Eastern Black Sea, in winter attracts guests

During the summer months in clean air away from the bustle of the city with nature which is the popular destinations for domestic and foreign tourists
who want to stay in Trabzon, Rize, Giresun, Artvin, Gümüşhane and Bayburt provinces where the Eastern Black Sea, one of the true hidden paradise of Turkey. Historic sites and natural beauty of the Eastern Black Sea hosts many tourists especially in summer, winter, snow-covered plateaus welcomes domestic and foreign tourists. Eastern Black Sea, in winter skiing, hiking and trekking enthusiasts is attracting.

Trabzon Governor Recep Cranberry, Trabzon, mainly from the region said that the number of domestic and foreign tourists. Contribute to the development of winter tourism, which state that there are Trabzon cranberry plants,''the summer months to visit the local and foreign tourists to our province in the region began to arrive during the winter months. Almost like a rainbow of different colors from each other pastures, with a distinctive beauty in the winter months. This also attracts tourists coming to our province,''he said.

Who love winter sports, mountain and plateaus at this season of Trabzon, is a very important alternative for visitors wishing noted that the cranberry,''between Trabzon and Gumushane Zigana Mountain ski resort in a beautiful place to kayakseverler. In addition, those who come to our province in order to relax Hıdırnebi, Kayabasi and Zitaş Uzungol with highland cities,''he said comfortably accommodate facilities of Highlands Sultanmurat and lemon juice.

Cranberry, Trabzon, cultural tourism, as well as the 4 seasons, 12 months, saying they work to bring new activities to tourism with the idea of ​​tourism, said:''Approximately 30 percent of our city because it is the mountainous region and plateau tourism is the appropriate type of tourism started to come to the fore. Trabzon has been declared in some highlands tourism center. This structure works the upper and lower plateaus were public institutions and agencies. In the summers are hot and humid air of the highlands of Trabzon wide variety of flora and fauna, rich forests, crater lakes, rivers, streams exuberant, landscape images, hiking and nature walks, rafting, canoeing and winter sports, hunting and fishing, grass skiing, healing juices, local dishes, such as the values ​​and cultural life of the people creates a significant potential. In the winter snow with this beauty is gaining a different dimension.''

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