Green forests, highlands, and the Black Sea opened Akcakoca

Akcakoca Düzce gateway to the Black Sea, 35 kilometers of coastline, sea, nature, sports and cultural tourism opportunities to the fore. Castle Beach with blue flag, broadcloth Beach Park, the Genoese Castle, historic mosques, recreation and historic sites Akcakoca, a must-see town of Duzce.
The ancient city of the Western Black Sea resort of Konuralp stands out as one. The ancient Roman city founded on the Prusias Name Hypium Konuralp'teki 825 thousand archaeological museum, 456 ethnographic, 3 coins for a total of 6 thousand 118 thousand 837's work.

Samandere village 26 kilometers away from the city center, 28 kilometers away from Düzce with Samandere Falls Waterfall is 135 meters in height, as well as Güzeldere Yığılca Saklikent Aydınpınar Falls and Waterfall Cluster, is one of natural beauty to be seen.

Efteni Lake, located on the migration route of birds and one of the rare centers. Lake, 150 kinds of bird hosts. Holidaymakers, Akcakoca, Beyköy and set up camp Odayeri plateaus, Akçakoca can swim, Hasanlar Dam, fishing, rafting mevkisinde Cumayeri Big Melen river.

Düzce target, to improve tourism infrastructure

Governor of Duzce Vasip Sahin, Düzce, Ankara and Istanbul, a city of its proximity to the high tourism potential, he said. Governor Sahin,''aware of this as trying to prepare the infrastructure. Our primary goal in this. So what do you make so many people you invite, it maybe once people come hazırlamazsanız infrastructure, then all the heads of a wrong opinion, is a false impression and may not want to come back. Engaged to prepare the infrastructure for the project work. Our main goal Samandere, Seven Lakes and Abant Yığılca improve the route, even though accessible to the service of people,''he said. There are two tourist hotels Akçakoca, indicating that the two new Falcon will enter service in the hotel's more, the county's only convention center for tourism, but also said they wanted to be.

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