Record breaking number of tourists coming to Turkey from France

According to information from Turkey's Tourism and Cultural Counselor Yavuz'dan Hasan, who visited Turkey in 2011 January and September, the number of French tourists increased by 45 percent compared to the previous year, reached 1 million 250 thousand.
Yavuz international tourism fair that ended in Paris, then answering questions,''at the beginning of the year as a goal that they put a million and more for a long time before the new year, it said that''they are quite happy to pass the target figure.

Germany, Russia, Britain, Iran and Bulgaria, then a maximum of tourists who visited Turkey this year, ranking 6th in France taken place in expressing Yavuz, said they expect to continue in the coming years the increase in French tourists sayındaki.

On September 20, starting and ending in Paris on September 23 the exhibition for professionals in the tourism sector, in terms of Turkey passed a very successful record Yavuz,''Turkey is a dense stand of the representatives of the sector this year has nothing to do. Wider than ever to us a hundred-square-foot booth design provided an efficient working environment,''he said.

Turkey stand 13 tourism industry representatives, Mugla Mugla Region with the coordination of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye reminiscent of that of the 3 entities representing Yavuz, Regional Representation for the first time it is performed at the fair booth and regional representatives of the consultancy to carry out their own areas of demonstrations was leaving, he said.

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