Turkey, the 7th in the world in the number of tourists, tourism revenue was the 9th place

Flueless tourism industry in Turkey, in 2011, was one of the goals that secure the sectors. To grow 10 percent by 2010, according to sector, 30 million tourists and 25 billion dollar caught.
Tourism is expected to be difficult due to the crisis in Europe in 2012, capturing 32 million tourists and 27 billion dollars, the number of tourists to be the target of the world put 5'incisi. 2012, European countries, Iran and Syria's tourist deficit Far East, from countries such as China and India is scheduled to close. Turkey, an exemplary position in the world for tourism, while the number of tourists in the world 7'ncisi, revenue came in 9th place. There was a significant increase in the number of beds and the hotel. Number of beds certified tourism business in Turkey rose to 629 thousand 465. Number of rooms 299 thousand, the number of beds was 629 thousand.
Early reservation of interest
Strategic objectives in 2023 are locked sector, 50 billion dollars of revenue and 50 million tourists to the goal of making the preparation. One of the developments in the Arab Spring of 2011 was marked by the sector. Instead of tourists who choose to holiday in Turkey, the Middle East has added impetus to the sector. Book early campaigns in the domestic market is now starting in November, over 40 percent of the beneficiaries of these campaigns was. Abolition of visas between Turkey and the year was marked by many countries. Tourism is spread to 12 months, is also found in increased tourism.
Was a successful year
Turkey Travel Agents Association (TURSAB) Chairman Basaran Ulusoy said that in 2011 a very successful passes. Despite expectations of a recession and the crisis of 2012 also expect to have a good time on behalf of tourism in Turkey voicing Ulusoy, said: "The European economy is in crisis will affect the sector. But the Turkish tourism, quality, service and price will not compromise. We are the number of people in the industry, but will look at customer satisfaction. Turkey is the country to be sold cheaply. Targets will be a tough year, but will try to match requirements. Are used to crises. 2012, 32 million tourists and 27 billion dollars will try to catch. Iran, Syria and the loss of tourists from other countries will meet in Europe. "

We will get 10 million tourists in Anatolia

Anatolian Tourism Operators Association (Atid) President Election Aydin, 2011, are targeted through the sky like tourism, said. $ 25 billion in tourism revenue in 2011, Anatolia, and 30 million tourists took an important share of expressing Aydin, gave the following information: "Anatolia around 12 per cent of the share of tourism in Turkey's tourism pie. Mainly in Anatolia came to the forefront of cultural tourism. Anatolia also increased interest in culture and tourism investors. Each province has started to make star hotel. These studies reflected a very positive 2012. Anatolia, 10 million tourists in 2012, aim. "

8-9 million new hotels in Istanbul attracts tourists comes into play

Touristic Hotels and Investors Association (TUROB) President Timur Bayindir, tourism in 2011 may grow 10 percent a year, as well assessing, 2012, said that would be more difficult. Half of the tourists coming from Europe because of the recession in this region that etkileneceğimizi Bayindir, said: "We in India, will give important new markets such as China will overcome. Istanbul to see better. Affected by the recession. Istanbul continues to demand. Turkey's tourism figures for 2011 in general, work to maintain. The number of tourists who came to Istanbul in 2011, 8-9 million human. Investment on the agenda of many new hotels in Istanbul. "

Diversified investments in tourism

Tourism Investors Association (BLS) President Turgut Gur, stated the following: "Tourism to the economy makes the foreign exchange reserves. Current account deficit has a positive contribution. Allows making a multi-purpose exports. Exhibits an important sector in the world's richest civilizations of Anatolia. Sufficient number of hotel investments reached the beaches. Have to diversify our investments. Therefore, increasing the number of coastal tourism, marinas, spas and health facilities, the development, dissemination of the congress and sports tourism need. "

Carried 100 million passengers

Turkish Private Aviation Enterprises Association (TÖSHİD) Alioğlu Secretary General Musa, the most important factor in the growth of Turkish civil aviation, expressed that the increasing number of tourists, "pleasing point of origin. We have 10 years, the industry leader in the region. Brands have created. Today, nearly 100 direct flights to the country reaches the point of the nearly 150 have airline companies. The size of the industry turnover of $ 18 billion. More than half of this, THY, and the rest of our companies with the private sector. 2011 may kapatıyotuz 100 million passengers. Airlines, with 32 thousand seats. Our 31 thousand Seat "he said.

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