Bodrum coast, balloon fish alarm

Muğla's Bodrum district close to the shores of the balloon to 50 fish caught last week, has caused unease. Finally, the photographer, Abdullah AHCI oltasına 6 installed on the balloon fish, officials warned of yenmemesi of this fish are poisonous. Cook, "Bass fishing attıkça çipuraya balloon fish and came out on top of the balloon began to catch fish and I was afraid I understood traveled in herds. Because this Indian Ocean fish and toxic to fish," he said.
Kumbahçe district of Bodrum, with its beaches Paşatarlası Black island caught between the nets of the fisherman and oltalarına mounted dozens of amateur balloon fish, those who have been surprised. Yesterday at noon and opened up to 400 meters from the beach to hunt for sea bream and sea bass in a 55 year old Abdullah Cook, 6 balloon caught fish. Cook, "Branch Opened sea bream and sea bass to catch, but when the sea attıysak oltamızı balloon caught fish. Because of the warm water of the Mediterranean, very rare, balloon fish, I think we see once a year, this time walking around in herds. We got to the sea have taken, other We learned that plenty of fish in the nets of the fisherman is inserted. balloon in order to stimulate citizens to know that there are poisonous fish brought out three of the land. the authorities have given the relevant information, "he said.

AHCI captured by weighs 1.5 kilograms, 50 - 60 centimeters long, balloon fish, carefully watched the tourists on the beach.

Bodrum Chamber of Shipping and member of the Bodrum Underwater Rescue Association President Arif Yılmaz said the impact of global warming, the increasing rate of temperature Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal and the water-dweller, said there was a migration of fish species to 65. Yilmaz, "of this species, the frog, or puffer fish is also known as balloon tetraodontidae 6 species in the family. Balloon fish in the summer breeding period in order to protect their young for that kind of tetrodoksin excrete the poison. For this reason, when eaten fish can cause paralysis and death . deaths occurred in Israel, Turkey is seen in the deaths of cats who eat these fish know. bones less, tasty flesh of this fish is known to be enjoyed in the winter months after the end of the reproductive period, but the balloon fish, especially of our people enough information about the balıkçılarımız does not have a real. captors, Let them eat expose and inform the authorities, "he said.

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