid, the old baths newly renovated and opened liaison offices, mansions, built facilities, foreign investors have in common, and operation of facilities as a result of the Yalova Thermal, at the end of the 19th century has become a very popular tourist and health center. However, because of the wars that broke out ardarada fled their country to foreign partners dropped off into the forgotten springs, again received attention in 1929 on a visit to Ataturk. Future of the water by the city of Yalova Atatürk who want to built a pavilion and the mansion is now a museum, the first years of the republic's government was used as a venue for summer work. Today, such baths, hotels and museums covering Yalova Thermal Resort is operated by the Ministry of Health.

90% of the district's income from tourism is provided. 7 units in the district is located in a large hotel. 80% of the dwellings are pensioning. Beekeeping is done in the district.

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