Akdamar Red andesite stone church built in the church

Akdamar Island, Holy Cross church in Jerusalem and then to Iran have been evaded, 7 Van century in order to accommodate a part of the rumor of the True Cross King It was built by architect Manuel between the orders of King Gagik 915-921.
The church was established in the south east of the island, the medieval Armenian art in terms of architecture, is considered the most brilliant works of art. The exterior of the church which was built of red stone, andesite, low-relief in the form of processed rich plant and animal motifs and is decorated with scenes from the Bible received. The church property also has a unique position in the history of Armenian architecture.

1296-1336 chapel of the church on the northeast, west jamadun (communal house) on 1793, south of the bell tower 18 were added at the end of a century. In the north of the chapel's history is unknown.

Along with many other Armenian monuments in the east in 1951, the government orders the destruction of the Church of Aktamar agreed on June 25, 1951, demolition work started, and by chance know what happened at that time, a young journalist, who stopped by the intervention of Yasar Kemal.

For decades the church as a neglected period of 2005-2007, under the leadership of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Armenians of Turkey and neighboring Armenia as a step towards the development of relations with, the expenditure of $ 1.5 million has been restored. Some restoration work in international cultural circles, "political purpose" is defined as. Church on 29 March 2007 Culture Minister Ertugrul Gunay and re-opened as a museum, the participation of Deputy Minister of Culture of Armenia. After restoration work, church, Turkey on September 19, 2010 Spiritual Assembly of the Armenian Patriarchate, the Patriarch, Archbishop Aram Ateşyan Attorney General held a church service on the management of, here in the first month after a lapse of 95 years. 

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