Sapanca Lake Basin and the development of the tourism vision

Gural Sapanca town of Sapanca Tourism held at the Joint Vision and the Integrated Strategy Formulation Workshop Toçoğlu speaking, Sakarya Sakarya Sapanca Lake for drinking water that meets 90 per cent said that an essential element.
Projects to be developed in order to protect the lake as a municipality that is always expressed that they would support Toçoğlu, said they stand behind the decisions to be radical.

Pointing to the need to maintain a scientific understanding of Lake Toçoğlu,''Sapanca Lake basin, tourism and develop the vision and strategies to create the first lake in this context, the need to protect. Protection of the lake, of course, the existence of ecological system conservation and sustainable is important to make. This protection is provided as long as there can be no development of a strategic vision. One of us is not just a matter of effort, demonstrating the protection of the lake that can be solved. There are duties incumbent on every person and institution on this issue,''he said.

Abraham is the Mayor of Kocaeli Karaosmanoğlu industrial waste, agricultural pesticides and pollute the lake, and accordingly decided to evaluate the scientific elements of the said claims.

In healthy people, and for the development of the lake basin that points to the need to protect, such as eyeballs Karaosmanoglu,''we will take steps accordingly awarded on the basis of scientific brief section. I believe that. From Europe are much more subtle. They came to major disasters by living them. We have to take the necessary measures without these disasters as Europeans,''he said.

Kocaeli Governor of the lake water pollution prevention system Ercan Topaca attract attention builds the base to set up the problem, the protection of the lake in the municipalities of Kocaeli and Sakarya gelmeleriyle together the capability to create a common unity, he said.

Governor Mustafa Sakarya basin to protect the Great lakes and high sensitivity are displaying the record, said the lake should take decisions on protection are also very interesting.

Workshop that ended today, October 21 until Friday, the brand's web site for the protection of the relevant section of the lake views and suggestions collected and decided to prepare a joint plan.

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