Welcomes nature lovers who want to explore the natural beauty of Mugla

Turkey, a large section of the cold air, while effective, natural beauties, the famous Mugla, Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris and Datca counties experiencing the last days of autumn.
The air temperature drops below 18 º C. over the last week of domestic and foreign tourists and nature lovers on holiday in districts, organized trips to discover the natural beauty of the region.

South Aegean Tourist Hotels Association (GETOB) President Ilhan Acikgoz, indicating that the autumn season for tourists, the majority of thermal tourism, tourists, pointed out that the majority of the middle aged. Cunning,''This is the tourists, Ortaca, Dalaman and Koycegiz thermal plants prefer. Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye, while those coming from the region's natural beauty, prefer tours advertised. Tourist ranking British, Norwegian and Dutch tourists, ranks high,''he said.


Popular tourist areas in Bodrum, in the fall season tourists are showing interest in the multi-cultural tours. Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archeology Museum, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Bodrum Antique Theatre, Myndos tourists visited historical sites such as Gate, the city finds the opportunity to see the natural beauties.

Waterside towns of Bodrum Gumusluk and the colors of autumn is the season. Poplar Creek resort of Gumusluk around the trees, shed its rainbow of colors offers yellowed leaves. Mansion in the town was covered with flowers in the countryside due to hot weather.

Turkey Travel Agents Association (TURSAB), CEO, Joy Gökbel Bodrum, Bodrum, with four seasons of natural beauty is expressed as''another beautiful fall season in Bodrum. Tourists from the city's history and beauty of our town, and the natural beauty of the show. Our agencies organizing tours for clients of various nature,''he said.


Depending on the natural beauty of the famous resort of Marmaris Bozburun walking paths leading to the waterfall in the village of Turgut, sararan leaves, colorful trees and nature lovers will welcome the holidaymakers. During the day holidaymakers who head to head with nature, about 15 minutes' walk to reach exhaustion by taking a break under the waterfall.

Participating in organized tours from Marmaris jiplerle domestic and foreign tourists, the county is located about 30 minutes by car you reach the village of Turgut with Bozburun town down the tools covered in flowers in the wilderness, is walking up to the evening hours. Meteorological officials in Marmaris never been below 18 º C. air temperature over the last week, said that the air temperature seasonal normals.

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