Declared the World Friendship and Peace Village Fethiye Kayakoy

Located 8 kilometers from the town of Fethiye, historical background, dating back 3000 BC In ancient times, known as''''Karmylassos Yeri'ndeki Kayakoy ruins preserved for future generations of structures for the transport study was initiated Muğla Chamber of Architects.
President of the Chamber of Architects of Mugla Ertugrul Aladdin, 1922, the exchange is being sent to Greece after the Greek Cypriots living in the village at the Turks in Greece are located in this region, he said.

Placed in the village that settled on the plain, leaving the Turkish village of Aladdin,''historic homes here for many years, neglected and was unconcerned. From the Greeks back at the stone houses, fountains, cisterns, shops, a chapel and the remains of the church's two large,''he said.
Kayaköy last 20 years, visited by local and foreign tourists in particular, closely followed by public opinion which stated that a district Aladdin,''back at better things to do every day is getting worse. From here, scientists, researchers, artists, doing work, and these studies are published. However, for some reason he did not return to its service Kayaköy. Period of time has passed, the walls torn down and the roof collapsing. Growing fig tree structures makes it invisible. Here, new studies must be done,''he said.

Back at the axle of life'''

Kayaköy architecture, belief, way of life different from other regions in terms of saying that the Aladdin, said:

Branch and Representative Office in Fethiye Mugla''with the Chamber of Architects and Architecture Platform with Kayakoy Mediterranean 'back at the axle of life' organized a meeting. Hüznüyle loneliness living ghost town without losing its historical structure of the houses have been restored here çıkılarak, culture and faith tourism must be turned on.
Kayaköy interviews here in 2 days for the transport of a moment before recovering in the future I have some ideas. One of these re-forms of the original houses have been restored for tourism kazandırılsın Kayaköy. Kayakoy architectural structure of their homes and be able to know the details of the youth belonging to a very good idea of ​​establishing the olumlusuydu craft workshops. This suggested the idea of ​​the French professor, claimed to be so much easier Kayaköy opening to the world. The project is opened to the world came back at the world's young people can learn craft, he said.''

The main purpose of the event is open to the public who said the world KAYAKÖY Aladdin, said:

''Our goal is to open to the public, especially science. Because of a need to be under the spotlight in every aspect of Kayakoy really. If an ordinary KAYAKÖY KAYAKÖY would soon lose the service of wildlife tourism. A new understanding of tourism in that region KAYAKÖY losing revenue, and the understanding of the cultural tourism, we lose the future. This fact must be lived hundreds of years that people never forget the wars may be at any moment.
There was a time back at life. This is life with animations, interactive reconstructions in the form of museums, museum of exchange to be taken to correct a completely different environment. This enrichment of culture and architecture as well as a very suitable place for generations to know each other better.''

''People have a sorrow "

Cultural tourism should be given back at training that will serve the people of the Aladdin,''have met here with the inhabitants. They study all kinds of tasks for the transfer of future receivables Kayaköy maintaining and said studies contribute. I have back at a different cultural tourism. Perhaps too much untested in Turkey, there is a type of cultural tourism. Back at once in the Ottoman culture of peoples of different religions and races have lived together as a result of an exchange of architectural ruins left behind by the sadness there,''he said.

Suggesting that a prisoner would be no case of wild tourism Kayaköy Aladdin, said:

Kayaköy''then no property, there is no compelling as well. Because then it becomes an ordinary settlement, and for people to visit cezbetmediği not, and when left to its own devices as a residential area which is not in the remains. Even at this time do not call back at the wild should be tourism destination for cultural tourism is not an appropriate service. Here you become wild slowly moving towards the type of service. For this reason, back at the gradually reduced interest. This is a very bad thing.''

The ticket prices''8 pounds 5 lira dropped '

Chairman of the Executive Board of Association of Travel Agents in Fethiye Turkey Salih Tasci, back at the tickets from 18 March 2011 cut off by TÜRSAB said,''as many as 40 thousand people visited KAYAKÖY 25 September 2011. These revenues were 207 million visits,''he said.
Tasci, Kayaköy of Fethiye's most visited archaeological sites by expressing that,''the domestic and foreign tourists show more interest in the historical sites of Kayakoy. Almost all of the passengers on the ships moored in the harbor should visit KAYAKÖY. TÜRSAB'a back at work was cut from 18 March and tickets. We are also the ticket prices of more ago 8 pounds 5 lira sent down on July 1. Thus, while further increases in the number of illegal entries into the past we have. Some kind of conservation work to be taken back at the number of visitors come to the city then I predict further increases in the coming years,''he said.

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